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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 73 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 73 by desirenovel

Please Don’t

An hour had passed since everyone had been healed or taken care of . As much as I fucking hated it , Kiara healed everyone without a care who saw her ability and who didn’t . I knew Elijah wasn’t pleased , but it seemed like me , he probably didn’t feel like there was anything we could have fucking done to stop her . Something about Kiara’s aura , her strength , and the way she oozed authority seemed to carry itself knowingly .

As I said , she’s a fucking queen . Alpha Jake was sent home after being given the option to hold a funeral for his mate here , but he refused . I sent men with the families of those who had lost someone and the injured that were now . mostly healed were given the option to stay and rest or leave . The Alphas who were unharmed all decided to take their leave . With these attacks , they didn’t feel comfortable leaving their packs unwatched .

Although we all knew the target was Kiara . This new warning may have minted at attacks on packs , one thing I had to make sure didn’t happen . Although many wanted to know why the wedding wasn’t happening and since when did I care for a fucking mate . Not to mention the rumours that had now blown up about Kiara’s potential . I knew those old fuckers were planning shit and had questions they wanted me to answer . Questions I knew I was going to have to answer to the fucking council members that were remaining here .

Raf and his family were also stopping . The fucking pups seemed to be happy about that . I even saw Rayhan and Raihana smirking about something , and from the fucking look of things , I was sure they had somehow fucking clicked about Kiara … I wasn’t sure if they realised I was her mate , but then again , I did fucking say She’s mine ‘ like a fucking idiot . They had been close by when I had said that … 2 ( And here the fuck we were , Claire and Carla had made tea for everyone and we were gathered in the larger living room in my mansion , a room that I rarely used . I leaned against the wall , dressed in a pair o f joggers and a t – shirt , smoking away .

Scarlett was now dressed in black and looking at me like she wanted to fucking kill me . Yeah , she probably did . Luckily for me , I wasn’t the only one facing Scarlett’s wrath , I saw the glares Elijah was getting . Something I actually enjoyed . He looked fucking pained to be in her bad books . Serves the fucker right … Rayhan , Raf , Maria , Allen , Kennan , Darien , Serena , a crying Jasmin and Bill were now all here . The door opened and Kiara stepped inside . My heart skipped a fucking beat . She looked fucking gorgeous in her dress , despite the splashes of blood and the few tears mixed in it . She didn’t look at me , but I didn’t miss the beat of her heart speed up . Now what ? I couldn’t bring myself to mark Jasmin … I knew in that moment on stage , that the only woman I’d ever be able to mark would be Kiara . But … that was all I knew . Would I ? Could I ? Was it too fucking late ? Was I fucking safe for her to be around ? The door shut with a soft click and I heard Scarlett tut her tongue in annoyance . Her glare now trained on her daughter . Kiara simply looked away , crossing her arms .

” Alpha Alejandro , care to explain why we called Alphas from all over the country , only for you to back out ? With all due respect . ” Allen said gravely . Elijah crossed his arms , since his woman wasn’t letting him touch her . ” I want to know too . ” He added . ” This is no small matter . ” Kennan remarked . Jasmin rushed over to me , clasping her hands together . ” Alpha … Please … I don’t care what you do on the side . I want you . ” She whispered . I did not want this shit in front of everyone .

I frowned as I glared at her . ” I told you from the fucking start , don’t expect anything from me . ” I said icily . ” Give us one good reason why you want to call this off . ” Bill said , patting his sweating brow . Clearly , he had worked himself up as he took deep breaths , trying not to panic . ” Please Alpha . ” Jasmin begged , her eyes filled with tears . Tears that meant nothing to me . ” I’ll tell you the damn reason .

” Scarlett said , her eyes flashing silver as she stepped forward as all eyes turned to her . ” Red . ” Elijah said . ” No ! Why should I stay quiet ? I am so fucking pissed off ! ” She snapped , her canines elongated . ” Mom . Enough . ” Kiara’s sexy voice came . Her mother looked at her and I knew they were mind linking . Scarlett pushed Elijah’s hands off of her and clenched her fists .

Her nostrils flared in anger and I knew for a fucking fact that she was not done … ” I’ll tell you why . ” Jasmin suddenly said . I growled dangerously , my aura rolling off me in waves . I knew she fucking knew it was because of Kiara , but I didn’t want Jasmin to call her out . I don’t even know what the fuck we were . She flinched at the power that filled the room and fell silent . ” Uncle found his mate . That’s why . ‘ Rayhan said with a shit – eating smirk that I wanted to smack right off his fucking face .

A gasp rippled through those who weren’t aware of this , and I felt my brothers ‘ gaze burning into me . ” She isn’t his mate ! ” Jasmin said , glaring at him . Rafael looked at his son before frowning . ” Can you all just explain what the hell is going on ? ” He said . ” If you have found your mate , then why not mark her ? ” Kennan asked . Allen let out a chuckle ,

his eyes suddenly widening as he looked at Kiara . Damn , the fucker was smart … ” A befitting queen ! Mark her and let the rightful queen take her place . ” He said , barely able to contain his excitement . Well . Fuck . I wasn’t expecting him to say that . ” No. ” I said quietly . I had no idea what I wanted , what the fuck the future held or if she could ever forgive me .

I mean , did I want her to forgive me ? My heart thudded as all eyes turned towards me . ” No ? Then I want to know why the hell you’re messing with my daughter . Make u p your mind about what the hell you want . And Alpha Allen , next time you talk about my daughter as if she’s a prize to be claimed , I’ll be castrating something of yours and taking it home as my trophy ! ” Scarlett said icily .

” Red , stop it … ” Elijah murmured . But in this silent room , we all heard . Allen visible paled but his annoyance was also clear . However , he respected Elijah and was the calmest of the trio . ” Do YOU think Kiara should just accept him after all this ? ” Scarlett challenged , turning to Elijah . ” She can decide for herself . ” Elijah said firmly , his eyes flashing . ” Kiara … is his mate ? ” Maria said , I didn’t miss the annoyance in her tone . Well , it seemed like she had hoped for some other shit . Too bad . ” So , you have a child mate ? ” Bill said grumpily . ” She’s not a child . ” I growled .

” Then why didn’t you accept her ? ” Rafael asked softly . The room went silent , and I wished he hadn’t asked the correct fucking question . I looked away , not physically able to answer that question .

” ” If you can’t answer that , then reject me . ! Her voice came , as beautiful as a melody yet carrying words as painful as a poisoned knife . I looked up and our eyes met , my dark ones looking into her gorgeous blue rimmed green ones .

My heart fucking raced as a storm of emotions filled me . The very thought of rejecting her was so fucking painful … ” Fine . Then I’ll do it . ” She said , her eyes flashing purple . I saw the pain in them but even then she held strong . ” Kia , don’t be reckless . ” Elijah said quietly . ” Kiara , please . You are- ” Allen began . Kiara held her hand up , silencing him . Her eyes not leaving mine . Don’t do it … Please don’t .

I was fucking begging for something . Yet a t the same time … I couldn’t give her anything . Why shouldn’t she reject me ? ” I , Kiara Westwood of The Desert Storm Pack , rej- ‘ I was in front of her in a flash , my heart fucking giving me away . My hand clamped over her mouth and I heard the soft gasp that left those plush lips of hers and I shook my head slowly . 2 Don’t . Please fucking don’t .

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