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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1693

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1693

The Calm Before The Storm

Aren’t they all working their butts off in the cold right now? Why would he say that they haven’t made much of the products?

With that in mind, Riley stared at the silverware in his hand and asked, “She’s working today, right? Why would the production be so slow?”

“She is, but she messed up quite a few of them. Look at her, and you will see how much clumsier she has become today. I’ve been scolding her about it earlier!” the man said angrily while picking up a flawed product from the side.

Riley took the product over from him and examined it closely.

Oh, my… He’s right. This is supposed to be a pendant with the tribe’s symbol on it, but this thing just looks so distorted and disproportionate… How strange…

Sensing that something was amiss, Riley took a closer look at the middle-aged woman in front of her. That was when she noticed something truly shocking.

“Xayden, she—”

Xayden cut her off mid-sentence, “It’s normal for people to get a little slow and clumsy on a cold day like this. Come on, Riley, let’s go ask the clients for more time.”

He then quickly talked her into leaving the house and dragged her somewhere quiet. He only let go of her arm after making sure that no one was around.

“Why didn’t you let me finish, Xayden? That woman was clearly… Well, she just looks abnormal! She had a blank look in her eyes while she was crafting the products! It’s like she isn’t even paying attention at all!” Riley asked anxiously the moment he released his grip on her.

Xayden nodded, making no attempt to hide it whatsoever.

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, you—”

“She’s not the only one. If I’m not mistaken, you will see the exact same thing happening with everyone else when you check on them later. Those in charge of producing silverware, fabrics, embroideries, and so on…” Xayden replied with a frown, his handsome face looking solemn.

Even his eyes were filled with a murderous intent, much to Riley’s horror.

don’t get it… The exact same thing has happened with everyone else? What does he mean by that? What on earth is going on in this place?

Riley really wanted to get to the bottom of it all, but it was clearly not something she could afford to get involved in.

After returning to the office, Xayden simply instructed her to stay in there and not go wandering about.

He then left the office. He was nowhere to be seen even when it was dark outside.

Three days later, it was finally time for the tribe to celebrate the birthday of the king’s successor.

Noticing that the residents all had blank looks on their faces similar to the middle-aged woman’s, Riley grew increasingly uneasy.

“Today is the birthday of the future king, Ms. Cooper. We’ve prepared a present for him. Could you help deliver it for us?”

Seeing as it was almost time for the ceremony to begin, the staff quickly handed Riley a present that they had prepared.

He seemed to be completely oblivious to the strange behavior of the villagers.

Since they were an official office stationed here, it would only be appropriate for them to deliver a gift on such an occasion.

Riley took a peek at the gift and noticed that it was a six-figure fund meant to aid the tribe financially.

This gift will do, I guess…

After packing up some stuff, Riley headed off to attend the birthday celebration. Xayden left very early in the morning that day and hadn’t come back.

“That’s weird… Why hasn’t the Meyan tribe sent their daughters over?”

“Yeah! The Zenisian tribe hasn’t either!”

Every tribe was supposed to attend the birthday celebration, and Riley overheard some of the people discussing the tribes who didn’t show up.

As she hadn’t encountered a normal person in a few days, Riley got excited and immediately ran up to them.

“Hi, are you guys going to attend Prince Kurt’s birthday celebration too?” she asked.

The two girls turned around to look at her upon hearing that. “Yeah, we are. Who are you?”

“I’m from the office. I’m the person in charge of the orders from your tribe!” Riley quickly introduced herself.

“Oh, so you’re the one handling that? I have to say, you’re like a savior to our tribe!”

“That’s right! Are you going to attend the birthday celebration too, miss?”

The two girls became incredibly friendly the moment they found out that Riley was the person in charge of the office. They then invited her to walk with them and chatted happily along the way.

Riley hadn’t spoken to anyone for a few days, so she gladly took them up on their offer without any hesitation.

“Of course! This is such a big day for Prince Kurt, so it’s only natural that we folks at the office be in attendance! What about you two? Which tribe do you two belong to?”

Although Riley hadn’t been here for long, it was enough for her to understand that this primitive tribe was comprised of many other tribes led by their own respective chiefs.

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