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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 87 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 87 by desirenovel

The Beginning

I gasped at that . So this was all …. connected ? ” Let’s start at the beginning . ” She said . Neither of us spoke . Alejandro was frowning but I wasn’t sure if that revelation had even shocked him .

” Thousands of years ago when the gods roamed the earth- ‘ 11 ” That’s bullshit , gods didn’t fucking roam the damn earth . ” ” 1 I closed my eyes as Alejandro spoke up . Did the man not know how to stay quiet ?

” Do you want to know or not ?! ” The witch hissed . ” Yeah , but that isn’t fucking believable . ” He retorted . ” And humans turning into wolves is ? ” She snapped back . I sighed , the urge to massage my temples growing .

” Ok , believable or not , can we just hear the story ? Alejandro …. please ? ” I asked , looking at him . He gave me an unbothered look , his gaze dipping to my cleavage before he looked away . ” As I was saying , and I swear by Hecate : herself ! If you interrupt me one more time , I will not continue !

” She said dangerously . fuck on then . ” Alejandro shot ” Carry back . They looked at each other with looks of pure hatred before the woman looked away . ” When the gods roamed the earth , living amongst us , Selene the moon goddess created the first werewolf by turning an ordinary wolf into a werewolf .

She then went on to create seven more , in total four males and four females . She was very proud of her creation , who now lived in harmony . That was until two wolves fought over a female . In their anger and rage , one of the werewolves was murdered .

When Selene saw what jealousy , love and anger could do , so she pardoned the wolf and created the mate bond under a blood moon . They say it is the reason that werewolves can only find their mate on a blood moon , because the bond itself was forged under it .

Selene had made three pairs . Going onwards , these three were known as the start of three bloodlines , Asheton , Solaris and Deimos . ” ” I listened quietly , taking in what she was saying . Thank the goddess that Alejandro had stayed quiet too . The witch frowned a s she continued .

” She gifted each one of her three pair’s abilities . The Deimos had the ability of speed , to see the future , a sixth sense and the ability to foresee disaster . The Asheton had the ability to heal and the gift of moon fire . Then we have the Solaris , who was said to be gifted with the ability to control nature .

Thanks to their abilities , their lands were fertile regardless of the weather or seasons , resulting in them becoming wealthy and prosperous . ” ” I frowned , I could kind of sense when something wasn’t right but I couldn’t explain it … but I thought I was from the Asheton bloodline …

” So those abilities are set in stone ? Is it not possible for someone from the Asheton to have another ability ? ” I asked . The witch smiled knowingly . Alejandro sighed . ” Kiara isn’t only from the Asheton bloodline , is she ? ” I looked between them surprised .

” Wait , what do you mean ? ” ” It means , although your abilities are most prominently from the Asheton line , you indeed carry some Deimos blood in you also . I would assume your father does as well considering how strong he is .

He comes from a line of very strong Alphas . ” The witch said , her sharp eyes boring into ” 1 me . ” For someone who wants to stay alone , don’t you know a little too much about us ? ” Alejandro asked coldly . ” Of course , I must know . We are all just pawns of the gods . ” She said . Alejandro and I exchanged looks as she frowned once more before she continued .

” The other gods were against Selene gifting such abilities to her wolves and so she had to compensate . Only a rare few would be born with special abilities and they would also be lacking in some other way . From what I know , they are always different , whether it’s a mute or blind or terminally ill .

As time went by , these gifted wolves became less and less . Until w e thought no more would be born . Well , until a few decades ago anyway … The whisper of Selene herself being reborn on earth drifted through the lands , An Alpha female , the first of her kind .

But of course , these rumours were slightly off . Yes , your mother was special , but she was just the vessel for the next blessed wolf . You . ” She took a deep breath , scowling . She seemed lost in thought for a moment before she looked back at us .

As I tried to take in everything she said one thing came to my mind , and I looked at her curiously . ” What happened to the other wolf ? The one who didn’t have a mate ? ” I asked . She smiled slightly .

” Wise question . Selene did not create any more werewolves , but she blessed the she -wolf with a child . A child born from Selene’s blessing alone . When the woman birthed the child , it is said he was born with blazing eyes . ” A Lycan . ” I whispered in awe . ” Indeed . Now …

The three werewolf families were like royalty , and unlike the lone Lycan who was feared and avoided , they lived a good life . Although Selene wanted her wolves to live in harmony , it was not meant to be . The Lycan grew up and became faster , smarter and stronger than the offspring of the other werewolves .

Selene gifted the Lycan a mate from the Solaris bloodline . Seeing the Lycans ‘ strength , the werewolves were not happy . Fearing what he would become they pleaded with Selene to not let him prosper . History says that his mate gave birth to a Lycan and that it was killed by the others .

But if this were even true , there is no proof of it . Others say that Selene listened to the wolves and made sure that their children were all born as werewolves , albeit strong ones , and in this way he was given a place amongst the wolves .

Or some say it was to make sure the Lycans did not become more powerful . One is born every few centuries to help regain order , but none have ever birthed another Lycan . ” ” So , what we get from this shit is ; there were three werewolf packs , one lone Lycan – yeah , sounds fucking familiar – and then what ?

I mean , we’ve been here for a while , listening to a bedtime story . Can you at least tell us some shit that can actually help ” 1 I clamped my hand over his mouth , frowning at him . ” Can you not be so annoying ?! ” I hissed , feeling the witch’s growing annoyance .

” This is why I don’t associate myself with ” She hissed resentfully . animals . ” Alejandro gripped my wrist gently yet firmly as he lowered my hand . ” Watch it , wench . ” He hissed . ” I’m sorry on his behalf . ” I said gently . ” A fitting pair . One is tranquil like the river and the other is abrasive and dangerous like a storm . ” She said .

” Yeah , you haven’t seen her enough to know she’s far from fucking calm . ” Alejandro said , glancing at me . He wasn’t wrong … I simply looked at the witch . ” So why does Endora want me ? ” I asked the question that was still not answered .

” Why else ? For your abilities . With someone like you in her grasp , she holds great power … Yet I wonder … I wonder if something else may be of more use to her She mumbled but it was as if she was speaking to herself .

” ” We captured a Wendigo and Kiara was able to reverse the progress . The rogue mentioned a king but that’s it , I know this witch is working with the rogues … but there’s more to it … ” Alejandro said , a deep frown on his face . He looked up sharply at the witch , as if suddenly realising something . The witch gave a small smile . ” So , you have figured it out .

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