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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1681

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1681

Awkward Moment

In the palace, the chiefs from various tribes were getting ready for their daily morning meeting.

Like what corporates would normally do, the palace would also have morning meetings.

Everyone was present in the hall, including the king. Kurt, who was also required to join the chiefs for a morning meeting every day, sat amongst them with a long face.

“Good morning, Mr. King! I’m here!” All of a sudden, a pleasant and bright voice broke the stern silence in the hall.

Everyone immediately turned toward the voice and saw a girl wearing a navy blue preppy dress with a pair of white socks and princess shoes coming their way. It was as if a ray of bright colors had just flashed before their eyes.

That’s the Jadesons’ princess! She’s here! Everyone’s eyes gleamed upon seeing her.

Right then, a bright smile appeared on the king’s face. “Princess, you’re here! Come and have a seat!”

No one expected such a violent man would show his soft side upon seeing Vivian.

In fact, he looked incredibly cheerful when he saw her.

Vivian limped in with Xayden supporting her..

“Yes, I’m here! I’m sorry, Mr. King. I’ve injured my foot yesterday, that’s why I’m late! Don’t get mad at me, okay?” Vivian explained sweetly.

“I won’t!” Evidently, Vivian’s sweet voice had melted the king’s heart.

“I’m not angry at all! As for you, where did you hurt yourself? Let me have a look.” The king stood up abruptly and went to check on Vivian’s foot.

Everyone was so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out of their heads. Such a scene had never been seen in Elysium.

Most importantly, Vivian wasn’t fazed at all. Seeing that the king was walking toward her, she casually extended her foot toward him.

“I’m fine! I’ve just sprained it a little. Don’t worry about me, Mr. King,” Vivian answered.


“Yes, of course! I can still work today, Mr. King. I heard a batch of jewelry samples had just arrived at the palace yesterday. That’s why we’ve come to have a look.” Vivian was so conscientious that she brought up the topic so soon upon arriving.

Hearing that, everyone present was even more stupefied.

Kurt was caught by surprise as well. He clenched his fists and squinted his beautiful eyes while looking at her.

The king, however, was rather satisfied with what he heard.

After around ten minutes, Vivian was holding a meat wrap in one of her hands while being held by Xayden on the other. They were following Kurt toward the place where they stored the samples.

“Xayden, this is delicious! Do you want some?” she asked.

“No, thank you.”

Xayden wasn’t interested in eating at that moment. Instead, he was staring intently at a girl walking alongside them.

For some reason, he caught a whiff of an unusual scent on her body.

“Why not? It’s delicious! Here, Xayden, I’ll feed you some.” With that, Vivian peeled a small chunk of the wrap and shoved it into Xayden’s mouth.

Xayden was stunned.

Before he could swallow the wrap in his mouth, the two people walking in front of them turned around and glared at them. Upon seeing that, Vivian and Xayden were so terrified that neither of them made another move.

“What are you guys doing? If you want to have fun, this is not the place!” Kurt fumed.

Vivian and Xayden were rendered speechless. Why is he so fierce?

Vivian pouted and stopped messing around with Xayden before walking up to Kurt with the wrap in her hand.

“I’m not here to have fun, Prince Kurt. I’m here for serious work! It’s just that I haven’t had my breakfast yet. Why are you so harsh on me?” Vivian asked with a pitiful expression.

Vivian disregarded Kurt’s stern remark completely.

Lucy, who was right next to Kurt, walked over. “Princess, since you haven’t had your breakfast, then perhaps you should eat first before dragging Prince Kurt along with you. Prince Kurt is very busy.”

“Oh, is it?” Vivian asked.

“Yes! He has a lot of learning to do. This time around, he has wasted enough time because of this collaboration with your government.” Lucy sounded like she was unhappy, and her words were meant to be taken as stern advice.

Vivian’s face fell when she saw how annoyed Kurt looked. “Fine, then. Please bring Prince Kurt away so that he can carry on with his lessons. We don’t need his company anymore. Xayden, let’s go and have a look at the samples.”

Vivian then went back to Xayden and held his arms affectionately.

Xayden kept silent before shuddering. Huh? Why is the place getting colder?

While Xayden was still trying to figure out the scent, he felt a sudden drop in temperature in the air. He shivered once more and instinctively held onto Vivian’s arms as well.

Vivian, Kurt, and Lucy were all stunned upon seeing that.

What an awkward moment it was!

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