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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1691

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1691

A Protective Brother

Kurt’s expression turned ashen.

As he was about to continue searching, he turned and noticed a girl in a blue dress in the crowded outpatient hall downstairs. She carried a handmade cloth backpack while walking towards the exit.

Kurt did not care that there were many people around. He rushed to the safety barrier and shouted, “Vivian!”

After he shouted, Vivian paused her step and turned to look at him.

Kurt could not say anything.

He could never forget how her eyes looked at that moment.

Kurt could not put them in words. When he saw her glare, he could only think of one thing—he was doomed!

His mind went black.

Then, he ran to the stairs and rushed down to stop Vivian. However, she had disappeared by the time he reached the outpatient hall.

It was the first time she left him of her own volition.

Previously, she had always liked to stick close to him, and he could never get her to leave him alone. However, he had hurt her so much this time that she decided to fulfill his wish and left him.

Kurt was shaking all over.

Meanwhile, Vivian got into a taxi. Suddenly, she could not hold back anymore, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

She had finally broken down.

Vivian was only seventeen and was still a child. She finally could not take it after holding back for so long.

Her heart was like a castle wall under prolonged attack, leaving it with numerous holes and cracks. Suddenly, an arrow appeared out of nowhere and crumbled it completely.

Kurt’s words were really harsh.

It hurt Vivian so much that she could not stop crying for a long time.

When the taxi was nearing the airport, she finally took out the communication device she used to contact her brothers.

“Matt, I’m going home. Please take good care of yourself,” Vivian said.

Vivian did not want him to worry.

Therefore, she forced herself to stop crying and put up a casual tone.

Matteo was probably in an exam, so he did not reply. Unexpectedly, Ian, who had not been in contact for some time, heard her message and asked immediately, “Where are you going?”

“Ah?” Vivian panicked slightly when she heard Ian’s voice.

Unlike Matt, Ian is unusually sharp and clever. If I were a little careless, he would notice something was wrong.

“I… Ian, I’m returning to Yartran to study,” Vivian answered.

As expected, Ian instantly noticed that something was off. “Study? Haven’t you dropped out of that school? Who told you to go back there? Was it Daddy or Mommy?”

Vivian began to panic.

She took a long time to calm down after hearing Ian’s interrogative tone. Then, she forced herself to sound calm and said, “No, it is my decision. Lady Adalyn called me and said she would arrange for me to attend Royal Academy. Therefore, I need to head there immediately.”

“Really?” Ian asked skeptically.

“Yes, it’s true. Ian, I can’t chat with you anymore because I need to board the plane now.” Vivian wanted to hang up as soon as possible.

She feared she would break down into tears if she continued speaking.

Thankfully, Ian did not question her further after hearing her explanation. Then, he ended the call.

After that, Vivian ran into the airport.

However, she did not know that Ian had contacted someone else soon after that. Meanwhile, Kurt was still at the hospital and had just obtained access to the hospital’s surveillance record. As he was about to rush off to pursue Vivian, the phone in the security room started ringing.

“Hello? Who is this?” the security personnel asked.

“Pass the phone to the person opposite you now!” A stern voice sounded from the phone, causing the security personnel to shudder with fear.

Who is this? How did he know to call here?

He nervously passed the phone to Kurt. “Someone… someone asked to speak to you.”

Kurt was surprised.

He stood stunned for a moment before accepting the phone. “Hello?”

“Haven’t you gone too far this time? How many times had this happened already? Do you think you can gain more trust from those people there if you hurt Vivi continuously?”

A familiar male voice sounded from the phone. The man’s words were sharp as blades, piercing straight at Kurt.

Kurt narrowed his eyes.

Is that Ian? How did he find me here? Furthermore, how did Ian know about this matter? When did he find out about it? Even Matteo, who is in Elysium, remains unaware. Ian is far away at the base. How did he know so much about this matter?

Kurt felt intimidated by this person who was only two years older than him.

He was the only person apart from his father who could make him feel this way.

“You… How did you know about this?” Kurt asked.

“Why would I not know? You have deep hatred toward Elysium. Moreover, you have been planning how to return there and take revenge. The worm in your body and the Blood Flute are your weapons for revenge against Elysium, aren’t they?” Ian replied.

Then, he paused before continuing, “Since you are that clever, do you think you will get captured on that mountain? Kurt, don’t you dare underestimate the Hayeses. Matteo may be kind and trusting, and my father is not around. However, I am keeping an eye on you. While I allow you to feign ignorance in Elysium and didn’t stop Matteo from helping you, this is not an excuse for you to hurt Vivi!”

Ian spoke the last sentence with a threatening tone.

Kurt’s thoughts were a mess.

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