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Her Forbidden Alpha by Moonlight Muse Chapter 62

Chapter62 Preparations & Nerves

“Wake up baby girl!” Angela’s cheery voice came. Scarlett groaned as the curtains covering the hotel window were pulled open to reveal the bright sun that shone outside.

“Piss off Angela, you made me stay awake so damn long, now let me sleep!” Scarlett snapped. Angela hadn’t let her sleep until 4 am and she had missed Elijah dearly but Angela had caused a right scene that she wanted Scarlett to sleep with her. Elijah had begrudgingly agreed as he did have things to do and didn’t want her to get bored, also knowing being with her hyper friend she would be kept distracted and not spend too much time thinking about the following day. It had worked, Angela had gone on and on about her clothes, her future mate, how she was going to demand he mark her there and then and on top of that making her watch movies whilst they talked.

Angela now turned to Scarlett frowning. “Listen here! It’s past 12! Elijah’s text you several times. He even came to see you before he left for a meeting, I told him you were still asleep!”

“I missed him?!” Scarlett said, now jolting up and glaring at her friend. “This is your damn fault! I at least wanted to see him once…before tonight…”

“Oh honey, the way that man looks at you I don’t think you need to worry about anyone taking him from you.” Angela grumbled. “Now, we have an appointment at the salon at 5 so how about we get lunch, do a bit of sightseeing and then head there. I’ve chosen how I want my nails…” She carried on talking as she left the room going into the adjoining bathroom.

Scarlett simply groaned, zoning her out and picked up her phone to see Elijah had indeed sent 4 messages. Unlocking her phone she pushed back the duvet and looked at the messages.

‘Hey Kitten, awake yet?’

‘If you’re up by 10 we could maybe catch breakfast?’

‘Sleeping without you was fucking hard.’

‘I love you, seems you’re still sleeping, which is great because them I get to keep you up tonight. I’m heading to my meeting now, I’ll see you at the ceremony.’

Her heart skipped a beat, wishing she had got to have breakfast with him. This was all Angela’s fault… She pouted in disappointment before sending him a text back.

‘Afternoon handsome, sorry Angela did my head in until 4 am! I’ll miss you today and I can’t wait to see you tonight Xx’

She stared at his message. ‘I love you.’ He said the words to her several times but she hadn’t said them back. She did love him, truly, madly and deeply. She would tell him tonight if he chose her… Although she believed he would, she still doubted it at times. Tonight could be a dream or a devastating nightmare, but either way, she was going to be that beautiful goddess who would turn heads. With a deep breath, she got out of bed ready to get started with their day…

——  It was later in the day and Scarlett’s nerves were making her extremely jittery. She was alarmingly quiet even when they were at the salon starting with their nails, she chose what she wanted distractedly, her hands shaking from the nerves. She had never been so nervous in her life, not even bothered when Fiona stepped into the same salon. She didn’t even notice the brunette watching her intensely.

“Is this length, ok?” The woman asked making Scarlett blink, she nodded after a quick glance and fell quiet again.

“Scarlett?” Angela said, concern now clear in her voice. She reached over tapping her friends shoulder with her free hand.

“Hmm?” Scarlett said looking at her friend, Angela frowned.

“Are you ok?” She asked concerned. Scarlett nodded despite the obvious tremble in her hands. “You can talk about it…”

“I’m scared.” Scarlett whispered quietly, so her friend could just about hear over the music that was playing in the background. The nail technician glanced at the women mumbling wondering how they were even able to hear each other but said nothing returning to her job.

“Oh, babe…” Angela said, her heart breaking for her friend. She had never heard those words come out of Scarlett’s mouth before. “Maybe neither of you will meet your mate today.”

“That’s scary too, the ‘what if’ will remain.” Scarlett said watching the woman paint her nails.

“Believe in him.” Angela said softly, for once she was serious – praying that her friends’ heart was not broken tonight. Scarlett simply nodded but it did nothing to ease the emotions within her. “I mean worst case scenario- lock him in a room every blood moon, no chance to meet his mate!” She added trying to cheer Scarlett up, Scarlett gave a weak smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Once her nails were done, they went on to get their hair and make-up done. She knew what she wanted and told them before getting distracted by her thoughts once again. Angela kept checking both hers and Scarlett’s makeup and hair not caring that the stylists were getting a little annoyed.

“All done.” The woman who was working on Scarlett said, turning her chair towards the mirror. Scarlett looked in the mirror, the woman before her was still her, yet she looked ten times more beautiful. The make-up accentuated her cheekbones, making her eyes look alluring with a smoky look, with some natural yet enhancing false eyelashes. Her lips had red matt lipstick and highlighter dusted her cheeks.

The woman had done an amazing job of covering the ugly mark on her neck too. She had asked Scarlett what had happened, she had said it was an animal attack. The woman didn’t really seem to have believed her but hadn’t said anything else.

“Would you like some gloss?” The woman asked. Scarlett shook her head as she admired her hair which was pulled back into a bun, a few strands left to frame her face.

“I prefer matt, it doesn’t get messy.” She said, giving the woman a small wink making the woman smile at her words.

“Well, I want to make a mess and show the world he’s mine!” Angela said. Scarlett looked over at her friend, smiling as she saw how stunning she looked. Her long black hair curled and left to hang down her back, she had a braid along the front and a slight quiff. Her eyes were shimmering in glittery gold shadow and her lips were a glossy nude. The girls smiled at each other, neither had to say it but both thought the other looked stunning.

