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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 68 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 68 by desirenovel

Her Strength

I took a deep breath as I entered the same venue as last night . This time I felt a thousand times different . There was no excitement , but a deep pain in my chest . M y mate was going to mark someone else tonight . That had been another slap in the face , but on the way here , Mom had mentioned how the council seemed to want the marking done today too . Dad and I both hadn’t told her about my mate .

First of all , I didn’t get the chance as she and Dad had practically jumped each other the moment Mom walked on to pack grounds , and then Raihana had helped me get ready . Sadly , Raven had gone back home per her dad’s orders . Although she had wanted to stay , her dad had heard of the attack and was going crazy , so she had to listen . Her dad reminded her that she was still seventeen and under his command . I couldn’t blame him , and I kind of agreed , being around me she’d just be in more danger .

aunger . I could see many had their eyes on me , and as much as I’d love to say it was because of how I was dressed , I knew it wasn’t . Well , not entirely . The rumours about me had spread and now all the unmated Alphas were eyeing me like a prize to be won , knowing I had special abilities like my mother . I hated their predatory gazes and their lust – filled eyes . Dad had one arm around Mom , the other around me.

I was the only woman dressed in dark colours as I had wanted . I was here to make a statement , and although mom had questioned me on my choice to go against the dress code , she hadn’t said much . Rayhan had offered to accompany me tonight , saying it was just as a friend , but I didn’t want to entangle him in this mess anymore . Now that I knew who my mate was , the thought of any other man was off – putting . Raven had chosen a gown that screamed me , yet at the same time ,

it was elegant . Made up of black sequined lace and sheer nude panels , it was cut in a mermaid style , with a trail spread behind me . It had long sleeves that were partially sheer and a dipped sweetheart neckline that was sheer down the centre , showing off a good amount of cleavage . I wore nude heels , and my hair was curled with half pinned u p and the rest down , a small thin vine entwined into it .

I had told Raihana to go easy on the make up today . Keeping the base dewy , with a soft smoky eye and matt red lips . I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard , and after last night , I didn’t feel up to the full dramatic look . I wasn’t even able to look at the mating ball dress that I had picked out so lovingly . Although when I looked in the mirror I still looked regal , there weren’t those excited sparks of a girl wanting to meet her soul mate anymore . I looked like a woman standing i n the face of destruction , staying strong n o matter how bleak the future looked .

Today the venue was decorated in red , cream and gold . The only difference was that there were a lot fewer people . Soft music played in the background and there was the bustle of waiters carrying trays of drinks . Then the pleasant , deep hum of people conversing mingled in with the scents of werewolves , expensive fragrances along with the treats and drinks that were being served . I could sense the Alpha’s and Lunas , see the way they sized each other up .

Their egos and displays of power clearly rolling off them . I saw Aunty Indy standing with her mate who was busy talking to two other male warriors and I felt a pang of annoyance . I still needed to talk to Aunty about it . ” Elijah ! ” Uncle Rafael’s voice came . We all turned to see him standing there with his mate , who looked stunning in a nude gown , Raihana by her side in pastel pink . Everyone met each other with hugs and kisses before they began catching up o In the latest . I zoned out and scanned the room . They weren’t here yet … My heart constricted painfully .

” You’ve grown Kiara . ” Uncle Rafael’s voice brought me back to the present . ” Oh thanks . Guess I couldn’t stay small forever . ” I said , giving him a smile . My mate’s brother … Just the thought made my stomach twist . It felt a little strange calling him uncle now . ” Where is Alejandro anyway ? ” Rafael asked , now looking around . ” He’ll come soon enough , I’m guessing . ” Maria said . I saw the uncomfortable look in her eyes , seemed like she didn’t really like him … I wonder if there was a reason , or she simply had made that decision for herself ? Something told me it was the latter and that irked me .

” I really enjoyed my stay , it’s a shame I’m going home tonight . ” Raihana said gloomily . ” Then we should enjoy tonight . ” I said , trying to cheer her up despite how crappy I felt inside . She nodded . ” And drink . ” She whispered . ” Raihana . ” Her mom warned . ” We’re just going over to the dessert table . ” I said before excusing us from the adults . ” 1 ” How come you broke the dress code ? ” Raihana now asked , looking me over . Don’t get me wrong , it’s gorgeous , I wanted to ask you earlier but got so caught up . ” I shrugged . ” Didn’t want to follow it ? ” She asked . ” Hmm . ” I didn’t want to answer that .

I looked at the table that was laden with sweet treats and dessert shots . Picking up a cake pop each , we returned to our parents . I had just taken a bite when his deep , rich , seductive scent hit me like an avalanche . My heart pounded recklessly as I slowly turned to look at the man that had just entered , as did everyone else . He looked extremely handsome in a black suit , a white shirt that had a few buttons open , showing off his tattoos and a few chains around his neck . He held a cigarette in one hand , the other in his pocket .

He was perfect . He exuded power and dominance , his aura rippling through the room , showing every werewolf there who the ultimate Alpha was . I felt my wolf whimper and my own stomach knotted . I saw his jaw clench as he swallowed and I wondered if he could smell me too ? My heart was thumping but I wasn’t going to let him get to me . I turned my attention to Jasmin , who stood by his side , her hand resting on his arm ever so slightly , as if she was scared he’d pull away or lash out if she got too comfortable . Funny , considering they were fucking just yesterday … She looked stunning in a gold shimmery princess gown ; her hair was twisted up in a bun with a tiara sitting on top of her head .

