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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 88 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 88 by desirenovel

A Debt Repaid

The moment ent she said that the witch was helping the Rogue King , added to Kiara’s ability to reverse the transformation , a sudden fucking thought hit me . ” She’s using this so – called king , right ? ” I asked . The woman nodded .

” Most likely , she is probably using the Rogue King to attain what she wants as well as placing all your attention on them . From what I know about Endora , she is an extremely cunning woman . One that knows what she wants and will do anything to attain it . She has , after all , been at this for years .

” The witch said darkly . ” So , theoretically speaking , this rogue fucker probably doesn’t even know that she’s the one behind all these mutations ? ” I asked . ” I guess so , but only she would know the answer for sure , considering the manangal work for her .

There are many spells to influence or cloud the mind . For all we know , the Rogue King may be under her control . I cannot say . Only Endora herself would know the answers . The blessed wolf’s blood is powerful and can b e used for many spells . Just think what she could do … with all that blood at her disposal . ”

My hand tightened around Kiara’s possessively , as I pulled her closer . Her heart raced as our eyes met .

She was in a lot of danger , witches were fucking strong The only thing that came to my mind was there was only one wolf who may actually be able to go against a witch … One that had abilities of her own and the only one that I never wanted to put out there .

Kiara herself . I still didn’t want to , and I wouldn’t . I’d d o everything in my capability to go against the odds . The witch let out a cold , humourless laugh , as if she knew where my thoughts were going . ” What the fuck could the bitch want with Kiara’s ability ? Don’t you have any fucking idea ? ” I asked . She sighed as she gave me a disdainful glare .

” I told you many things that could be done with the blood of Selene’s chosen one . It could fuel very powerful for spells . Even grant immortality itself . ” She said , watching us . Kiara looked down , a small frown on her face . ” So she probably wanted Mom for her blood too … ” More than likely , however it seems she’s a lot more capable this time .

” The woman seemed to hesitate and then sighed deeply . ” I know not how true this is , but rumour has it , she may have a few more witches by her side . ” 1 ” Well fuck , this shit just gets worse . Aren’t the fucking Alamoria the one’s who should be dealing with her shit ?

” I said coldly . That’s what the fucking council was for right ? ” They have tried , but it isn’t easy … She isn’t harming the humans or witches , so they don’t care . ” The witch said unbothered . ” That’s horrible … All life is equal . ” Kiara said softly .

” Yes maybe , although I’d rather say witches are worse than the dirt beneath m y fucking feet . They don’t give a shit about us . In fact , I think they’d probably be glad i If there were a lot fewer wolves … correct right ? ” I said venomously , my anger swirling around me . She frowned , ” I am a lone witch .

I won’t deny that the coven would love a world without werewolves and vampires … but I have no part in it , nor do I have an opinion on the matter . ” She said icily . ” Control your 11 anger . I reigned it back ever so fucking slightly .

I fucking hated the wench before me , her and all her fucking kind … ” Thank you for sharing everything with u s . Is there anything else you could tell me ? ” Kiara asked , in her husky , sexy as fuck voice . She placed a hand on my chest , her eyes fixed on the witch despite soothingly caressing my neck . Pe The woman watched us , then looked at her hands .

” If ever the two of you were to birth a child , it would be strong . Rivalling even the gods themselves . If this was to happen , heed my advice and run . For not only Endora would love to attain such power . The entire world would turn its attention to such a child .

” Her words were ominous and despite myself I felt the shiver of darkness run down my back . Those words were heavy and dark . Her eyes glinted and I wondered what was going through that mind of hers .

” Thank you … for the warning . ” Kiara said , looking a little unnerved herself . ” Well if that’s all , lets get the fuck out of here . ” I said . ” Remember the amulet , or I will consider i It a deal broken . ” She said , her eyes glimmered with a tinge of red .

” You’ll get your fucking amulet . So remember who the fuck you’re talking to . ” I said . Why the fuck didn’t Callum tell me she was so fucking pissy ? Dickhead .

” We will get it . ” Kiara interjected before the witch could reply She slid off my lap and I wished I could hold her forever . I stood up as she walked over to the witch . Crouching down she placed her hand on her knee . ” What are you doing ?! ” The witch said , raising her hands .

I growled but before either I or the fucking spell bag could react , I saw Kiara’s healing aura wrap around the woman’s knee . Was she in pain ? ” Does it feel better ? ” Kiara asked , looking up at her .

