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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 97 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 97 by desirenovel


” You’re fucking crazy . ” Alejandro said icily . She frowned slightly , her eyes glimmering . I let my aura out , allowing it t o swirl around our feet , keeping her dark magic at bay . I wasn’t sure if I could fight her off , but … I could try . I was working purely on instinct here . One thing was clear : She was derailing Alejandro’s mind , trying to get into it and manipulate him .

Not only by words , but magic was at work here too . He was strong but I had to still b e careful . ” So , you won’t help me ? ” She asked , her face turning angrier . ” No. I’m not your fucking son , nor your fucking puppet .

You’ve been accountable for so many fucking lives lost . Do you think I’d ever agree ? Other countries know about me , they are setting up similar councils .

We don’t need to do anything more . When it comes to witches , do whatever the fuck you want . But do not for one fucking second think I’d ever forgive you for all the crap you put me through ! I almost gave my mate up because of you ! He prowied , mis eyes blood red and his clavs elongating . I felt the pure rage and anger rolling off him .

” Alejandro … don’t make a rash decision . One way or another , I have worked far too hard to let you or anyone else mess with m y plans . I gave you the option to stand by my side , but if you wish to deny it , then it i s your loss .

” She hissed . So , her true colours were coming out . I glanced at Marcel . We could show him the truth … He was just a pawn … Could I undo the magic on him just as I was able to reverse the Wendigo mutation ? There was only one way to find out . ” You’re messed up .

” Alejandro growled at his mother . I stepped back slowly , letting go of Alejandro’s arm . Instantly Endora’s eyes snapped to me . I ignored her , pretending I was just engrossed in her words as I hugged Alejandro , slowly inching around him and leaning my head on his other shoulder . She looked away from me , glaring at Alejandro .

” I am doing what is our right . We are from the purest werewolf blood , Alejandro .

From the very line that the first Lycan was born of . This is our birth right . ” Her voice sounded slightly unearthly and I felt the wave of power coming closer . I made sure to keep my own aura pressed against it . Whatever she was trying to do to Alejandro was not going to happen .

Not under my watch . ” I’m going to have to burst your fucking bubble then . I will never side with you . Not now . Not fucking ever . ” Alejandro said quietly . ” Alejandro … If you are certain , then I will unleash hell upon every pack of wolves out there . ” She said . ” And I will be there to stop you .

” He said quietly , as I reached behind me and touched Marcel’s arm , slowly channelling my power while maintaining a protective aura around us . It was clearly working as a barrier , keeping Endora’s magic away from us , but doing both was proving harder than I thought …

” Let me ask you three questions . Answer them honestly . ” He said quietly . ” I owe you nothing , Alejandro . If you do not wish to side with me of your own free will , then I will make sure you do by force . ” Endora said coldly .

” Answer me first . Then do whatever the fuck you want . ” He said coldly . ” What do you want to know ? ” She asked just as coldly . It seemed his refusal had completely blinded her , and she was so angry she wasn’t even paying attention to me .

I felt the magic seep away from Marcel but it took a chunk out of me . I felt tired , like I had just trained for a few hours …. I knew when the effect drained off ,

he would come back , but I wasn’t sure if he’d realise Endora was in the wrong … ” Why did Dad hate me ? ” Alejandro asked quietly . I motioned discreetly to Marcel not to move , hoping he understood . ” You are born to be hated , and to rule . No one will ever love you , Alejandro .

” Endora said snidely . ” That’s not true . ” I answered icily , making her attention snap to me . I instantly wished I hadn’t spoken … If she told Alejandro the truth that I had assumed , then it would just hurt him even more …

” Hmph , well maybe not . Perhaps I … influenced him on how to behave …. I tried t o do it with Rafael but the boy seemed immune to spells . I guess he inherited some of my abilities . ” She spat resentfully .

” So , you’re saying you made Dad say all that shit ? You made him dislike me ? ” Alejandro said , his heart racing at the revelation . My heart was breaking for him , I wanted t o take away all his pain . ” All for a good cause , Alejandro . ” Endora taunted .

” Now what else do you want to know ? ” ” Jake … Why did he side with you ? ” ” Oh that pack owed me a life debt …. and w e witches always collect . His father worked for me and never repaid that debt , so Jake had to , but the fool was utterly useless .

” She spät . I frowned , I never sensed evil from him … But then again , I only met him fleetingly . Perhaps he was just forced into this … We would never know . But for him to have been a part of this plan all along , made my blood run cold .

Her power was growing and I knew she was just buying time too . Alejandro seemed too stunned to even say anything . His turmoil filled emotions were swirling around him . I decided to take over ,

I had a plan to get Marcel on our side but for that he needed t o hear the full truth . ” Why did you lie to Marcel about the Wendigo’s and Manangal , when you were the one who created them ? ” I asked . She laughed mockingly .

” You stupid bitch ! Why do you think ? It was all for the cause . When I have you , just wait to see what I create , an entire army of wendigo’s …. I will rule alone , 1 need nothing or no one .

” She spat . Alejandro growled , snapping out of his trance . ” You’re wrong . You need me , don’t you ? ” I asked coldly . ” Kiara . ” Alejandro warned , I knew he didn’t want her to direct her wrath on me , but I didn’t really care . She had hurt my mate far more than she ever should have .

A mother is someone who fights the entire world for her children , not mentally abuses them as she had done . ” So , it was all lies . ” Marcel said quietly . Her look of surprise was one I would never forget . ” You …

” Her eyes snapped to me and she whispered something . ” Not this time . ” I said , letting my power out . Taking a deep breath , I closed my eyes , letting my senses spread to every corner of the room .

I fuelled all my anger , pain and fury towards her for what she did to Alejandro , and I felt the flame ignite within me . 9 ” What are you doing ?! ” She shouted . I opened my blazing eyes , just in time to see Alejandro lunge at her .

” No ! ” I shouted . A black blast of power knocked him back , but he held his ground , pushing against her powerful force field . He shifted as his aura worked against her powers . The room was swirling with three different powers , each working to their full capacity .

A battle of power and wills .

” If you will not side with me , then there’s no use for you ! ” I felt the surge of power within me growing , the shrieks of the Manangal’s and Wendigo’s reacting to my filled my ears .

My heart thumped as Marcel rushed towards Alejandro , shifting as he rammed against the wall assisting him . ” Look at that , the rogue mutt is helping his younger brother ! ” Endora scoffed .

Those words alone let the blast of power roll off me , knocking everyone to the ground . Her powers dissipated as I rushed towards her , my staff raised . ” If I were you …. I’d save my mate . ” Endora hissed , whispering a spell . Her eyes glowed red .

I turned my head , my heart pounding in fear as I saw her powers wrap around Alejandro so fast he didn’t have time to react .

He growled in rage as her power lashed into him , spearing him with a hundred knife – like blades created from magic . His blood splattered everywhere as he crumbled to the floor , shifting back into his human form .

” Alejandro ! ” I screamed , my voice ringing off the walls of the cavern…

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