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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 82 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 82 by desirenovel

A Car Ride ALEJANDRO I looked at the body of the man before me , I noticed that his breathing was shallow a s he lay there unconscious . I moved Kiara away from him , wanting to hold on to her forever but I knew I couldn’t . ” Did you feel anything ? Apart from turning this fucker human again . ” I asked her . ” He was in pain , it felt like despair . I don’t think they’re the real enemy .

” She said . Her sexy voice was like fucking music to m y ears . The urge to just close my eyes and listen t o her filled me . I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the luxury or even the courage to ask her t o lull me to sleep … I frowned . Where the fuck was my mind going ? ” Was there magic ? ” ” I couldn’t sense it off of him .

” Her reply came . I looked at her , her eyes gazing at the ground , a few inches away from where the man lay . My heart fucking twisted at that , how did it feel to not be able to see ? I had the strong urge to pull her into my arms . But I didn’t . ” Ok …. We’ll leave the rest to Darien . Let’s g 0. ” She nodded and I took her hand . It fit in mine so fucking perfectly . I led her out and mind linked Darien .

‘ Darien , Kiara reversed whatever process made that thing . It’s a rogue , feed it and make sure you get answers . Tell Callum to check it out too and you can let him know what Kiara did , he had wanted her to check anyway . ‘ ‘ Got it Alpha , and as a friend … Don’t fuck this up , please . Do your best . ‘ ‘ Fuck off .

‘ I replied , cutting the link . What the hell was this , a getaway or some fucking healing tryst ? No , it was a mission and one I needed to see through for her safety , I wasn’t sure how fucking stupid me taking her with me was , but I’d find out …

An hour later we were on the road , and if I thought I could focus on anything but her , I sure as fuck was wrong . We were in my black Range Rover Sports , a car I used to think was roomy , I was wrong . Her scent was like a fucking drug , and I was getting high on it . Her every move was messing with me . The way the seatbelt pressed against her breasts in that green top of hers .

Her cleavage was fucking stealing m y attention , and she had her legs crossed sexily as if taunting me that I couldn’t fucking touch her . Music was play on the low but seriously , this shit was all about sex or love . Like what the fuck was this on for ? She had chosen the radio channel , so I had left it . Yeah , I was being a fucking whipped dipshit and letting her do what she wanted … But I had my reasons .

Ok , I don’t have anything to justify myself with … I just wanted to fucking please her . I admit it , but I wasn’t ever going to acknowledge it loud . out I glanced over at her as she sighed , running her fingers through her hair , her eyes on her phone as she texted away . She and I alone were a mistake . All I wanted to do was fuck her brains out .

I could hear her heartbeat racing every time she looked at me . Since we got in the car , she had kept herself busy on her phone . Talking to her brother , that fucker Damon and Raven . Yes , I saw the names o n her phone … I wasn’t curious , I just fucking saw by accident , maybe … At least I could tell from her face it wasn’t anything fun and I guessed it involved Indigo’s situation .

I heard from Darien that Scarlett had flipped and had gone to find him . She and Indigo had argued , and Elijah had to calm them down . I had sent Fred off without even allowing him to see Indigo a final time … I wasn’t sure if it had been a dick move … but his abuse of his position as her mate stood against everything I fucking put in place … I knew by the way he looked at me before going that he knew , I knew the truth .

His final words ran in my ear . ‘ So , this is it Alpha ? Do you want me to go or this mission ? ‘ I had felt guilty . Sure as hell , I did . He was a fucker , but he had been one of my strongest men … One who did obey me regardless , but what he did …. Should I have given him a chance ? Who the fuck knows ? He knew I stood against that shit . ” Alejandro ?

” Her sexy voice dragged me from my thoughts and I looked at her . Our eyes met and I could hear her heart race speed up … ” Are you just going to stare at me ? I know I’m fucking good looking , but what do you want ? ” She frowned and glared at me , I gave her a smirk , glancing back at the road . ” What did you do ? With Fred I mean . Dad text before and said that Auntie’s really angry that you sent him off on a mission ? ” ” Yeah , I sent him to Bill’s land .

