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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1695

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1695

Choosing A Wife

Apart from celebrating Kurt’s birthday and his coming of age, it was also time for him to pick a wife to spend the rest of his life with.

As such, it was truly a grand event, and the women who have been selected had all arrived at the scene.

“That’s strange… Shouldn’t there be five candidates? How come there are only three remaining?” someone asked upon noticing two carriages missing.

The tribal members all turned to look at the carriages upon hearing that, and they all gasped in shock when they noticed the two missing carriages.

“What’s going on? Which two haven’t showed up?”

“Judging by the design of the carriages, I think it’s the Meyans and the Zenisians that are absent,” replied a person who was able to recognize the three carriages.

Oh, my goodness! The two tribes that are absent today are the wealthiest ones in Elysium! Why aren’t they here?

“Why aren’t they here today? Do they not wish to participate?”

“That’s impossible! Prince Kurt has been confirmed as the successor of the crown, so there’s no way they’d sit out on a golden opportunity like this!”

“Then why are they absent?”

Everyone felt confused. It was the dream of every tribe to have their representative be chosen as the queen consort because it would bring their tribe great glory and wealth.

As such, they couldn’t understand why the two tribes would be absent during such an event.

Riley too, was puzzled as she watched from the side.

The high priest returned to his seat after Kurt’s coronation ceremony was complete. It was now time for the girls to be presented before him.

“Kaiden, the high priest has reevaluated the representatives from the Meyan tribe and the Zenisian tribe. He found them to be unsuitable for you and has revoked their right to participate,” said the king all of a sudden.

The tribal members began discussing among themselves after hearing that.

“What? They’re not suitable?”

“Where did this come from all of a sudden?” “Didn’t they already get evaluated during the election process?” “Why would they be deemed unsuitable now?”

Although everyone found it hard to believe, nobody said anything when they saw no signs of displeasure from the chiefs of the two tribes.

After all, they knew they weren’t in a position to comment on anything, especially when the chiefs themselves didn’t mind it at all.

With that in mind, everyone stopped discussing the incident.

Kurt simply nodded with an expressionless look on his face after hearing the king’s explanation.

Eventually, it was time for the girls to present themselves before him. After a brief dance and musical performance, Riley saw the doors to the carriages being opened one after another.

Three girls could then be seen gracefully stepping out of their respective carriages. They were all dressed in beautiful robes and wearing intricate ornaments as they made their way forward.

“They look so beautiful!”

Everyone in the crowd exclaimed in shock when they saw the three girls.

Riley too, was stunned by their natural beauty.

However, she was quick to notice something off about the girl standing on the right of the trio. She was dressed in something completely different from the robes that the other two were wearing.

“Isn’t that the Phoenix Coronet?”


The two girls from the Cyanian tribe exclaimed in confusion.

The Phoenix Coronet is a traditional Chanaean wedding gown reserved for members of the royal family. This tribe has always been isolated from the outside world, so they probably don’t know the difference between this outfit and the ones worn by the other two candidates. D*mn, Lucy sure is a crazy one! Is she wearing the Phoenix Coronet outfit because she thinks she will be chosen for sure?

Riley thought to herself with an icy-cold look on her face.

The three girls first greeted the tribe chiefs before kneeling down in front of the king.

“Go ahead, high priest,” the king said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The high priest stood up from his seat and walked up to the girls with an old-looking book in his hand and a stern look on his face.

“What is he about to do? Are there rules and regulations that you people need to follow when choosing a bride for the king’s heir?”

“Yes, there are. Under normal circumstances, the high priest has to evaluate the candidates that will marry the king’s descendants. They will be tested for their housekeeping skills, literacy, and embroidery skills. If they are to become the wife of the king’s successor, then they will also be tested for their ability in fortune-telling,” the girl from the Cyanian tribe explained.

Riley gasped in surprise when she heard that.

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