The woman seemed too stunned to speak . ” Why would you do that ? We are enemies . ” She said as if she really couldn’t wrap it around her head . I knew Kiara enough to know she didn’t differentiate . There was something about her that just wanted to heal and help those around her …

” I don’t see you as one . ” Kiara said , standing up . The witch frowned , looking up at Kiara indignantly as she stretched her leg .

” I hate debts ! I thought I was finally paying the other mutts off , and now I owe you ! ” She said standing up . I growled , my eyes flashing . Ungrateful bitch . I moved forward , ready to tear her t o shreds when Kiara blocked my way , placing her hands on my chest .

” Don’t . ” She said softly , a pleading look i n those doe like fucking eyes that really messed with my head , and dick . I looked away , retracting my claws as she turned back to the witch . ” This isn’t a debt , I did it of my own free will . You owe me nothing .

” ” We witches always repay our debts ! ” Sh spat . The bitch better shut her fucking mouth or I wouldn’t care what Kiara wanted . ” Ok , as repayment , can I know your name ? ” Kiara asked , sighing . The woman frowned , I knew witches did love their names and they held some power linked to it . I didn’t know much about that shit though .

” Janaina . ” She replied . ” Nice to meet you , and thank you for all your help . ” Kiara said , giving her a small smile . Yeah , it fucking confused me . Her mother wasn’t this nice … nor was her father . Why did she have to be so fucking sweet ?

Maybe it’s true how we are meant to complete each other , and I sure as hell agree that she was making up for us in the nice department , I don’t do fucking nice . ” Shall we go ? ” Kiara asked , looking up at me and bringing me out of my thoughts .

” Wait ! ” Janaina suddenly spoke . She reached into the neck of her cloak and removed a pendant with a large selenite crystal hanging at the end of the gold chain . I could see it had some engravings o n it . ” Consider this repayment … It will …. conceal . ” I raised my eyebrow .

What did that shit mean ? Either way , no . ” Don’t take anything she gives you . ” 1 said to Kiara , who was about to reach for it.

” There’s no darkness coming from it . ” She said taking it anyway . ” Thank you . ” ” I would advise you to always wear it . ” Janaina said . ” I don’t fucking think so . ” I said as Kiara pocketed it . ” Thank you . ” She said , motioning 11 towards the door . ” Let’s go .

” I took her hand and led her out . Neither of us spoke as we returned to the car and headed out . We would rest for the night and then set out for the forest in the morning .

We had checked in at a hotel , and although Kiara seemed unsure about sharing a room , I told her I wasn’t going t o risk her alone in a separate room . On top of that , the fucking human at the check in desk was a fucking wuss and seemed too fucking intimidated by me . When she had said she’d prefer her own room , I had got a bit pissed and did say I wouldn’t fucking touch her .

Not missing how a flash of hurt crossed her eyes at those words . Too bad , I don’t sugar coat shit . Yeah , I felt like crap for saying it , but what more can I do ? If that was what she was scared of , then she didn’t need to be .

I knew we needed fucking time , no matter how much I wanted her . I had showered first and was now sat here with the snack bag , finishing off the brownies as I checked through my messages . Darien told me Indigo had begged him to tell her where Fred was sent as he wasn’t picking up her phone calls .

I knew the fucker was still alive as I hadn’t felt anyone’s pack link break . He had also mentioned how Elijah was refusing to allow her to stay behind , and she would leave with them in the morning . Rafael and Elijah had gone to see the rogue .

The only thing he said was that the King needed the blessed wolf . Nothing I didn’t already know . It just reinforced the idea that the Rogue’s so – called fucking king actually may not know the witches ‘ true colours . I glanced at the bathroom door as I ate the last brownie , feeling a bit gutted they were finished . She had been in there a while and I was sure she was probably panicking .

Just then the door opened and I looked at her as she stepped out . Dressed in a pair of sky blue shorts and a cami that hugged her perfect body deliciously . Her shorts showed off her lush thighs and tattoo .

I could see the faint outline of her nipples as well … I felt desire flare up within me and the urge to claim her right then consumed m e . It was taking my all to control the beast within .

Her damp hair framed here gorgeous face and my heart fucking skipped a beat when our eyes met . Our hearts raced and it felt like we were two teens experiencing this shit for the first fucking time . Moonlight Muse Author Thank you for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it.

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