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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 74 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 74 by desirenovel

An Angry Mother

I hated this . The constant assumptions , decisions and looks I was getting from everyone . I don’t know what I wanted …. Did I want him ? Yes , deep down I did , but he had also hurt me beyond anything I could ever imagine . The pain threatened t o suffocate me as I took a deep breath . ” I Kiara Westwood of The Desert Storm Pack , rej- ” He was in front of me in the blink of an eye , his hand covering my mouth .

Sparks rushed through my very veins at his touch . A storm of emotions in those dark orbs of his . His heart raced as fast as my own was . My stomach knotted a s I stared into his eyes as he shook his head slowly . His unspoken message was loud and clear . Don’t do this . That’s what he was saying . Then why couldn’t he tell me why he didn’t want m e ? Rafael’s question was the one I wanted an answer to . A whistle broke me out of my thoughts as Rayhan chuckled .

” That should answer enough questions … Sorry Jasmin , you’re not really wanted . ” H e said with a wink at Jasmin , who was looking at me with such contempt that I felt a cold shiver run down my spine . I moved away from Alejandro’s touch as he too stepped back .

His scent still filled my nose and as much as I wanted to run into his arms , I couldn’t . ” Control your son , Alpha Rafael ! ” Alpha Bill grumbled . Rafael looked at him apologetically . ” I’m sorry , but if Jasmin had an idea that something was going on between the two , then she should have really stepped back straight away . I’m not saying Alejandro was correct though . ” He said . ” Well , we have got our answers .

I will handle the council … I’ll leave the witches , Wendigos and Manangal’s to you Alpha Alejandro . ” Alpha Allen said . Alejandro nodded curtly and Alpha Allen came over to me . ” It isn’t my place , but you are meant for this … Please don’t make any rash decisions . ” He said seriously . ” Don’t tell her what she should and shouldn’t do . ” Mom snapped . I internally winced . No wonder everyone said Dad was actually the level – headed one … ” You should leave too . ” Rayhan said , looking at Alpha Bill as if this was obvious .

” Before you do … I’m disappointed in you , Jasmin . ” Mom said . ” In me ? For caring for my fiancé ? It’s your daughter who you should be disappointed in ! She’s the one who was going around kissing my fiancé ! ” Jasmin shouted . Oh , Goddess …. All eyes turned to us and m y cheeks burned as I felt Dad’s gaze on me . ” She didn’t kiss me . ” Alejandro growled , ” Now get the fuck out ! ” His command was clear and Alpha Bill pulled Jasmin to the door . Our eyes met and I saw the unfiltered hatred in them . I had just made myself an enemy .

” Excuse us … ” Alpha Kennan murmured as both he and Allen left , leaving just our families here . Dad massaged his temples . ” Do I even want to know what the hell that was about ? ” He asked . I didn’t miss his gaze flickering to Rayhan . Oh , this was so embarrassing … ” I do . ” Mom said , her eyes glaring at Alejandro . ” Mom … Seriously , I’m not a kid . Secondly , can we not do this ? It’s usually Dad and Liam . Now you’re doing the same thing ! ” I snapped . She turned her attention away from the man who had a ‘ I don’t give a fuck ‘ look o n his face and looked at me with a frown .

” Obviously , since you and your father decided not to tell me . ” She said , I didn’t miss the flash of hurt in her eyes . I frowned . Why did I have to answer to anyone ? ” Because there was no time … You came and it wasn’t like you gave me a chance ! You and Dad jumped each other . When did I get the chance ? And don’t blame Dad because it wasn’t his thing to tell . What did you expect me to say ? I’m mated to someone who doesn’t want me ? It’s fine anyway . I don’t have anything to prove to anyone and neither am I going to do so .

Now if we’re done , I’m going to bed . It’s been a long night . ” I said coldly . I knew Mom was upset , but so was I. I had been through so much and even now , I had no idea what we were . Something broke within me at the sight of him and Jasmin . Just because he refused to marry her … It didn’t make all that pain go away … ” Get some rest . ” Dad said quietly . I didn’t reply , simply nodded , turned and left the room . ALEJANDRO Kiara left the fucking room but she left a fucking rabid wolf behind in the process . Scarlett lunged at me , I blocked as she threw a punch ,

I knocked her arm aside as she followed with a kick . I growled but her eyes simply flashed . I knew I had less fucking control over her than Elijah , we always put it down to her fucking abilities .

