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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 86 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 86 by desirenovel

The Witch KIARA Her scent filled my nose and I turned , looking at the faint shimmering red glow that came from one spot . It was strange that I couldn’t even hear her heartbeat . ” Show yourself . ” Alejandro said coldly . I frowned and pointed at her . ” She’s there , right ? ” ” Oh ? You can see me ? ” Her voice seemed t o hold an age – old feeling to it . ” Yeah , I don’t see a fucking thing .

” Alejandro said , now stepping in front of m e and shielding me from the direction that I had pointed to . ” She doesn’t mean any harm . ” I whispered quietly , hoping the witch couldn’t hear me . I could sense her power , which felt very strong , and her thirst for knowledge , but I didn’t sense any danger from her . ” You should listen to your Queen . ” She said , making both of us tense . ” You know we’re mates ? ” Alejandro asked .

” Oh , I know a lot , King of wolves . The question is , what will you give me in return for my knowledge Did she want something ? I wasn’t expecting that … ” What do you want ? ” Alejandro asked , his voice low and deeg . Yet the authority and power were emanating from him in waves and even I could feel it . ” Restrain yourself or I assure you , you won’t ever hear a word from me .

” She hissed ” Alejandro , nelax . She means us no harm . ” I said , stepping out from behind him and wrapping my arm around his muscular one . ” I’m only asking , what the fuck do you want in return ? ” He spat . Well , it was clear he had no patience and was not about to back down ” The witch working from the shadows has something that I need .

If you give me your word that you will retrieve it , I will tell you all you need to know . ” That sounded fair enough ” Fine . ” Alejandro sa The darkness was only growing , and I took a deep breath . How did he keep all this power suppressed ? ” Alejandro … ” I said . He looked at me , his glowing orbs looking down into mine . He seemed to instantly realise what was affecting me and I felt the pressure ease off .

I heard the witch also take a deep breath . Which meant , although she was acting all calm , it had been affecting her too . ” Let’s go somewhere safe to speak . ” The woman said . ” Follow me . ” # 1 . ” I can’t even fucking see you . ” Alejandro growled . ” Your Queen can . ” She said .

I now took his hand , a move that was becoming so natural , and led the way following that red glow . From time to time he’d pull me to the side or even lift m e over something or the other . The woman stopped after a few minutes and heard her whisper something Her glow seemed to spread , surrounding what now took the shape of a house .

” This house will do . ” She said . I heard the creak of a door and the strong smell of mildew along with something stale . I wrinkled my nose , gasping as Alejandro let go of my hand and lifted me by the waist to place me inside the house . Stepping in behind me , his hands remained around my waist and my stomach was going crazy . I leaned into him , unable to resist , and his arm snaked around me , making my already beating heart go wild .

The witch whispered something else and I felt , and saw , her powers wrap around the room , seeping into every corner . Suddenly the room became lit with a warm orange light and I finally looked at the woman who now seemed willing to reveal herself entirely as I could hear her heart beating too . She was in her mid – fifties , her long black hair was streaked with white .

Her eyes were hooded and deep blue , rimmed with thick lashes watched us sharply . She wore a black cloak which I found rather interesting . Did witches actually wear those ?

The place itself was falling apart . The wooden walls were damp and stained . The windows were broken and boarded up . There were a few dirty chairs to one side and a broken table was tilted against the far wall . ” What do you want me to retrieve ? ” Alejandro asked her coldly . She smiled slightly . ” The witch who I know for a fact is helping them , has an amulet . In the shape of a crescent , made of selenite and with engravings in the old tongue upon the back .

I need you to remove that from her neck before you kill her . Otherwise , it is of ” no use to me . ” Fine , I will get that necklace for you … So , you know her identity ? ” Alejandro asked , his arms wrapped around me possessivel ” I have never met her in person , but I have heard about her . She is a hybrid . ” The witch spoke up , her own eyes darkening as she pondered something . ” A hybrid of ? ” ” A werewolf witch .

