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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 9 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 9 by desirenovel

Friends With Benefits

I shut my door , my heart pounding . What was that … ? I felt humiliated and mocked . Why had I even let him touch me ? A sting of pain jolted through me . I had made a complete fool of myself , and I had to face him for an entire week . What would dad think if he ever found out ? The feel of his fingers down below lingered . I closed my eyes , sliding down the door until I was sitting on the floor . Only my fairy lights were on , all I could see was black and the little glowing drops of light . I felt utterly confused . Sure I have had sex , but to get all worked up over someone so quickly … It confused me . His hurtful comment that I was a slut had really hit me hard . I pursed my lips and stood up , feeling for the light switch . I flipped it on and walked over to my wardrobe . I was going to shower , I didn’t need the feel of his hands on me . I paused , tempted to call my occasional sex partner over . I needed to get that ásshole out of my head .

Picking up my phone I sent a text . ‘ Hey , wanna come around tonight ? I’ll leave my window open ? ‘ ‘ Sure thing . See you in ten Kia . ‘ ‘ Make that 20 , I’m going to shower . ” Then leave the window open . I’ll be there before then . ‘ ‘ OK . ‘ I texted back before putting my phone down and locking the bedroom door . I opened the window slightly and smiled , feeling a little better . That ache that had settled within me would be satiated . 15 minutes later I stepped out of my bathroom , a towel wrapped around me only to see him sitting on my bed , legs crossed , holding my book ‘ My Future Stepbrother . ‘ ” Let me guess , you’re a Jayce fan ? ” He said , smirking . It was clear he had just skimmed through and got hold of one name . I frowned slightly . ” It’s always the male lead , right ? ” ” For your information , yes . Jayce is the one I like . ” I said , walking over to the bed . book down and He put the book down and sat up , tilting ” What happened ? ” He asked softly . We didn’t love each other , nor were we dating , but there was an attraction there and we had somehow agreed to be sex partners . It all happened when I was 16.

We were a little drunk and we almost did it . He had stopped me but then when we were sober , he had put the idea forward . I told him I didn’t want it to affect our friendship . I’m glad to say two years on , it hadn’t and we had managed to keep it a secret from Liam and even Raven . It was probably the one thing she didn’t know about me . ” The Alpha king happened . ” I said , pushing him onto the bed and climbing o n top of him . He raised an eyebrow . ” That old man turned you on ? ” ” Damon ! ” I said , smacking his chest lightly as I laughed despite myself . He gripped my hips and raised his eyebrows questioningly . ” He’s kinda sexy actually . ‘ I admitted . ” Damon sat up , his smile fading . ” So don’t tell me you’re going to fantasize about him while doing me He pulled my towel open , looking me over appreciatively . I ran my hands through his blondie brown curls . ” Of course not . ” I said , feeling my core throb as his hands skimmed over my waist and hips before cupping my pert derriere . Squeezing it . ” Good . ” He said , now tugging my head down and claiming my lips in a passionate kiss .

He tasted of mint and honey . His hands roamed my body and m y own reached for the hem of his T – shirt , pulling it off over his head and tossing it t o the ground . ” You’re gorgeous Kia . ” He said , softly breaking away from my lips and making his way down my neck and shoulder , leaving a trail of feathery kisses . I bit my lip , grinding against his hardening bulge . Pleasurable tingles went through me and my core knotted in pleasure . I kissed his neck with equal passion as he flipped us over and pinned my wrists to the bed , kissing me down over my breasts . ” This tat , really makes you a hundred times sexier . ” 1 I couldn’t reply when his lips closed around one of my nipples , I gasped as he sucked hard on it . His other hand squeezing the other breast . He switched after a few moments , paying equal attention to the other . My eyes fluttered shut , pleasure rushing through me . He went lower , kissing me under my breasts along my tattoo . His hands were now massaging my hips . My legs were spread open , on either side of him as he went down , now pushing them wider . A small smile spread across his face . ” You’re super sexy . ” He murmured , before his lips met my pussy . I gasped with pleasure ricocheting through me . My hand twisted into his hair as he parted my smooth lips , running his tongue along my dripping core . ” Oh fuck Damon , that’s it . ” I whispered breathlessly . His tongue flicked my clit with expertise . He knew what worked for me , what pace to set and what got me off . Just when I felt the knot in the pit of my stomach tightening he slipped two fingers into me , making me bite my lips at how tight I felt . He began fucking me with them , his tongue still on my clit . ” Oh , Goddess … ”

The pleasure was all I could think of , each thrust of his fingers hit my G – spot and I felt myself nearing . ” Fuck faster Damon , faster … ” My back arched as he went faster until my orgasm shot through me making me moan . I tugged his head back , feeling my juices seep from my body as he continued fucking me with his fingers . The squelching of my liquids and his fingers were loud in the room . His darkened eyes were locked on my face as I rode out my high . I dropped back onto the bed breathlessly . He smirked , leaning over and kissing my neck passionately as I got my breath back . The bulge in his pants rubbed against my stomach and I reached down to unzip his pants . Pulling his large shaft out , I licked my lips . I was about to sit up but he shook his head , pushing his jeans off . ” Not tonight beautiful , I just want to fuck you . ” He said quietly . I didn’t question it , I had just wanted to return the favour . He gripped his manhood , positioning himself between my folds . I propped myself up on my elbows , watching him rub against my smooth pussy . I moaned as his tip touched my clit , before he thrust into me making me gasp . He pressed my legs to the bed , stretching them open as he began fucking me . I closed my eyes , one hand on his chest as each thrust hit my G – spot . The sound of skin on skin filled the room and our breathless moans supressed as much as possible .

It wasn’t long before I reached my second orgasm and only moments later , he too released his load into me . ” Fuck Kia . ” He groaned as he leaned over me , letting go of my legs and letting himself down on top of me . I locked my arms around his neck , inhaling his scent . I It was comforting . ” That was pretty good . ” I said , stretching as he rolled off me . ” Yeah … ” He said , looking at my face . ” What is it ? ” I asked ruffling my hair . He shook his head . ” Nothing . You’re beautiful . Your mate’s going to be lucky . ” He said with a wink . I smiled . ” Yours too . ” I kissed his nose . We had an agreement when our mates came into the picture , this would end . No one would ever need to know and that was how I planned to keep it . 2 ” Well , I better head out . That was damn good . You were dripping tonight . ” He said , grabbing his jeans . I tossed a pillow at him , blushing lightly . ” No , I wasn’t . ” ” Don’t deny it . ” He winked at me before grabbing his stuff and making his way to the window . He looked out , before blowing me a kiss and jumping out the window . I dropped back onto the bed . My core was throbbing slightly , a nice , pleasant ache . I sighed , Damon was great but we were just friends . What I wanted was a mate , someone who wouldn’t be able to live without me . Who would consider me their entire world and I would make them mine . Just like mum and dad . I got up and stripped the bedsheet . Bundling it aside , I took some fresh covers out and opened the window wider t o air the room then went to take another shower …

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