“Ten baby girl!” Angela said as she stood up hugging the woman she had stressed out for the last hour. “Thank you! I love it!”

“I’m glad.” The woman said relieved. Scarlett stood up too and thanked the women before paying for their services.

Now they just needed to return to the hotel, get changed and head down to the ceremony. The hotel they were staying at belonged to the Alpha who was hosting the event this time. The ceremony was also taking place in the same hotel which was convenient.

“Right, let’s get going!” Angela said as she pulled her out of the salon. Scarlett saw Fiona staring at her, as her own hair was being styled into an extravagant up-do. Their eyes met but neither said anything as Scarlett let Angela lead her to the two pack warriors, who were sent by Jackson to stay with Scarlett. Having two pack warriors trailing her was something even Elijah had agreed on, much to her annoyance. The four got into an uber heading back to the hotel together.


Scarlett looked at the glittering gold dress that was laid out on the bed before she slipped on the tiny sheer organza embroidered red and gold G-string she had specifically bought for tonight. She then stepped into her dress. It skimmed her curves perfectly, the adjustments made it even more beautiful. She looked in the mirror, her ample breasts were pushed together as she zipped the dress up from the side, her cleavage looked appealing and the gold shimmer that she had applied to her body only made her skin glow. The dress had a slit on the right, from mid-thigh to the floor showing off her leg and her gorgeous red 6-inch heels.

With Elijah standing an entire foot taller than her, she hoped she could reach his lips a little bit easier with these heels. She smiled at her reflection, turning slowly once just as a flash went off and she saw Angela standing there in her red floor-length dress, her phone directed towards Scarlett.

“You girl look an 11.” She said walking over to her best friend. “Well so do I.”

“You do.” Scarlett said, both girls smiled at each other before they helped each other put on the last bits of their jewellery. Scarlett helped Angela with her zipper before they took some selfies.

“I’m so nervous, my wolfs restless.” Angela said, picking up her gold clutch bag watching Scarlett apply some perfume.

“You’re not the only one…” Scarlett said, she had decided against a bag and was only taking her phone.

“Ok…shall we?” Angela said looking at Scarlett who nodded. They held hands just like they used to years ago before an event or party and left the room together. Both hoping for the best outcome…


Elijah was nervous, as he fiddled with the white button-down and adjusted his black blazer.

“Chill…” Liam said looking at his friend, he himself wore a grey dapper suit. Whilst Elijah wore a black tailored suit, with black dress shoes. A necklace hung around his neck peeping out from the collar of his shirt.

“I don’t know, do I look ok?” Elijah asked, he had his hair styled in a slight quiff, a few stray strands falling in front of his eyes.

“She loves you, what more do you want me to say? I’m sure even if you looked like a loser she’d choose you.” Liam said quietly. Elijah seemed to freeze – ‘she loves you’ – those words echoed in his mind. She hadn’t said those words yet and he never thought he’d be the one to admit this but he wanted to hear those words from her lush lips. For someone who never believed in love, he was now completely wrapped up in wanting to be loved by her.

The two boys made their way down to the ground floor and towards the hall where the event was taking place. Everything was decorated in reds and gold. The large hall itself had marble floors and the ceiling was glass, allowing the moonlight to shine through. The perfect feature for a mating ceremony which was often held outside. The walls of the hall had pillared archways along the sides, red flowers and garlands were draped around the pillars and bouquets of red roses were on every table and stand. Fairy lights were woven along the ceiling, glittering like stars against the glass windows, only adding to the glittering of the countless chandeliers. The tables that stood to each side were covered with gold tablecloths. A vase of red roses with hints of gold stood in the centre of each table along with a scatter of tea lights and petals.

To one side was a bar and near the dance floor was a DJ. Couples were already on the dance floor, some making out already and others looking ready to pounce. Waiters were expertly weaving in and out of the couples with trays laden with drinks. Down the centre of the room was a red carpet and up ahead was the dance floor. To the left were the open doors that led to the gardens. Elijah could see the garden too was decorating in the same colour theme.

The music was not too loud nor too quiet, slightly louder than the hum of chatter that filled the room. The strong smell of food, the different drinks, the expensive fragrances and sex also filled the air but there was no extreme intoxicating scent that stood out, filling him with relief.

He saw Kiera with her lips locked to a very bulky man, he raised his eyebrow feeling sorry for the man. Taking a glass of wine from the tray of one of the passing waiters he made his way outside. He felt too nervous, he couldn’t smell Scarlett but then again in this sea of people it wasn’t really going to be easy to smell her out.

He leaned against the stone railing, looking out at the fountain that stood in the centre of the garden. The pleasant sound of the gushing water calmed his erratic heartbeat somewhat. The moon was high in the sky, a perfect circle with a hint of red coating it, something no human naked eye would ever be able to pick up. The Blood Moon. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath, never had he been more nervous about anything than he was now.

It was then, the most heavenly scent he had ever smelt hit him with great force. It was sweet, fresh and intoxicating, so tempting that he couldn’t think straight. Not able to put any name to the scent that he was being encased in, his ears ran with his thudding heart and his wolf leapt in his mind wanting to burst forth and bite into the neck of the owner of the scent. His grip tightened on the rail as he opened his now cobalt blue eyes trying to breathe through his mouth, trying not to focus on it.

“I Elijah Westwood future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack reject you as my mate and Lu-”

“Don’t say it.” Interrupted a breathless yet sensual voice that made a shiver of pleasure rush through him…

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