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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 7 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 7 by desirenovel

Towel & Tattoos KIARA Dad was blowing things way out of proportion , blaming Liam for something that wasn’t even his fault . We were in the family lounge , although we were keeping our voices low . Everyone was tense and pissed . ” Alright , I get it . I’m sorry ! ” Liam said closing his eyes , trying to be the calmer one . ” Dad enough ! ” I said frustrated . Mum frowned , placing a hand on dads chest . She was angry we had lied but what did they expect ? They always blamed Liam and I hated it . ” Elijah . Enough . She’s ok and you need to stop thinking she’s a baby . ” I gave mum a n appreciative smile . If anyone understood it was her , I just wished the others did too . I hated that Liam already blamed himself and now dad was only making matters worse . ” I get it , I messed up . I should have stayed with her until she came out of the bathroom . ” Liam said frowning . I shook my head, hell no.

“Dad! Liam! I left the cinema of my own will. If I just returned to the screening room, I would have been fine! Liam stop flipping blaming yourself.” I snapped.

Both men looked at me frowning. “You shouldn’t have left.” Dad said now looking at me. I wasn’t wearing my cardigan now since everyone had already seen the bite and I saw his eyes flicker there before concern and worry settled in tenfold. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath.

“I don’t need you to keep looking out for rue, I need to breathe. Goddess, I feel suffocated at times!” I snapped. I know I sounded like a selfish bitch right now, when all they did was love me,

but it was suffocating.

“Kiara, you almost got killed again.”

“Dad. Please, I don’t want to hurt you guys, but you need to let me breathe.” I whispered, looking at my brother and dad pleadingly. Nlum sighed.

“Elijah, Liam, you two do need to give her space. Especially you, Elijah.”

“Red… fuck she almost died; this is what? The seventh fucking time?! She’s had enough near- death experiences for her entire life. I am not going to lose her, nor d o I need that asshole to think I owe him anything.” Dad hissed, his eyes flashing. His Alpha aura rolled off him. It affected me the most. The other two were Alpha’s after all.

“So, this is about the Alpha upstairs?!” I asked angrily, trying not to let his aura bother me too much.

“No… But he’s saved you twice now. I feel like I can’t protect you. I don’t want to suffocate you Kia, but you’re not making matters better. From now on, you are not going anywhere alone.” His tone held a cold finality. I could see the anger swirling in his eyes. It was emanating from him in waves. I clenched my jaw, my own heart thundering. So this was the cocky, dangerously handsome Alpha’s fault…

I turned and stormed out, running up the stairs.

“Kiara!” Dad called.

“Give her space. Are you two not hearing anything she just said?” I heard mum’s annoyed reply. Goddess, I loved the woman. I was about to storm to my room when I stopped outside the room next door to mine. The intoxicating woody scent hit my senses and I paused. Without thinking, I pushed open the door. If he hadn’t told dad, then this wouldn’t have happened!

I glared at the man who stood near the bed but it only lasted a second. My eyes widened in shock when my eyes ran over him. Never had a man looked so handsome as the one before me. Every ridge and dip of his muscular body was beyond perfection. Tattoos covered his arms, chest and his entire neck. I had seen those downstairs peeping out. He wore a few silver necklaces around his neck,

which only added to how sexy he looked. Yes, I had thought he was handsome then… But now in nothing but a towel that was precariously low on his hips, showing off more tattoos that made me wonder where exactly they stopped. His legs had tattoos too…

“Are you done staring?” He asked. His deep, cold voice making my eyes widen and I felt my cheeks flush slightly. He plugged his phone into the charger before walking over to me. Even his walk oozed power and arrogance. “What do you want? I didn’t think you’d be so quick to come running.”

I frowned. What did that even mean? I got my answer when he shut the door behind me. My eyes widened and I glared at him.

“Don’t get ideas. I’m eighteen, aren’t you like dad’s age?” I said, stepping back. I hope he couldn’t hear my racing heart. He raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Daddy’s little girl is still a baby, right?” He mocked.

“That’s not true.” My eyes flashed in annoyance. How dare he, I don’t care if he was the Alpha king… His eyes narrowed, flashing a dangerous red as he closed the gap between us. I stepped back.

“Prove it.” He said in a lower voice, that sent shivers down my spine.

“Excuse me?”

“Prove you’re not daddy’s precious little baby.” His eyes bore into mine and I felt like swearing when my back hit the wall. H e placed his hands on either side of my head and I knew he could hear the thudding of my heart. Nly stomach knotted and I found myself looking at his lips. He had a styled short beard and he looked incredibly appealing. I dragged my eyes up and stared into his.

“I have nothing to prove to you. You shouldn’t have made a big deal about it over dinner.”

“I didn’t. I just stated a fucking fact. If that caused an issue, I don’t fucking care. So…don’t piss me off. You’ll learn that my instincts to kill are far stronger than my instincts to protect.”

His voice was low, his dark eyes glaring into mine.

My heart hammered but I wasn’t scared, I had faced death many times. I gave a small smile, trying not to focus on the fact that he was only in a towel. Was it strange that I found someone who was at least 15 years older than me sexy?

“That’s alright, you saved me lJ years ago. If you kill me, it wouldn’t really matter. I’m alive because of you.” I said quietly, I wasn’t scared of death. He frowned looking into my eyes. I couldn’t read him but his closeness was getting to me.

“Hmph. Seems I was right. I should have let you die. You’re too weak to survive in this world.” He murmured. A flash of pain and anger flitted through me, I shoved him back using all my strength.

Nly eyes flashed purple but he didn’t even budge a n inch.

He growled lowly and I gasped as I was suddenly pulled from the wall and, before I knew it, slammed onto the bed. My eyes widening at the speed that he had just moved. One of his hands wrapped around my throat before I could even process what had occurred. He had one knee between my legs as I stared up into his blazing red orbs that were filled with a smouldering rage.

Those glowing orbs, I remembered from a memory long ago. I could feel the weight o f his anger and Alpha aura. It was

different from dads. Darker, stronger and so deep I felt like I was drowning.

“I will not tolerate disrespect.” He said venomously.

“Then don’t manhandle me.” I shot back, my voice a little breathless. I wasn’t scared but something about this entire thing was making my stomach crazy with butterflies. I felt his fingers tighten around my throat and I could tell he was fighting with himself. My chest rose and fell as I swallowed deeply. I was trying not to notice that he was still

in a towel, his scent had already invaded my senses, but what confused me the most was the way his touch made me feel. I was aware of every calloused tip, the heart of it and the way it wrapped around my neck with ease.

“Then you better start showing me some respect.” He said it dangerously. I smiled slightly, placing my hands on his chest, now noticing his nipples were pierced as my finger pad brushed over one by accident. The words left my lips before I could stop them.

“Or what?” Oh, Goddess, why did I say that? My heart skipped a beat when I saw his frown deepen,

his glowing red eyes now looking straight into mine…

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