Even if the engagement is off , I’m still the king , if I want someone to search that dipshits lands then yeah , they’ll search it . There are a few rogue hideouts in it , I’m fucking sure , or someplace that leads to their lair a t the very least . I sent Fred to find out .

” ” ▼ She frowned , thinking over what I had just said , before she looked at me confused . ” So , you didn’t punish him for what happened ? ” She asked .

” I don’t know if Selena focused a little too much on carving those large tits of yours and in turn forgot to add the correct amount of brain cells in the fucking process ” 1 ” Hey ! ” She said , her eyes flashing purple and her cheeks burning red . I smirked . ” Just stating facts . ” I remarked mockingly . She sure got worked up easily .

” I’m not dumb ! I’m just asking a question ! And stop looking at my l boobies ! ” She crossed her arms over her breasts and I raised an eyebrow . Didn’t she know that just made them look even more fucking tempting ? I forced my eyes away and frowned deeply , trying to focus on the conversation at hand . ” I sent him to Bills land …. That place is dangerous and overridden with fucking rogues .

He won’t make it out alive … not alone . ” I said quietly . Her breath hitched as her heart thumped wildly in her chest . ” You sent him to his death ? You didn’t even let Aunty say goodbye … ” She whispered . ” After what he did , he doesn’t really deserve that . ” I said coldly . ” I know … He did wrong … but not even a goodbye ? Wasn’t that too harsh ? ” ” I don’t really have a heart .

” I said , now looking at her . Her words did fucking affect me …. I never questioned my rules , my decisions or how I worked . But she had given birth to a shadow of doubt about them now … ” You do … I just … Her suddenly not even getting that closure … I know he deserves t o be punished but …. ” She whispered . Her heart was hammering loudly now and I could see the sadness in her eyes .

” He broke everything The Night Walkers Pack stands for . I know I’m not the most compassionate Alpha and I won’t pretend to be . I’m not like Elijah or Raf . I’m a king and I’m not trying to be liked . Fuck with m y rules and I’m done . Carmen only got a second chance because of you … or I was ready to end her life that day . ” I said , keeping my gaze on the road .

” When a wolf joins my pack … they take a blood oath to not only honour the pack and treat it like family , but to obey and serve me , to respect my laws and rules . They know the consequences . I have an example to set . I saw the shit Zidane Malone did to his pack … the way they were treated , and how no one could step i n , it was disgusting .

That sick fucker let anything go ; abuse , murder , rape . There was no law to protect pack members from that . That Alpha , no matter how fucking sick he was , decided his packs fate . Your parents went up against him with a few packs … but they broke a code to do it .

A code that no longer exists under my rule . A n unwritten rule not to interfere in other packs . That fucker Fred got away with a lot of shit thanks to Indigo . I’ve seen her distance herself from her family under false fucking pretences and it kind of makes fucking sense now . I know it may seem like a fucking heartless thing to do . Yeah , it probably was … But I’m the king . M y word is fucking law .

He brought this shit upon himself , so he can deal with it now . ” She was silent and I didn’t know what else to say , I wouldn’t change my rule . She took a deep breath and nodded .

” I understand … I just … A chance for her to say goodbye would have been cool …. ” She whispered . ” We’re pretty different then because I don’t see why it was important . ” I said , shrugging . I’ve never had to explain myself to anyone , but here I was , explaining why the fuck I did something .

” I just … If we were in that position , and m y mate cheated on me , then was sent away where I knew he may never return … ” She whispered . ” First of all , I wouldn’t fucking cheat on I haven’t slept with anyone since you . you . ” I said coldly . Fuck , that was not meant to imply any shit .

The image of her and Rayhan filled m y mind , and I felt my aura wrap around m e . Her heart was thudding and I wondered if the same thought had entered her mind Well , it was in the past , no matter how much it fucking hurt . WEW Her heart was beating like a drum as she looked into my eyes , her eyes filled with emotions I understood .

We hadn’t marked each other , so I couldn’t sense hers …. but I sure as fuck knew what was in her eyes ; guilt and regret . I knew what was coming before she even spoke Her voice was barely audible as she whispered the words ; ” There’s something I need to tell you .

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