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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 72 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 72 by desirenovel

A Warning

I closed my eyes as Alejandro made his way onto the stage . The way he walked , the confidence and swagger , and his ‘ I don’t give a shit ‘ attitude made my stomach flutter crazily . Oh Goddess … this was it … I had to stay strong . It seemed I didn’t have as much effect on him as he had on me .

Stay strong , Kia … I tried to push away the suffocating pain that was growing in my chest . The elder wolf – Allen – began speaking . I cast my gaze down , unable to look at the couple on stage . Count slowly , breathe steadily , conceal your emotions and stay confident . This will not break me .

He had already hurt me , I don’t think there was anything that could make this worse . He was going to mark her , and although deep down a part of me hoped he’d back out , I knew things weren’t that easy . He had broken me , I had felt it and all I could think of was his comment ‘ ignore her ‘ before he kissed Jasmin .

‘ Want me to kill him ? ‘ Dad’s voice said through the link . My heart thudded as my eyes flew open and I turned to him . Dad knew . He gave me the faintest smile , his eyes holding concern and love , before placing his hand around my waist comfortingly . ‘ No. It’s ok . ‘ I replied shakily . Dad knew , Goddess ! I never expected this .

What shocked me the most was he didn’t tell me to just reject him knowing who it was … What did Dad think of him ? ” Mark me . ” Jasmin’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts and my gaze went to the couple on stage . ” I can’t . ” His words made me gasp as I stared at the scene before me . ” Why , my King ? ” The council elder asked . ” I … She’s not my mate . ” He muttered , stepping away as he ran his hand through his hair .

A storm of whispers rushed through the room as everyone began to question what was happening . My heart was pounding , but before I could even make sense of it , the unearthly growls of Wendigo’s filled the room . The chandeliers in the ceiling shook as everyone tensed . How did they get in without being noticed ? I glanced at Alejandro , who was frowning deeply .

” Everyone make your way out calmly ! Warriors protect the women and children ! ” Alejandro growled . ” I want those Alphas able to fight to prepare , those who can’t should escort the vulnerable out . ” But before anyone could even act on his words , I sensed deep chilling tingles rush through me before I heard a cracking sound .

The entire ceiling caved in , the lights went out as several Wendigo’s jumped into the room , hissing and growling as they began attacking . Magic was at work here , I could sense it . ” Kiara ! ” My heart skipped a beat in shock as I realised who had shouted .

I had been so lost in thought that I wasn’t able to respond as a Wendigo jumped down into the room and lunged straight for me . It was at this moment that reality hit me as I sensed Mum and Dad rushing towards m e . At the same time , something brushed past me , the intoxicating scent telling me exactly who it was .

He stopped in front of me , throwing the Wendigo across the room as his arm pushed me behind him protectively . The delicious jolt of sparks rushing through me . ” She’s Mine . ” He growled venomously as the Wendigo rushed towards us , with its long limbs and saliva dripping from its jagged teeth .

Before it could even reach us , Alejandro ripped it to shreds . He turned , his blazing red eyes now illuminated in the darkness . ” You need to get to safety . ” He said quietly .

His hand took mine and my breath hitched as I felt the sparks that rushed through me and took breath away . my ” L … I can fight . ” I said . ” Yeah she can , and you have some serious explaining to do later . The both of you .

Mom’s icy voice came as she pushed a staff into my hands . I smiled . Now that was more like it . IT ” I have nothing to answer to you . Alejandro growled . ” Oh yeah ? We’ll see .

” Mum growled back . ” Guys … ” I said , I could sense the nearing beast . The approaching Wendigo made me shudder , and I took a deep breath , trying t o channel my abilities . Emotion , right now that was the only thing I knew that brought my powers to the forefront .

I pushed all the pain , anger and irritation I felt into focusing on my powers . I felt that fire ignite within me and I opened my blazing purple eyes . The hall that had only moments earlier been plunged into darkness was now illuminated brightly by the purple flames that wrapped around me .

I saw the Wendigo hiss as it recoiled . ” I’ll manage this one . ” I said , not even looking at Alejandro or Mom . ” Right … This isn’t over Alejandro . ” Mom said coldly . ” I’d like to see what the fuck you can do . ” Alejandro shot back .

I didn’t need to look at them to know they were glaring at each other , before Mom rushed off to fight another Wendigo . Thankfully , most of the guests were Alphas and Lunas , many of whom had shifted and were fighting the beasts . Even then , I could smell the blood , hear the screams and hisses .

