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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1680

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1680

Xayden Is Here

“I’m doing exactly what he told me to do, and I’m staying out of it. I wrote him this letter to tell him that he’s on his own,” Kurt answered calmly.

Lucy didn’t utter a word in response. So he’s saying that he won’t be bothered with them anymore, right? It looks like he only wrote this letter out of courtesy to inform them that they are on their own now.

With that thought in her mind, there was finally a hint of joy in her eyes. She then left hurriedly with the letter.

Meanwhile, at the office, Vivian’s sprained ankle was taken care of under the supervision of Matteo.

After what happened, Matteo was determined to not let Vivian stay back. Judging by her condition and the way that brat treated her, I must send her away.

“I’ll book you a flight ticket. You can either go to where Daddy and Mommy are, or you can go back to Yartran to study.”

After he said that, he wanted to call Giselle to get her to book a flight ticket.

Vivian panicked upon seeing that. “No, Matt. Please hear me out. I can’t just leave when I’m not even done with this matter yet. I should at least wait until our first batch of products had finished before leaving.”

While saying that, she kept holding onto Matteo’s hand so that he couldn’t make the call.

After Vivian got back from the jungle, she calmed herself down before thinking things through. Yesterday, he said he was only helping me because it was his duty to do so. If that was the case, why did he have such an intense reaction when I was in trouble? When I fell, I could clearly hear the panic in his voice when he shouted my name. It didn’t sound like he was just performing his duty. Also, he didn’t even hold back when he was checking through my body for injuries after he saved me. If he was just doing his duty, and he had forgotten about me, he would at least keep a distance from me. He could’ve just brought me back to the tribe so that the doctors there could check on me, no?

Hence, Vivian wanted to check if he really did forget her, or if he was just pretending.

She tried her best to keep pestering her brother so he couldn’t make the call.

In the end, Matteo had no choice but to let her have her way. “Fine, you can stay. However, I’ll have someone to protect you from now on.”

“Who, though?”

“Someone from SteelFort, of course. Either that or I can do it myself.” Matteo didn’t hesitate when he decided to take it upon himself to protect Vivian.

Upon hearing that, Vivian was stumped. I can’t let him protect me! How am I supposed to check on Kurt if he’s around?

Vivian shook her head and said she wanted someone from SteelFort instead. It was someone she hadn’t seen in a long time—Xayden.

“Xayden, why are you here? Didn’t Mr. Frost say you’ve entered the first-level biological research laboratory in Moranta? When did you come back?” When Vivian saw Xayden, her first reaction was to lunge toward him and check his pockets like how she used to do it when she was young.

She couldn’t help it because Xayden used to always have something interesting and fun in his pockets.

“Hey, stop it! Ms. Vivian, you’re all grown up, so you can’t do this anymore! You shouldn’t go through my pockets as you wish!” Xayden protested.

“I don’t care! No matter how much I’ve grown, you’re still the Xayden I know! Let me have a look inside!” Vivian exclaimed.

With that, Vivian squeezed her head into one of his pockets.

Xayden eventually gave up resisting.

After a few minutes, Vivian whipped out a blue pen and pressed the buttons on it.


It blew up in Vivian’s face, and a cloud of blue-colored mist was seen rising into the air.


“What did you do, Xayden?” Matteo fumed.

“Wait, Mr. Matteo! You can’t blame me! I’ve already warned Ms. Vivian to not go through my pockets. There was nothing I could do to stop her,” Xayden explained hastily when he saw Matteo rushing toward him and wanted to beat him up.

Fortunately for Vivian, the chemical in the pen was mild. Her face was fine again the next day.

However, that was the last time she’d dare to go through Xayden’s pockets.

“All right. Xayden, we shall visit the palace today,” Vivian said.

“Oh? Do we need to bring some weapons?” Back then, Xayden would ask the kids’ father the same question whenever they were about to go somewhere. He would always have some weapons ready.

Once, he’d gone to the west to investigate the Jadesons’ mine smuggling incident alongside Sebastian, and he’d brought explosives with him. He ended up almost killing Sebastian because of that.

Vivian was rendered speechless upon hearing Xayden’s question.

“That’s not necessary. However, we might go for a hike. Perhaps you should bring something to prevent inhaling toxic air,” Vivian said.

“Sure,” Xayden answered before quickly taking out two pills. After eating one himself, he shoved the other one into Vivian’s mouth.

The veins on Matteo’s forehead throbbed upon seeing that. Is Mr. Frost out of his mind? Why did he send this guy here? Is he really capable of protecting Vivi?

Distress filled Matteo as he watched the both of them leave.

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