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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1694

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1694

A Grand Birthday Party

The two girls revealed their identities by saying, “We’re from the Cyanian tribe. Those two middle-aged women in front are from the Mordunian tribe. We’re escorting our representative to the event.”

Riley was shocked when she heard those two names. “The Cyanian tribe? Isn’t your tribe one of the chosen ones for the role of the consort? The same goes for the Mordunian tribe, right?”

The king had chosen a few tribes to present their representatives before his future successor. The tribes chosen were the Cyanians, the Meyans, the Mordunians, the Zenisians, and the Yepalians.

Unfortunately for the Yepalians, they were disqualified from participation because of what happened to Vivian in Styx Forest, so only four tribes remained as potential candidates.

In terms of their capabilities, the Meyan tribe was the strongest as they occupied the largest amount of land and had the most people. They were so powerful that even the king showed them some respect in the palace.

The Zenisian and Yepalian tribes came in second. They were originally formed when two brothers split up.

Since Darlene was from the Yepalian tribe, one could tell that the Zenisian tribe’s power was not much inferior to that of the Yepalian tribe.

However, neither of the chiefs from the two tribes sent their daughters over.

“Isn’t it better if those two tribes don’t show up? That way, we Cyanians and Mordunians will be the only ones left! The competition won’t be as fierce, and Prince Kurt could just marry them both if he can’t decide on one!”

“Yeah! That’s right!”

The two Mordunian women in front responded with smiles on their faces after hearing that.

Although the people from the two tribes seemed to get along rather well, Riley wasn’t feeling all that great.

Poor Vivian… I can’t imagine how heartbroken she’d be if the guy she likes ends up marrying two other women! Thank goodness she isn’t here to witness all this!

“Aren’t you all forgetting someone? The Limmer family has a candidate too, remember? I heard she already moved into Prince Kurt’s residence before the election and has been serving him ever since!” said someone from the crowd all of a sudden.

The two girls that Riley had been chatting with broke into deep frowns instantly after hearing that.

“She’s just the daughter of someone who married an outsider! What right does she have to steal the position of consort from our tribes?”

“Exactly! She was only able to move in because her uncle is an official for the royal family! She just got lucky, that’s all!”

“Yeah! Even if Prince Kurt does marry her, she’ll be a concubine at best!”

They showed no regard for Lucy whatsoever, much to Riley’s relief.

She had heard the stories about Lucy bullying Vivian, so hearing them badmouth the woman brought a smile to her face.

Riley continued following them to the venue where the grand birthday celebration was being held.

It took about twenty minutes before they finally arrived at the place. To Riley’s surprise, the event wasn’t held at the tribe leader’s residence. Instead, they chose the altar, which was regarded as the most sacred place in Elysium.

Oh, my god! The altar is only used for events like making sacrifices, the succession of the king, and baptism of the royal family! And even during those moments, ordinary citizens aren’t allowed to just enter the area like this! Usually, only the king and high priest are allowed in here. But now, we’ve got chiefs from every tribe as well as Kurt standing atop the altar! This event must be a really grand one!

“Everyone! As you all know, we are celebrating the birthday of my son today! It’s been forever since we had such a grand event here in Elysium! All I want is for everyone to have a great time!” said the king as he sat in his chair atop the altar.

Instead of the usual commanding tone that he used when in the palace, he sounded a lot more friendly and casual this time.

Even so, the fact that they were hosting the event in a place like this proved that it was anything but ordinary. Although the king didn’t look all that well, he still valued this ceremony greatly.

The chiefs all sat down cross-legged beneath the altar, and the tribal members all fell silent as they watched the high priest prepare for Kurt’s coronation.

“Prince Kaiden, you shall officially become an adult after this coronation ceremony. From here on out, you will have to bear the responsibility of being the leader of Elysium,” said the high priest with an endearing smile as he walked up to Kurt with the crown in hand.

The high priest then stood in front of Kurt and waited for him to put the crown on.

Given the king’s physical condition, Kurt would indeed have to start taking charge of the tribe’s affairs. That was something all the tribal members have been looking forward to this whole time.

Kurt obediently stood up and put on the crown as told, much to the relief of the king as he watched from the side.

Meanwhile, a young girl had changed into a Phoenix Coronet as she waited in a carriage in the distance.

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