” She said with contempt . ” Two species that should never , ever , become one . ” ” The daughter born from darkness . Stories say her father was an Alpha who raped her witch mother and that is how she was born , but no one really knows .

As a werewolf would have to mark the woman to get her pregnant it seems odd , I don’t think anyone would do that if their aim was simply to rape … Unless , of course , they were mates . ” The witch said with clear distain . It seemed they really did hate our kind .

I knew humans couldn’t get pregnant by a werewolf unless they were marked , as it made them stronger and able to carry pups . It seemed the same rule also applied to witches . ” So apart from how the fuck she was produced , do you have any information that could actually help ?

” Alejandro asked mockingly . I almost rolled my eyes at his remark . If I didn’t sense how much he wasn’t enjoying being here , I would have said something .

” Patience child , you may be a king but you have a lot to learn . If you don’t know the start , how will you learn anything ? You have come to me for answers , so simply listen . ” She said coldly . ” A witch will always pay a life debt and this is mine . ” 18 ” So , get a fucking move on . ” Alejandro said .

Her eyes glowed and I could feel her anger and dislike growing . ” He’s being nice , he just swears a lot . ” I said , not wanting this situation to get out of hand . ” Hmph . Then don’t speak . ” She hissed . I felt Alejandro’s anger rise and I leaned into him , stroking his arm as I looked up a t him . ” Please . ” I said , blushing when I felt him throb against me , sending my own body into a frenzy . He simply frowned and looked away . I knew he wanted answers , but at the same time , he was getting angry .

I turned back t o the woman .

” Could you tell us about this witch , I’m sure there must be something we can deduce from what you know . ” ” Learn from your woman . ” The witch said looking at Alejandro , who glared murderously at her . She walked over to one of the filthy chairs .

I saw that she wore black pants underneath her cloak and she was holding a walking stick . I frowned as I noticed her limp while she walked , slowly sitting down . Despite the fact she didn’t let it show on her face , I could sense the pain she was in .

” There are three types of witches , well one type but three paths . There are us lone witches who blend in and just want t o live an ordinary life . Then there is the coven of Alamoria , a coven based in Salem , America .

They seek out witches across the world and believe they need to keep track of all of us , to use as they wish . Then we have those who have turned to the dark side of magic . I am a lone witch who refuses to abide by the coven’s rules and plans . They are witches who would choose to help hunters rather than side with vampires and werewolves . ”

” Wait , vampires exist ? ” I was surprised . ” Child , if werewolves exist , why can’t vampires ? Yes , unlike you … wolves … they don’t have so many offspring … They are far and few , but where do you think the other monsters have morphed from ? We know Wendigo’s are born from dark magic and werewolves .

Manangal’s are similar , created from vampires . This witch , known by her given name Endora , has tapped into the darkest of magic to create these things . ” 11 ” For what purpose ? ” Alejandro asked . ” Only she would have the answer to that , don’t you think Lycan King Alejandro Rossi ?

” ” You know more than that . If you want that amulet , something it seems you yourself will never be able to retrieve … Then you better tell us everything . ” He growled warningly . I saw her anger rising , but from her heartbeat , it was clear Alejandro wasn’t wrong . She was holding some stuff back . ” Well then , I would advise you to take a seat … This will be a long conversation . ”

She said . Alejandro frowned but moved forward , grabbing one of the dirty chairs . I wrinkled my nose . Did I have to sit on those ? But he had other plans . Sitting on i t , a good few feet from the witch , he tugged me into his lap making my heart pound .

I looked into his eyes , very aware o f his firm thigh under me as I slowly locked my arm around his neck , forcing m y gaze back to the witch and trying not to focus on how perfect this felt . The pain of his unspoken rejection was still raw and it kept coming back , but maybe one day ….

” Callum told me you wanted to know about the Asheton bloodline … I see now why he asked . You are of a special bloodline , are you not child ? ” This question was directed at me and I nodded .

” She wants her , the Wendigos and Manangal’s are sent after her . Do you know why ? ” ” The same reason that the monster Zidane wanted his daughter . Endora is the very same witch who was working with him all those years ago .

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