I knew that not everyone would make it out … There were too many Wendigos . From the quick scan I did , surely over fifteen . I knew Alejandro hadn’t left but I didn’t bother looking at him as I rushed forward , my feet barely touching the ground . My heart hammered as I realised I couldn’t even feel any pain in my ankle .

I spun around and attacked the Wendigo that was recoiling from me . I plunged the staff through its neck and pinned it to the ground . ” Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tear it to shreds just the way you love to do to everything ? ” I said icily .

He stepped forward , his arm brushing mine , and in a flash he had ripped it to pieces . I looked away as blood splattered everywhere . ” You’re not fucking wrong , I do love to destroy things . That’s not a fucking mystery though , is it ? ” His deep , sexy voice came , his eyes now burning into mine .

My stomach was knotted and my entire body was reacting to his voice , my core aching for something that only he could satiate . Sadly , along with all the other feeling’s was a pain that had scarred me , tainted something that should have been pure and perfect …

I turned away as I looked at the next Wendigo , taking a deep breath I rushed at it , using the staff to propel me forward and straight at the beast … Less than half an hour later , the threat had been dealt with , but this time they had left a message .

There on the front lawn written in what looked like blood , a deep red shimmering glow making them stand out , were the words .

GIVE US THE GIRL AND NO ONE ELSE DIES ‘ I didn’t miss the way some of the Alphas whispered between themselves . Unease settled in .

The lights out here were on and I could make out some things but not perfectly . ” I think we should bargain with them . Surely , we can put an end to this madness ! It’s clear you haven’t managed this well .

Do you know how dangerous it i s if so many Alphas were killed ? ” A broody looking Alpha said , glaring at the message on the floor . ” True , almost as if you want us out of the picture .

” Another remarked . I felt anger blaze within me . How can they blame Alejandro for this ?! ” There’s clearly magic involved . Did you know of this ?! ” ” Just give them what they want … ” Another spoke . Dad growled at him , shutting him up . ” No one’s getting anyone , now get this shit cleaned up .

” Alejandro growled dangerously to no one in particular . ” As our King , I demand to know why this hasn’t been dealt with . I almost lost my Luna ! ” Another Alpha shouted . ” What about my daughter ! You said you’d marry her ! ” Alpha Bill protested . ” ENOUGH ! ” Alejandro thundered , now glaring murderously at the Alphas .

His power exuded from him and all the Alphas lowered their heads in submission . I saw even Dad looked away , his jaw clenched . I knew as much as he fought it , he couldn’t ignore Alejandro’s Alpha aura . The only person unaffected was me . I saw him glance at me before he looked away . ” I am dealing with this shit . I don’t need t o justify that to anyone … Now get the fuck out of here .

There is not going to be any engagement . ” Alejandro said coldly . ” I demand to know why ! ” Alpha Bill said , his face going purple . I had to say , he sure was brave … or incredibly stupid … Didn’t h e know Alejandro’s temper ? Alejandro’s murderous gaze fell on him , but before he could do anything , Jasmin dragged her dad away .

I saw her stop and look at me , but in the dim lighting , I couldn’t make out the expression on her face . ” How many losses ? ” Alejandro asked coldly . K ” Alpha Jake lost his Luna and Alpha Ali was killed as well . We have several injured ” 1 ” I’ll help them .

” I said , lifting my skirt as I scanned the area , trying to find the injured . ” You need to be careful who you display your powers in front of . ” Alejandro said quietly . ” I don’t take orders from you . ” I said icily . I felt his gaze on me , and although I knew he had called off his engagement , I didn’t know what was going through his mind nor what I wanted .

‘ Mom , Dad , where are the injured ? ” I asked through the link , not wanting to appear as useless as I felt . I was only able t o see the area that was illuminated . ’10 o clock from your standing . ‘ Mom’s ’10 o clock from yo standing . ‘ Mom’s reply came . I nodded , I always appreciated Mom’s help , she never made a fuss . I went in that direction , the smell of blood only getting stronger .

” I need some light … and move back . ” I said quietly . The few wolves who were helping moved back as I healed those injured . There was more than I anticipated but even when Dad came over to tell me to stop , I refused to do so . I was almost done when Alpha Jake rushed to my side . ” Please save Ella ! Please .

” He pleaded . In the glow of the light that someone had set up , I could see the desperation in his eyes as he fell to his knees , holding the mauled , bloody body of his mate . My heart ached with guilt as I looked at her . She was dead . ” I’m sorry Alpha Jake . I can’t do anything . I said quietly . ” ” Please try ! You’re a blessed wolf ! Please ! ” He cried .

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