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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 93 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 93 by desirenovel

ALEJANDRO I’m going to just admit that I was on cloud fucking nine hearing those words from her, feeling her soft, slender hands wrapped around me. She was fucking mine and although she refused to return home and was adamant about continuing this journey, I couldn’t stay annoyed with her.

She was strong and she didn’t need m e to suffocate her like her dad and brother did all her fucking life.

She was a queen, with or without me, and yeah I was worried about her, but I’d be there with her. I won’t let any shit come to her or our pup.

Yeah, that was still hard to get my head around, but I was sure fucking trying We had showered, eaten and were now back on the road. Kiara was quieter but I often saw her placing her hand on her stomach, smiling ever so slightly.

That shit confused me. How was she so happy already? In a fucking perfect world, having a pup way later would have been ideal. But nothing about this fucking world was perfect or ideal. I know I’m already thirty-four and I know some would say it’s fucking time, but I could have waited a few more years.

Let her get t o that place where she was ready and happy. I’ve fucked her up in more ways than one. Maybe I needed to show I cared in some physical way that didn’t involve pinning her against the wall and fucking her. Maybe do some mushy crap that girls liked.

The very thought made me internally cringe but I wanted to give her that fairy-tale night that I destroyed on the Blood Moon. Give her a memory to cherish…

“Al…” I looked at her. It seemed like she was going to join the small group that called me that. D “What do you think you will find in this forest?” “There’s a high chance it’s their main hideout.” I said, frowning.

She looked surprised. “Then why go alone?” “Better chance to get in unnoticed, my aim is to see if I can gather any more intel before planning an attack.” There’s a chance we’ll get caught .

” She said , frowning . ” Yeah , but I didn’t want to sacrifice countless men without even knowing what’s there . With the new knowledge , I’m hoping I can get to the Rogue King .

If he gets it , maybe I can show him we are not the fucking enemy , and if that doesn’t work then we kill him . Rogues don’t follow anyone , this fucker’s got them listening . If he’s dead , it’ll unravel that army . Besides , I’m a Lycan , I usually work alone .

Werewolves all submit to my command somewhat , well , all but you . ” ” And if the witch is there ? ” She asked . ” Guess we’ll see when we get there … Promise me one thing , if I tell you to run , you will . ” I said , now dead serious . Her heart thudded .

” I already have a bad feeling about it . I can’t abandon- ” ” Promise me , Kiara . ” I said dangerously . We were going into the fucking unknown , and I knew the risks were high .

I also knew that if worse came to worse , I could buy her enough time to run .

” How can you expect me to promise you- ” ” Fine , if not for me , do it for the pup . ” I said quietly . I saw the hurt and fear in her eyes . ” I have a way to alert Darien if shit goes wrong and they will come for you .

But ” Why does this feel like you know things won’t go right ?! ” She shouted , her eyes flashing a dazzling purple .

” Look , it’s a fucking witch I don’t know what to expect . You heard that spell bag , if you’re caught , shits going to get way fucking worse . I need you safe . Amore Mio , don’t make this fucking harder for me ? Please .

” She looked down . ” So … You’re asking me to leave you in danger and run ? ” She said , ” Could you do that if I asked you to ? ” Fuck , why did she have to turn that shit back on me ? ” You’re pregnant . ” I said firmly . ” I won’t die so fucking easily . It’s just easier for m e if I’m alone . So worse comes to worst ,

if I say run , you run . ” A lie , pregnant or not , I didn’t want her to get hurt or risk her getting killed . She sighed but didn’t answer me . I reached over , taking her hand in mine , kissing her knuckles softly .

I wouldn’t go down that easily … But I needed to be ready for shit … We had stopped for lunch and picked up some food for later as well . Although we could eat raw meat in wolf form , I wasn’t sure if Kiara would be up for that .

I was glad she was in early stages of pregnancy , meaning she could shift . Usually , she wolves wouldn’t be able to shift after the ten – week mark .

So , if she needed to run she could . With her ankle , I just hoped she’d be ok . I had seen how her purple aura seemed to help her when we fought the Wendigos and although she seemed to be channelling and using her powers well , I didn’t want to take risks .

I just had to fucking hope for the best . We had reached the forest a few hours later and I parked up on the outskirts of a human town nearby .

We got out of the car after applying anti scent spray . It didn’t work for me as I could still smell her perfectly . It was the same with any of my men , but apparently it worked well for normal werewolves .

I took up a backpack containing a few bits that might come in handy and turned to face Kiara . ” I got this made for you . ” I said , holding out a foot long staff made of the strongest steel I could get my hands on . The centre had a leather grip , right next to a button .

I held it out as she looked at it curiously . Pressing the button and allowing the two slim but very sharp spears to be extracted . At full height , it was about 6 feet . I had asked for this to be made before we even had sex … I had thought it was ideal for her to carry if anything happened and she couldn’t really walk around with a staff .

She almost dropped it before she smiled . Her eyes shone as she spun it . ” Oh wow …. Wait , you got this made just for me ? ” ” No for Selene . ” I stated , crossing my arms . She rolled her eyes as she tested it on the ground . ” It’s strong and sturdy . ” She said as she spun it , she threw it up and caught it .

” And sharp enough to slice your fingers off , so careful . ” I said . She nodded , brushing her finger over it as she admired the craftsmanship . ” It’s made of the strongest metal out there ; I hope you like it . ” I said . She looked up at me and smiled .

She pressed the button as she closed it and walked over to me , locking her arms around my neck . This feeling … It felt foreign yet so perfect … I pulled her close , the tingles felt so fucking good … I sure as fuck could get used to this . ” I don’t like it , I love it .

” She said , her fingers grazing my neck as she tugged me down and kissed my lips deeply . I kissed her back , my hand squeezing her ass and making her press herself into me .

We kissed hungrily , both wanting more , and I lifted her up by her perfect behind , making her moan . I loved how she fought for dominance as I ravished her mouth , slamming her against the car . She gasped , but I knew I wasn’t that rough .

She looked up at me , her eyes a vibrant purple . ” You like being rough , huh ? ” She asked , twisting her hand painfully into my hair . A pain I fucking relished . ” We both know you liked it . ” I said huskily , wrapping one hand around her neck .

” So , tell me , who fucked you best ? ” Shit question , but I wanted to hear it . Her heart hammered as she looked me straight in the eye . ” You already know the answer to that . She whispered seductively . I smirked . Now that was what I fucking liked to hear . ” I still want to fucking hear it .

” I said , tightening my hold . Fuck , I wanted to forget everything and just fuck her . Even if I was trying , it wasn’t fucking easy . ” You . You are all I want , now and forever . “

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