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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1675

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1675

Something Happened To Vivian

However, when she said that, Nina’s expression turned even more uncomfortable. With a grim look on her face, she stood up abruptly.

“My mom will never lock me up! It’s that evil person who locked me and Mom up!”

“Huh? Even your mom was locked up too?”

Vivian immediately revealed an extremely shocked expression. She stared at Nina with a look of utter disbelief.

“Why did he lock you up? Did you do anything wrong? Also, where were you locked up? Were you released? What about your mom? Was she released too?”

She asked the questions she wanted to know the answers to.

However, at that moment, someone came into the garden. When he saw them talking there, he approached them directly.

“Why are you here, Princess Nina? Hurry up and go back to your sewing lessons! Otherwise, the king might punish you later.”

It was the palace chief.

When Nina saw him, her expression changed. After blurting out a reply, she stood up hurriedly.

Vivian panicked too when she saw that.

Grabbing Nina, she asked rapidly, “Nina, tell me now! Has your mom been released? Tell me quickly! I can help you!”

Nina remained silent.

A while later, before the palace chief reached them, Nina turned around and said quickly, “No, my mom is still being locked up.”

“Where is she?”

“Nina, why are you so disobedient? You’re still clinging onto this lady.”

Furious, the palace chief walked faster.

Nina did not dare to speak anymore. She flung Vivian’s hand away forcefully and sprinted away.

Vivian was speechless.

How frustrating!

“Princess Vivian?”

“What?” snapped Vivian impatiently as she was in a horrible mood.

The palace chief smiled appeasingly. “I’m sorry, Princess. Princess Nina is still young and ignorant, and she has bothered you. Don’t worry, I won’t let her run around next time.”

Vivian did not know if the chief was doing it on purpose, but he thought that Nina’s conversation with her was because of the stolen chicken yesterday.

Stomping her feet, Vivian could not be bothered to talk to him.

Just when she was about to leave, the palace chief followed her.

“Princess Vivian, we’d like your help with something. Although Elysium managed to secure this order, it’s our first time collaborating with foreign business counterparts. We still don’t know what the standard is for the goods. The king would like your help with quality control. Would it be convenient for you, Princess?”

“Quality control?”

Vivian had no choice but to stop.

“Yeah, keep an eye on things. You know that the people of our tribe usually make their fabrics and silver accessories based on their personal preferences. Hence, the quality of the goods will definitely differ. Since you specialize in this, you are definitely very knowledgeable about the needs of these foreign business counterparts. If you help us set the standard for the first batch of goods, it’ll be much easier for us in the future,” explained the chief humbly and politely.

That was actually a given. As an indigenous tribe that used to be closed to the outside world, they had never collaborated with any foreigners. To be honest, they really needed help to set things straight.

Eventually, Vivian agreed.

As she was kind and responsible, she definitely would not stand idly by.

Nina was hiding nearby, waiting for the two of them to leave. Initially, she planned to bring the flower back to her mom. She watched as Vivian left with the palace chief.

“Where should we go first?”

“Why don’t we take a look at the materials first? We use nettles and vines for weaving the cloths. Would you like to see which material is more suitable?”


Vivian, having entered her working mode, agreed easily before leaving with the chief.

After that, Nina walked out.

Vines? I thought that they can only be found at the Styx Forest!

The clothes weaved from the vines are very pretty and light. However, Mom said that it’s extremely dangerous. It’s filled with toxic fumes and swamps. Ugh, whatever! It’s her fault for being so annoying!

Nina stops thinking about it. After digging out that flower, she ran away.

However, no one expected that after Vivian left to supervise the work, she did not return. It was until evening, after Matteo returned from his patrol, that he realized that Vivian was not back yet.

“What happened? Why isn’t she back yet?”

“We don’t know. Is she at the palace? She seemed quite busy today. The villagers at the tribes were starting to get busy too.”

The staff did not pay much attention to it either.

Since the villagers were busy, it meant that Vivian had succeeded in her task. Furthermore, since this was a major event, it was normal for her to tie up some loose ends with them.

However, Matteo did not believe it.

Since they were triplets, he could sense it if something bad happened to his sister.

Hence, Matteo headed straight to the palace.

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