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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 69 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 69 by desirenovel

The Engagement

I looked between Jasmin and Kiara , my eyes staying on the nymph before me . Fuck , did she look breath – taking . Seeing her here had fucking knocked me off , I did not think she was strong enough to face m e … but she sure was . I knew she was in pain . Even her composed mask couldn’t hide the anguish in those gorgeous eyes of hers .

From the moment I had walked into this fucking shit – show , I could only smell and see her . She had made a statement , standing out i n that black dress that was messing with my fucking self – control . I knew she did this on purpose and it was fucking working . What made it worse was the eyes that followed her around . Word had got out that Elijah Westwood’s daughter was a special wolf and I fucking hated it .

The unmated Alphas watched her like fucking power – hungry leeches , and even the fuckers who weren’t into fucking power were checking her out as if she was a fucking item . To top it off , Rayhan was being a fucker again . He sure was related to me because h e was a fucking dickhead who didn’t give a shit about consequences . 5 Yeah , guess I made my fucking choice and now I had to deal with it … ” Is everything ok … ? ” Maria asked .

I didn’t like the woman , never had … She was always scared of me . One of the fucking reasons I left in the first place … She had been too fucking terrified to have her kids around me . I guess she had her reasons . I wonder how she even let them come stay . That must have been Raf’s choice , but I would have preferred her keeping her fucking kids to herself .

The image of Rayhan and Kiara in bed crossed my mind and I felt my anger growing but I had no fucking right , I had kissed Jasmin in front of her after knowing she was my fucking mate … ” Congratulations on your engagement , ” Kiara’s gorgeous voice came , Alpha . ” making me want to pin her against the wall and fuck her until she couldn’t walk . Our eyes met and I felt my fucking heart race . No matter how hard I tried , I couldn’t calm I the fuck down . She gave m e a small challenging smile before she turned .

” Excuse us , Rayhan , shall we dance ? ” ” Sure . ” He said , taking her hand and leading her away . For once , the dickhead Elijah didn’t seem pissed . Instead , he simply smirked , watching them walk off . ” Alpha Alejandro , Alpha Rafael , Alpha Elijah … ” We all turned to see Alpha Jake with his Luna . He smiled as he bowed his head respectfully .

I saw Scarlett tense and Elijah frown slightly . This fuckers dad , Daniel , had betrayed them to Zidane . If it wasn’t for him , one o f their close friends would have still been alive . I didn’t really trust him , I mean , I didn’t really trust anyone . But the fact , the rumours were that I killed the fucker I’m sure he hates me , but still he didn’t show it now and never would show his hate for me . That just made him all the fucking more suspicious in my books .

” Alpha Jake , Luna Ella , nice to see you . ” Rafael said , always the fucking nice guy . I took a glass of wine from a tray as my eyes found Kiara and Rayhan , both fucking owning the dance floor . He spun her out as he laughed at something she said . I clenched my jaw . This was what I wanted right ? But fuck did it hurt . ” Want to dance ? ” Jasmin asked me , placing a hand on my arm . ” No. ” I said , coldly glaring at her . I saw Scarlett and Maria exchange looks . I turned and was about to walk off when Rafael spoke .

” There’s no harm in entertaining your soon to be mate . ” He said , with a smile on his face . I glared coldly at him . ” Don’t fucking tell me what to do and she’s not my mate . ” I growled bitterly , before I walked off . I hated fucking people . I took a drag on m y cigarette , grabbing another glass of wine .” Raihana ! ” Maria called . ” Uncle ! ” Raihana said .

I scoffed . What did she think ? That I’ll fucking rip a kid’s head off ? ” What do you want ? ” I said , glaring at the curly – haired brat . ” Will you dance with me ? ” She asked , her large eyes hopeful . ” Did you not just hear what I said to Jasmin ? ” I said icily . I could see Rafael calming his mate down .. It seems like she thought I was going to bite Raihana’s head off . Fuckers . ” I know … But I’m leaving tonight . I don’t know when I’ll see you again .

” ” I frowned , after all the shit she’s seen here *** ” Aren’t you fucking scared , kid ? ” ” No , I came and stayed at your house . We had a movie night . We had fun and not once did you harm me . Your family and I really want to visit again . ” She said softly . I frowned , putting down the empty glass . ” Pretty please ? ” I looked at the dance floor and clenched m y jaw . ” One fucking dance … ” ” Ok ! ” She said , a smile crossing her face a s she took my hand .

Her excitement was fucking weird , I saw Rayhan dip Kiara back . Their faces inches apart . My eyes flashed red and if it wasn’t for the hand in mine , I was ready t o tear that fucker to shreds . ” So , how are you going to fucking manage ? ” I asked as she looked right up a t me , she sure was a tiny brat , or maybe I just thought that , but I towered high above her . ” Oh , I will , ” She said confidently , taking one of my hands and placing the other on my bicep .

The brat wasn’t a novice at dancing , it was then I realised I don’t think I’ve ever danced … Well , fuck … I let her lead , although I hated being ordered into anything , my eyes were too busy fixated o n Kiara . Rayhan’s hand was fucking three inches above her ass and I wanted to cut off all the bastards ‘ fingers … He winked at her and I clenched my jaw . Raihana giggled , drawing my attention back to her . ” What the fucks funny ? ” I growled . ” You like her . ” She said .

Vanted to cut My heart skipped a beat and I glanced towards Rafael and Elijah . ” Shut your mouth kid . ” ” No one can hear us , the music’s loud . I’m not stupid Uncle … You know , I like her more than Jasmin … I mean , I wanted her and Rayhan … but you know her mate refused her , and you don’t have a mate .

You should nab her up . ” She whispered . I raised an eyebrow . She simply smiled before spinning out , I spun her back but it seemed she had other plans . Letting go of my hand , she twirled , grabbing Kiara by the elbow . Kiara gasped , her mesmerising eyes widened as Raihana spun her around and then let go of her , sending Kiara toppling straight towards me .She gasped , almost falling , and I knew it was because of her ankle .

In a flash , I reached her , catching her around her slender waist before she fell . Her hand grabbed my shirt for support , her fingers grazing my chest . Fuck . Delicious sparks rushed through me , making me lose my fucking senses . My hand tightened around her waist as I pulled her upright , my fingers grazing her back . I heard her breath hitch , her intoxicating scent drowning me as our eyes met . Our hearts were thundering as one , and for a moment , everything else faded away …

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