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Her Forbidden Alpha by Moonlight Muse Chapter 63

Chapter63 Her Mate

Scarlett entered the hall; her heart was thundering so loudly she wondered if everyone could hear it. Angela suddenly froze, gripping Scarlett’s hand tightly.

“My mate…” She said. Scarlett’s eyes widened looking at Angela who was scanning the crowds. A tall slender woman with blond hair in an elegant updo and deep blue eyes stepped towards them, dressed in a deep pink coloured gown, her eyes widening as she looked at Angela.

“Mate.” She said softly, her eyes flashing when she saw the girls intertwined hands. “Mine.” She growled, making Scarlett pull free and raise her hand in surrender. She was shocked to say the least, Angela had a female mate. She never knew Angela was bi.

She looked at her friend who looked shocked too, staring at the woman who now stopped in front of her.

“Hi, I’m Cassandra.” She said, holding her hand out. Angela just stood there stunned, the woman before her was beautiful but she was not expecting a woman…

“Uhh… Angela.” Angela said confused, sure she had a few crushes on women over the years but never thought much of it. She appreciated a hot woman when she saw one and the one before her was indeed ravishing. She let her eyes dip lower taking in the woman’s curves, feeling her stomach knot and quickly looked back into her eyes. The woman smiled seeing this and Angela quickly took her hand, gasping when she felt the sparks.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” Cassandra said, leaning forward she kissed Angela’s cheek as Scarlett simply stood there too shocked to speak. Angela now looked at Scarlett, confused with the emotions that went through her and the feelings that swirled in her chest.

“I’m Scarlett, Angela’s best friend.” Scarlett said trying to help her friend out. Cassandra seemed to relax a little at this, still holding Angela’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, mind if I steal my mate?” She said. Scarlett shook her head, not missing the conflict in Angela’s eyes. She felt a little concerned for her friend, someone who had never ever mentioned her interest in women before was now blessed with a female mate. She watched the two women walk off and hoped Angela found happiness with her mate.

“Now that, I wasn’t expecting.” Liam’s voice came from behind her, Scarlett turned not missing the disappointment in his eyes. He looked her over, she wasn’t his mate. The moment he had seen her across the room, it had hurt but he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Relieved that she would not need to reject him? Or sad that he had no chance? Smiling softly he looked into her soft green eyes. “You look beautiful by the way.”

“Thanks, you look good too.” Scarlett said, her nerves playing up realising Elijah must be nearby. Liam looked at her understanding what she was thinking about.

“He headed outside.” He said motioning with his head at the open doors on the far side of the hall.

“Thanks…” Scarlett said, giving him a small smile trying to calm her nerves as she made her way through the crowds of people. So many scents filled her nose but nothing stood out. With each step she took her heart thundered louder, pausing when she saw the open doors, her chest rising and falling as she slowly made her way closer.

There he stood in his perfectly fitted black suit, his back to her, his hands braced on the rail. But it was the surge of emotions that coursed through her when she looked at him that made her stop in her tracks. A dangerously intoxicating scent enveloping her, it was completely new, never had she smelt something so good. She took a deep breath noticing Elijah’s normal scent was mixed under the overwhelmingly tempting scent that now came from him, making one thing crystal clear.

He was her mate.

She placed a hand to her chest as if trying to calm the emotions that swirled in her chest. Happiness, disbelief and relief, the moon goddess hadn’t let her down. She had granted her the greatest blessing she could ever hope for. She was brought out of her thoughts when he spoke.

“I Elijah Westwood, future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack reject you as my mate and Lu-”

“Don’t say it.” She said breathlessly, her heart racing as she looked at him. Elijah froze, that voice… His heart raced as he slowly turned to look at the woman who had spoken.

There she stood looking like a Goddess, her glittering dress accentuating every curve of her divine body. Her vibrant locks were pulled back and her large green eyes glistened as they looked at him with shock clear in them.

“Red…” He said, his voice hoarse; He could feel the bond sizzling between them, the pull to take her in his arms and kiss her driving him nuts. No matter how much he wanted to hold her, he was too stunned to move. She was his and he was hers. Even the goddess had fated them to be.

Scarlett stepped forward closing the gap between them, her eyes locked with his blue ones, feeling her wolf going crazy in her mind. She was a mere two feet away when Elijah seemed to come back to reality and closed the gap between them. He pulled her into his arms tightly, burying his nose in the crook of her neck. She gasped feeling the strong sparks jolt through her, sending pleasure to her core. If she had thought he had an effect on her before, what she was experiencing now was more than anything she could have ever imagined.