But now I wondered it it had something to do with her bloodline I was going to leave tomorrow for the Galloway forest , and Callum would find that witch who knew more about the Asheton lineage . I needed answers , the quicker the better .

I grabbed her throat , growling , but she just fucking punched me across the jaw . Maria gasped and I clenched my jaw , if she was not Kiara’s mother . My eyes flashed . Rafael stepped forward and 1 dropped the woman . ” Watch it , or I won’t mind tearing you to fucking pieces … ” I said murderously to Scarlett . ” Don’t threaten my mate . ” Elijah growled , his anger radiating in the room .

” Then keep her on a fucking leash . ” I shot back . He lunged at me and I really did want to beat the dickhead up , but Rafael the fucking peacemaker , stepped between us . ” Please boys , play nice . ” He said . ” Red come on , baby . ” Elijah said , tugging his crazy she – wolf into his arms as he glared daggers at me . If looks could fucking kill … ” I am fucking pissed off with you as well ! ” Scarlett snapped , glaring at Elijah . ” You knew they were mates before the engagement party , right ?! ” ” I had my suspicions . ” Fucking wuss .

” So , you let my baby girl go through shit ?! ” Scarlett said . I had never seen them argue … They were the most united fucking couple I had ever met … and the pained look in Elijah’s eyes showed he hated them arguing . ” You’re the one who says let her be independent . ” He said firmly , cupping her face . ” This is the time to let her decide what she wants . ” Scarlett fell silent as Elijah kissed her .

Well fuck , seems like fairy tales existed . Kiss the fucking girl and all is ok . They broke apart and she turned and looked at me . ” My daughter is a queen with or without you . You’ve mentally hurt her by taking another in front of her … I wonder if this is karma … I was ready to reject my mate and take Elijah for myself … Even if he was meant for someone else … Maybe this is Selene’s warning that we shouldn’t play with that bond …. It’s there for a reason . Fix the damage you’ve done and maybe , just maybe , you might be worthy of her .

” I saw the sadness in her eyes , that only a mother would have . She left the room and Elijah followed . I was actually thinking the fucker was the one who would flip … but he didn’t . Guess the world was full of fucking surprises . Rafael walked over to me , placing a hand o n my shoulder . ” You have a mate , who is befitting for you . Win her over . Right this wrong and I’m sure she’ll forgive you .

You are capable of loving , I saw how you jumped t o protect her at the engagement , the way you protected Raihana and helped her over the rubble . Don’t be stubborn so long that it becomes too late to fix it . I believe i n you , I know you will never hurt her . You staying away from her is hurting her more than anything . ” He said , his warm voice irritating me like always .

The questions I always wanted to ask threatened to come out and I clenched my jaw , shrugging him off . ” Come on , Maria . ” He said , after giving m e one last smile before leading his wife out . The only one that remained was Rayhan and a very fucking awkward silence fell between us . ” What ? Want to add your shit ? ” I asked coldly . I hadn’t forgiven him for what happened that night … ” If you want to call it that .

” He said , that irritating smile on his fucking face . He became serious . ” I just want to apologise , for that night … I never knew you cared . If I did , I wouldn’t have you know … ” I clenched my jaw , fucking pissed . Knowing my damn nephew had slept with my mate was fucking irritating . But then again , I couldn’t stake a claim on what I refused to accept . ” Kiara was drunk that night . You hurt her repeatedly … You can’t really blame her either . ” He said , shoving his hands into his pockets .

I didn’t reply . I knew I wouldn’t get over this shit any time soon , but this was as close to talking things out as we were going to get . I thought that … until the fucker spoke again , stopping at the door a s he looked back . ” Oh , and one more thing … You really shouldn’t let someone that hot and good slip through your fingers … Because I’m sure there are hundreds who would love t o be in your position . ” The clear hint of what he was insinuating was obvious in his fucking words . My eyes flashed , but he was gone before I could even reply . Fucking bastard . I punched the wall , clenching my jaw . Kiara … She had consumed my mind … My heart … My fucking world . The question was , what do I do now ? Do I follow my heart or my mind ? I knew the answer to that . I had tried to follow my mind and I couldn’t . Even her parents weren’t trying to keep her fifty miles away from me . Even Raf and Rayhan were encouraging this shit . Did Did they really not think of me as a fucking danger ? Was there a chance that maybe I could ? Just fucking maybe , give this a shot ? I knew it was fucking late to regret stuff and I had already pushed her far enough that she had slept with my nephew and was ready to reject me … But was there a chance to fix this shit ? Or had I broken her beyond the point of return ?

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