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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 92 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 92 by desirenovel

Responding To Him

My heart thudded as he said those words . He loved me . He loves me . Oh , goddess … ” I … ” I couldn’t reply when he suddenly kissed me , sending off strong currents of delicious sizzling sparks . A kiss that expressed everything that couldn’t be put into words .

My stomach fluttered as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and kissed him back . Pleasure consumed me , I could feel his desire , his want and his love for me . The honey taste of his mouth mixed with his scent was the perfect drug to make me high . I moaned softly , feeling him throb .

Our tongues fighting for dominance as his hand now caressed my waist . He pulled me tighter against him making me whimper , I turned in his arms so I was straddling him . My core pressed against his dick and I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing against him . He groaned against my lips , his grip tightening on my hips . ” Fuck , we need to stop . ” He said ,

breaking away from me . ” Why ? ” I asked , feeling my heart race . I wanted this … ” Because now isn’t the right fucking time . I want to fuck you , Amore Mio. Trust me , way more than I could ever tell you .

But w e need to take it slow … I don’t want to fuck this shit up . Not more than I already have . ” Since when did he care ? I frowned , about t o give a snarky reply when I realised , he was trying , for me . Even if I didn’t agree with him putting a stop to us , I could see the strength he’d needed to refuse me .

His grip on my hips was slightly painful . His eyes were flickering from red to black , the hunger for me clear in them , but he still fought it . ” I don’t want our pup to be the reason for your forgiveness … that’s something I fucking need to earn .

” He said , his hand now cupping my neck , his thumb rubbing the spot he would one day mark me … ” I forgive you though . ” I said softly . He smirked arrogantly . ” Does my girl want something ? ” He asked . His words alone sent a rush of pleasure through me .

” Yes , you . ” I said pouting . ” One day soon , Amore Mio. I swear . I’m yours . ” He said , kissing my lips softly . My heart pounded at those words , I could see the love in his eyes and it felt overwhelming .

This felt like a dream …. Letting go of my neck , he kissed me in the corner of my mouth sensually . His one hand was caressing my waist but it was his other hand that was driving me crazy , as it slowly caressed my breast . His thumb flicked my hard nipple .

I gasped at the sudden move , but that soon changed to a soft sigh as his hand continued going lower . ” Alejandro … ” I whispered . ” Yeah ? ” He murmured , his fingers slipping into the band of my shorts . ” I .. What are- nh ! ” His fingers rubbed against my damp panties , making me moan . He slipped his hand into them , his fingers found my clit , sending a strong current of pleasure through me .

I gripped his shoulder as he rubbed my clit in circular motions sending pleasure rushing through me . ” Oh fuck ! ” I moaned . My eyes fluttered shut , letting my head fall back as pleasure consumed me . Feeling the growing knot in my stomach , the pressure building as I got closer and closer to my release .

I could smell my arousal , see his eyes darken with desire and a low growl escaped him as he kissed my neck , sucking hard and making me cry out . The pain mixed with the illicit pleasure only made me throb harder . Soon I felt myself nearing . He dipped his fingers closer to my entrance , letting my juices coat his fingers before he rubbed my clit once again and a moan escaped my lips .

” I’m coming … ” I gasped , ” Oh fuck ! ” I cried out as my orgasm rushed through me . The euphoric feeling consumed me . M y entire body felt oversensitive and I tried to pull away from his touch , whimpering as I failed .

He didn’t stop his assault until another earth – shattering orgasm tore through me . ” Goddess … ” I moaned as I rode out my orgasm , leaving my body feeling weak . He slowly caressed my pussy before removing his hand and wrapping his arms around my trembling body .

I buried my head in his neck , getting my breath back’as he squeezed my ass . Why was he pleasuring me ? Yet he wouldn’t allow us to have sex … What went through his mind … ? I kissed his neck , the urge to mark him filling me . I swallowed hard , moving myself slightly away from his neck . ” I don’t appreciate you calling out to the goddess when I’m the one pleasuring you , Amore Mio. ” He said , his lips brushing m y ear . I smiled , feeling so content .

I just wanted t o sit here and do nothing forever . ” Alejandro … ” ” Yeah ? ” ” I love you . ” I whispered , feeling his heart rate quicken . I did , I truly meant it . I didn’t have the courage to say it before . But if he was able to , then why shouldn’t I ? I loved him and that was all that mattered . His hold on me tightened as he inhaled my hair .

He tilted my head back and that rare small half – smie crossed his face , sending my heart exploding . ” Only someone as caring as you could love a fucking monster . ” He said , a slight flicker of sadness filled his eyes but it was gone as fast as it had come . I shook my head . ” No. You are not a monster , and as much a s I hate to mention her at this time , I’m not the only one who has loved you .

There are a few who have fallen for our king . ” ” 1 ” They love the concept of power and being queen , not me . You’re the only one I want though . ” He said , a small frown on his face . ” The only one I’m fucking scared to lose . ” ” You won’t lose me , I’m already in danger . I’m probably safest with you .

” I said , giving him a wry smile . ” I fucking hope so . ” He replied softly , before burying his head into my neck once more . I closed my eyes , letting myself savour this sweet moment . We stayed silent and I knew he’d refuse me if I offered him the favour in return .

so I simply snuggled against him , enjoying the warmth peeking through the gaps in the curtain . The calmness , the sound of his heart , the warmth of his body and his scent all soothed me . I was almost dosing off when he spoke . ” The witch knew about your pregnancy … She said the necklace would conceal . That fucking pendant masks the heartbeat , I checked last night . ” He said , reaching for it .

” Really ? ” I asked now sitting up . ” Guess you will have to keep it on . ” He said , slipping it over my neck , before tucking it into my top and between my breasts . Although I had a feeling he just wanted to touch them , as he smirked cockily at me when he flicked my nipple once again , sending another round of pleasure to my core .

” I wonder if this was how the witch concealed herself ? ” I remarked , now looking at his tattooed chest . I wanted to lick his pierced nipples . Enjoy every inch o f the god before me … ” Probably fucking so .

‘ ” So want to share how you ended up on the bed ? ” I asked . He raised his eyebrow . ” You fucking told me to join you . ” He said , smirking . I knew for a fact that no matter how much I wanted to deny it , he wasn’t one to lie . So , I simply rolled my eyes , feeling so content .

I loved everything about him , right down to his cocky attitude . I leaned over and kissed his lips softly . ” I don’t know how I’m going to tell Dad about this … I mean , Mom knows we did the deed , but Dad … ” I cringed at the very thought .

” Oh , goddess … Dad … ” He let out a throaty chuckle . ” Now this shit is going to be fun … Allow m e to do the honours ? ” He said , looking at me with a devilish smirk that would put even Hades ‘ to shame .

He was going to enjoy it , I could tell from that glint in his eyes . One thing I knew for a fact was that Alejandro loved to piss Dad off , and this was one thing I was sure Dad was not going to be pleased with … Help me , goddess ….. For surely I’m screwed.

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