“You’re mine, you’re fucking mine.” Elijah said, his strong arms tightening around her. He kissed her neck, the urge to mark her taking over and he pulled away looking into her eyes for a split second before his lips crashed against hers. Scarlett’s eyes fluttered shut as the wave of emotions and sensations hit her strongly. He kissed her with everything he had, she could barely keep up with him as he devoured her with that kiss. He had kissed her many times but there was something about this one that would forever burn in her mind. He kissed her with passion yet at the same time as if she was a glass doll that may break if he was too rough. She could feel the strong pool of his emotions through the bond, enveloping her like a blanket.

He broke away when she needed air, both breathing heavily as he pressed his forehead to hers, she could feel him shaking just as much as she was.

“I’m yours.” Scarlett said softly opening her eyes, very aware of every inch of his body that was touching hers. His hand on her waist held her tightly, the other on her upper bare back, her skin tingling under his fingertips.

“Now and forever.” He said looking into her eyes. A huge burden that had been weighing down on him had been lifted and he felt light and free. “You look so fucking beautiful, I don’t think any words could ever be enough to describe how perfect you are.”

“Your eyes say enough, you look incredibly sexy yourself.” She said leaning closer and kissing his lips softly, her core throbbing as the sizzling pleasure rushed through them both. His hand ran down her back making her breath hitch, pressing her thighs together. He growled the dangerous scent of her arousal hitting his nose.

“Fuck, don’t make me take you right here.” He said, squeezing her ass as he pressed her against the hard-on that he was now supporting. She smirked.

“As much as that sounds tempting, I’d rather we don’t have an audience.” She said amused, her hand running down his chest and abs.

“Kitten…” He said throbbing, wanting her touch despite the fact they were in a semi-private area.

“I’m sure no one will realise…” She said biting her lips, looking up at him seductively as she made swift work of his belt. Slipping her hand into his pants she stepped forward, backing him against the railing. Taking a moment to scan the gardens, there was a few couples, some walking, some making out and one on the bench who seemed to be doing a lot more. She smiled teasingly up at him.

“Scarlett…” He said biting back a groan as her hand pushed his boxers aside.

“Elijah…” She said in an equally breathless voice, her free hand wrapping around his manhood.

“You’re a vixen Red…” He said squeezing her ass, he could feel her perfect cheeks under the silk gown and couldn’t wait to strip it off her body. Burying his head in her neck once again as she ran her hand up and down his shaft, despite not having much space to manoeuvre she managed well enough. Making pleasure rush through him.

“I think I have you totally at my mercy handsome.” She teased, her own pussy throbbing, she could feel the dampness pooling between her legs. Elijah’s hand on her ass tightening, she sped up, kissing his neck sensually. Her canines elongating, itching to mark him right there. Her heart thumped as she fought the urge, feeling him tense as he tried his best not to thrust against her. Knowing if anyone looked out, they would get caught if observed long enough.

“Fuck that’s it, sweetheart.” He groaned feeling himself nearing, pleasure consumed him tipping him towards the edge. Scarlett felt him nearing as he bucked against her hand.

“That’s it baby let go.” She whispered, his breathless groans driving her crazy and the urge to mark him took over. Her hand twisted into his hair tugging his neck to the side as she bit into it, his eyes flew open as her sudden move made his orgasm rip through him, making his vision blacken for a moment. Pleasure from her bite sending jolts of electricity through him and he felt their bond strengthen.

“Fuck…” He whispered, groaning as she milked him for every drop worth.

The sweet taste of his blood and the sound that left him made a moan escape her. She licked the mark, not knowing how quickly it would heal with her abilities. Slipping her hand that was now coated in white cum out of his pants, she stepped back glancing around. Blushing when she saw a few couples watching them curiously, she turned away not caring as she raised her hand to her mouth and wrapped her lips around a finger and licked it clean.

“You taste delicious..” She said softly, looking into his lust coated eyes as he zipped his pants up and buckled his belt.

“That was… hot.” He said unable to find the words, he didn’t know what it was but seeing her taking control at times, to do whatever she wants was fucking amazing and an incredible turn on. She smiled slightly as he took out his pocket square passing it to her, she blushed lightly wiping her hand clean on it.

“I’m glad you liked it.” She said, her heart thudding realising she had marked him. “I’m sorry I marked you without-”

He cut her off, not letting her finish her sentence, kissing her passionately. He moved back after a moment and looked into her eyes. “Don’t ever apologise for claiming a right that belonged to you.”

A soft smile crossed her lips and she locked her arms around his neck, her heart filled with so much warmth, who said life couldn’t be perfect?

Their eyes met, lost in a world that only contained the two of them. Scarlett took a deep breath, wanting to say the three words she had been tempted to say for a while now and this time she wouldn’t hold back.

“I love you Elijah, so, so much.”

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