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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 70 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 70 by desirenovel

Awaiting His Move

I slowly pulled her upright into a standing position . Her body against mine , the explosive sparks that rushed through me were fucking perfect . I couldn’t let her go I wouldn’t … My resolve was breaking as www I looked into this goddess ‘ eyes .

She was even more beautiful every time I saw her … The urge to caress her smooth , shimmering skin grew and my gaze trailed over the plump lips that I just wanted to devour , her neck that was completely bare of any blemishes or mark … Perfection to be claimed and marked … Her body moulded against mine ,

I would say as if it was made for me , but oh yeah , she fucking was so … My gaze lingered on her lips , the emotions and need for her growing within me . I looked into her eyes and it was then reality hit and I let go of her quickly . What the fuck was that ? I needed to stay away from her . ” Excuse me .

” Jasmin said , her tone clipped , and I felt a flash of anger . Kiara looked at her , and despite her racing heart , she simply smiled like a fucking queen and nodded . ” Carry on . ” She said , turning away . Instantly three men moved to her , asking her to dance , only adding to the burning rage I felt . Sure , I had no fucking right to b e possessive , but I couldn’t control it . I glared coldly at Jasmin before walking off the dance floor and grabbing another drink .

I needed a fucking break . I walked towards the exit of the hall , downing the drink in my hand and taking another just as I walked out . ELIJAH ” Baby , what is it ? ” Scarlett asked me , as I watched Kiara and Rayhan dance , a Regardless of what had happened between them , they were just friends . I could see that . Scarlett ran her hand down my chest , leaving desire and sparks in her wake .

” Any more of that and we’re going to have to find a room . ” I said , gripping her wrist and kissing her fingertips . Her chest rose and fell at my words , her eyes flashing silver as my tongue licked her finger before sucking on it teasingly . ” Goddess , Elijah … ” She murmured before leaning into me and kissing me . I smirked , I loved the effect I had on her . I ran my hand over her back , scraping over the straps on the back of her dress before squeezing her perfect ass .

This woman was perfection . I kissed her neck , inhaling , when I saw Kiara stumble on the dance floor . Rayhan looked surprised as his sister pushed him back and Alejandro caught Kiara . I frowned as I watched them , my stomach twisting .

I had thought maybe , just maybe . But now , as I watched the two of them … I didn’t have any doubts left , the reality of the situation hit me hard . My Angel , was mated to the Lycan King … The sheer weight of that truth struck me like a tonne of bricks . I felt as if my head was suddenly pounding , the only thing keeping me calm was the woman in my arms . Everything made sense .

The fact she didn’t seem to be scared of him from day one . Clashing against him at every chance she got . His concern that he tried to hide , the way he had been quiet the other day . H e knew . He sure as hell knew she was his mate , hence why he had avoided the blood moon ceremony … but Kiara must have seen him somewhere , possibly with Jasmin . It all made sense and I was pissed off .

He had mentally hurt my girl and made her go through hell . my teeth as I watched him let g o of Kiara and take a step back , muttering something to Jasmin before storming off . He had a connection with Kiara sure , but I still didn’t get it . If he didn’t want her , then why the fuck didn’t he reject her ? I clenched : I knew Rafael and Alejandro well ; despite his shitty attitude , he did care for the werewolf race . He had rules and despite being single he didn’t sleep with every she -wolf in his pack that was willing to spread her legs . Something I wish I had done , but I guess we can’t change the past .

The reality was , Kiara and Alejandro were mates . Oh hell … that was so damn strange to even think of . He was sixteen years older than her … Sure , mates with age gaps exist , but I never expected that much of a big one … I glared at him as he left the hall . Suddenly , I felt very possessive of Kiara . H e was going to hurt her tonight and she was here stubbornly ready to take it .

Her dressing statement was clear now . She was making a point in her own way . The girl was a mix of her mother and me , which meant she was stubborn , reckless and knew what she wanted ten times over . I had seen Alejandro put himself in harm’s way for her and the fact he cared for her even if he tried to hide it … it meant they could work …. I frowned at the very thought of that asshole marking my Angel .

I remembered when I had first come here . Even when he had headed to his office , one I’ve visited several times , h e never bothered with lights … The man enjoyed staying in the dark . That day he had switched on both the hall and the office lights , and then there was the way h e had defended Kiara as well . But … she slept with Rayhan , as a mate wouldn’t he have been pissed at that ? It sure fucking pissed me off .

There was some stuff that didn’t make sense but … Although I hated the arrogant asshole , I knew he was the strongest Alpha and the only one who would be able to deal with . Kiara’s own abilities . He had been the only one to get past her force field last night … Fuck that would make us like fucking family … Shit that was gross . He was a damn , irritating , cocky- Kiara’s mate . Of all men , fucking hell . ” Elijah … Seriously , what’s wrong ? ” Scarlett asked me sharply .

I looked down at her . ” Tell you tonight . ” I said , kissing her lips . I knew she was going to be pissed . We didn’t tell her straightaway , Kiara would have to do the honours . I hadn’t wanted to tell Scarlett because my beautiful bombshell loved to attack first and ask questions later . I pulled her close and kissed her again before she could ask me any questions . ” I’m not intruding , am 1 ? ” Maria said . ” Of course not . ” Scarlett said .

” Where has Rafael gone ? ” ” To talk to his brother . ” Maria replied , smiling slightly . Maria had never been comfortable around Alejandro , I guess she only saw his anger and temper . Growing up , he did attack other warriors and Rafael a lot .

But someone like me , who sees him every few months , could see there was more to him than that …. It was still too much to get my head around and I knew once it was known publicly , if it got out … things were going t o get fucked up . I would need to wait and see what he does from here …. ” It’s time . ” One of the elder council members said . ” Someone summon the King .

IF This was it … What do I do ? Let him go ahead and mark Jasmin ? Talk to him ? Stop him ? If she wanted me to step in … she’d tell me . This was going to be hard . I glanced at her . She had just finished dancing with some Alpha and refused a dance with another .

Her strong aura clear around her , as she carried herself with grace . I smiled sadly , seeing her grow up i In such a short time … It was bittersweet but I was proud of her . I didn’t need to do anything , Alejandro’s decision and actions would decide his fate … And I had t o leave it to Kiara … She now turned to look at the council member’s receding back as he went off to find Alejandro … It was time …

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