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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 83 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 83 by desirenovel


He looked at me sharply . My heart was thudding painfully . The pain of my wolf , her regret , my guilt … I had to do this , sooner or later I would have to tell him and I’d rather do it before he somehow found out from someone else .

The fact he hadn’t slept with anyone other than me really hit a nerve . No matter how he reacted … He had pushed me away . ” What is it ? ” He asked , turning back to the road . I looked at his face , his sharp chiselled jaw , his small beard , his tattoos … his necklaces … ” I … The night after what happened in Doctor Callum’s office , when I found out that the engagement was still on . I felt used , hurt and stupid .

” I took a deep breath . You got this girl … Come clean before it comes and bites you later on … I closed my eyes . ” That night I … I slept with Rayhan . ” There I said it .

My heart was racing as I waited for his reaction. I opened my eyes when he said nothing , I was expecting his aura and anger to unleash upon me , but it didn’t . I looked at him , wondering if he had heard me . His jaw was clenched , his knuckles white o In the steering wheel , and despite the fact h e was in control of his emotions , he was angry … ” Yeah , I know . ” He said , his deep voice sounding rough .

My eyes flew open in shock , I wasn’t expecting that … ” H – how … ? ” I paused . Had he heard ? Was he home ? Oh no … ” I came home that night and when I passed your room , well , I smelt the fuckers scent and I opened the door . It was a fine fucking scene .

” He said bitterly . I felt my heart squeeze in pain at the hurt i n his voice . He knew , but on top of that , h e had seen me … The image of him and Jasmin had broken me . But it seemed , without even knowing , I had hurt him the same way . Both of us were as bad as each other …

He had seen me in bed with none other than his nephew . Yes , I had sex , but we weren’t mates at the time … He had known I was his mate when he had kissed Jasmin … ” It’s done , no shit can change that now . Why mention it ? ” His words made my stomach twist . ” If were going to work on this … I thought we should be honest . ” I whispered , sounded more vulnerable than I wanted .

I looked down , letting my hair shield my face . ” I’m sorry . Of all people , it shouldn’t have been Rayhan … If I knew you were my mate , I swear I- ” I was cut off when he reached over , brushing my hair that was curtaining my face back , resting his hand on the back of my head . ” Don’t apologise , I pushed you to that

I won’t say it didn’t fucking hurt , but … I get it . ” He said quietly . His thumb caressed m y head slightly and I just wanted to lean into his touch . My heart hammered at his words ‘ It hurt ‘ . The meaning being , he definitely had feelings before the bond . He stroked the back of my head as our eyes met .

My heart thudded as I saw his gaze flicker to my Tips . His eyes flashed red as he forced his gaze ahead . ” I won’t apologise for my actions … because it’s just a word … I’ll try to fucking make it up to you instead . ” He said quietly , removing his hand from behind my head .

I smiled gently , I felt better getting that off my chest . His words made my stomach flutter , I could see he was trying and it made me crazy . It was already hard not to give in to the pull of the mate bond … I leant down , opening the bag of snacks I had packed , and took out my box of brownies . My cheeks heated up as I realised he’d know I made these for him . ” Brownie ? ” I said , trying to not let my embarrassment show .

He looked at the open box for a second before smirking arrogantly as he looked into my eyes . ” Were these baked for me ? ” He said arrogantly . ” Does it matter ? They were baked for the journey . ” I said . ” And it’s not like I haven’t baked for you before…

This was so embarrassing .

When I came to your pack ? ” He asked , cocking a brow . My gaze flickered to his lips and my heart skipped a beat . His ever so tempting woody scent mixed with that deep , seductive musky smokiness made me feel lightheaded . ” Yeah … ” I said , trying to focus on anything but the reminder of the way his lips felt against mine … The way he kissed me ..

. He smirked arrogantly , taking hold of my chin , sending a rush of sparks through m e . My chest heaved heavily as I stared into his eyes . ” If you want a kiss Amore Mio … All you need to do is ask . ” He said huskily . 00 Those words took away all my control , I knew I wanted a taste … but I wasn’t ready . Because once I passed that threshold , I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop …

The right corner of his mouth twitched up and I realised that it wasn’t his usual mocking smirk . Just that hint of a smile made my entire body tingle . Did the man actually know how to smile ? It suited him…

” I’ll wait for the day you forgive me … ” He said quietly , leaning over he placed a kiss o n my forehead , making my breath hitch . The moment his lips touched my forehead , I felt lightheaded , as strong tingles coursed through me . His touch felt good before …

There was no way I could explain how amazing it was now . I didn’t even realise I had shut my eyes , feeling giddy . His simple touch sent pleasure rushing to my core , I pressed my thighs together , feeling myself throb . I did not want to get turned on , not right now . I inhaled his scent before he slowly moved back , I could hear his heartbeat and knew i It was taking him a lot of self – control to stay calm .

He reached over , taking a piece of brownie and popping it into his mouth . ” These are fucking good . ” He said smoothly . I smiled , trying to regain control of my emotions as I took a brownie piece , but before I could even take a bite he had pulled my hand to his mouth , biting into i t . My stomach flipped and my cheeks burned at his move .

Oh , goddess , he was tempting me …. Who knew he could be so smooth ! I bit my lip before I glared at him . ” Eat yourself , I’m not here to feed you . ” I said , popping the rest of the brownie into my mouth . ” Hmm , it tastes even better from your hand .

Nowhere near as fucking good as you do though . ” He said . He tensed and I realised he hadn’t meant t o say it . The sexual tension in the car was only growing . I slid down the window . It was kind of hot … But that wasn’t the wisest move . ” Feeling hot ? ” He asked , that mocking cocky smirk on his face .

He reached for the box of cigarettes in the middle compartment and slid one out , placing it between his lips and easily lighting it one handed . ” Not really , I just feel a little sick . ” I said . I It wasn’t even a lie , the journey was making my tummy feel all funny . He frowned at my words , looking concerned .

” Shall we stop somewhere ? ” ” No , I’m ok . ” I said . He took a drag of his cigarette , opening his own window too . Just then , his phone rang and I saw Darien’s name cross the LCD screen . He answered it via his car’s Bluetooth . ” Yeah ? ” ” Al , the rogue is really disturbed … ” ” What do you mean ? ” He asked coldly . The subtle warmth he had exuded moments earlier was gone .

” I think living as a Wendigo has made him suffer severe trauma … He keeps saying two things . ” The King is angry ‘ and ‘ they’re going to get him ‘ . Anything more sends him off into a panic attack . ” Did that mean I had only healed him physically … I guess it made sense . The mental aspect would take so much longer and would need help and possibly therapy … ” Did Callum check him ? ” ” Yes , he’s given him some sedatives for now .

He’s here with me . He said he has news for you . ” ” Put him on . ” Alejandro said , frowning deeply as we both stared out at the setting sun . ” Alpha … I found her location . Shall I send you her address … She said she won’t be there for long , I’d recommend taking a detour . ” Doctor Callum’s voice came .

I frowned , who were they talking about ? I glanced at Alejandro who was glowering . ” Fine , send me the address , we will pay her a visit first . ” He said , before hanging u P. ” Who are we visiting ? ” I asked as he picked up his phone , most probably checking the address , before he signalled and took a side exit off from the main motorway .

” A witch , to learn about the Asheton lineage and your abilities . ” Moonlight Muse Author ” Thank you for reading.

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