The perfect pair … That stung , but I kept all traces of my emotions hidden . ” She looks good I guess . ” Raihana said , earning a frown from her mother . I saw her glance at me and knew she wasn’t sure about how things were with Alejandro and me . I was glad she didn’t bring it up again , and I was even more glad she didn’t know about Rayhan and m e . Everyone had fallen silent as the king made his way through the centre . ” She does look good , a fitting pair . ” I said softly . ” Yes . ” Mom said with a nod . She looked at me and I saw a sliver of concern in her eyes .

‘ Are you ok , Kiara ? ‘ She asked through the link . ‘ Yeah . ‘ I replied , trying to focus on keeping my heartbeat steady . I knew he had heard my remark , seeing his brows knot as his eyes now found me . My heart thudded with pain and sadness but I simply looked at him indifferently , I wasn’t going to react . I was here to show him that I wasn’t going to mourn him . I saw his eyes flicker over me , his eyes flashing red . He swallowed and looked away , taking a drag on his cigarette . I didn’t miss Jasmin’s look of annoyance a s her eyes met mine .

” Congratulations Alpha Alejandro , Jasmin ! ” Alpha Bill said , proud to see his daughter by the king’s side as he hurried over to hug his daughter , then holding his hand out to Alejandro , who simply ignored him . I felt a bit bad as he went beetroot red in front of so many Alpha’s who were already jealous of him for being the Alpha Kings future father in law .

My heart sank a little as Alejandro began conversing with several people as he made his way through the throngs . Not spending much time with any of them , clearly unaffected . I needed a drink , but at the same time , I didn’t want to lose my senses , not after how recklessly I had behaved last time . ” You girls are pretty quiet . ” Rafael said , looking at Raihana and me . ” I don’t feel so happy , I’m going home tonight . ” Raihana complained , making her parents roll their eyes . Rayhan , who had just come over , chuckled . ” I must say , all of you ladies look absolutely ravishing .

” He said , giving his mother a kiss on the forehead , before meeting Mom with a kiss too . ” He’s a charmer . ” Mom said with amusement . ” Yeah . ” Dad said , glaring at Rayhan , who simply flashed him a smirk . I knew Dad wasn’t happy about our night together … ” It’s a shame you two didn’t turn out as mates . ” Aunty Maria said , making Rayhan and I look at each other . I blushed as Dad glared daggers at him , Uncle Rafael laughed .

” Don’t make them feel awkward , sweetheart . ” He said , kissing her forehead softly . It suddenly felt strange to address him as Uncle , knowing his relationship with Alejandro … ” 1 ” Kiara’s mate will be a lucky guy . Rayhan said with a wink as Dad growled a t him . I felt a pair of eyes searing into me and I smiled . ” Rayhan’s mate will be luckier . ” I replied , ” Mates are an interesting thing . ” Mom said , ” There’s a reason a couple is paired .

” She looked up at Dad and I knew , despite the start of their relationship , her belief in the bond was strong . ” So , mind if I steal Kiara for the night ? We’re both mate – less and I mean only as a friend . ” He added , glancing at Dad , Dad frowned as Mom raised an eyebrow , amused as she looked at me . ” I think that’s my decision to make . ” I said , holding my hand out in mock elegance . Rayhan smirked as he took my hand , giving it a kiss and winked at me .

” You look absolutely stunning tonight , the colour suits you well , care to dance ? ” My heart skipped a beat and I nodded , I felt someone watching me with intensity and I didn’t need to look to know whose gaze was burning into me . Well , I sure as hell could do this after what he did . ” Of course , it would be my pleasure . ” I replied . Dad grunted as Mom kissed his neck soothingly . ” Relax , babe .

” She said . Before Rayhan and I could even move away , I sensed him approaching . My heart thundered in my chest as Rayhan’s brows knitted together thoughtfully for a split second . I turned to look at the couple , who had now stopped in front of us . ” Congratulations on your engagement , although the deal is not sealed yet . ” Mom said with a smile , as she met Jasmin with some air kisses . ” You look amazing . That hurt too , Jasmin smiled confidently . ” Thank you Scarlett , you look as stunning as ever .

” Jasmin replied . Mom did look breath – taking in a silver gown with a slit down one leg , Dad matched her well in a grey suit . ” She sure does . ” Dad said quietly kissing Mom , his hand resting shamelessly on her ass . He was quieter and I knew it was because o f me … Mom looked a little concerned but said nothing . Well , nothing out loud anyway . I watched them look into each other’s eyes before Mom frowned slightly and looked away . Yep , seemed like Dad was really going to let me tell her myself .

” Brother , congratulations . ” Rafael said , with a smile . ” Hmm . ” Alejandro replied , his voice making my heart squeeze . Rafael stepped forward to embrace him but Alejandro held his hand out . I frowned , wondering what had happened between them .

I saw the flash of sadness i n Uncle No – Rafael’s eyes as he shook his hand . Maria didn’t say anything to him and instead met Jasmin . I could feel Dad’s eyes on me and I dared not look at Alejandro . ” Kiara , I love the dress … I had a dress code , did you forget ?

” Jasmin asked with a sweet ” I don’t really follow rules . ” I replied with a small smile . Yes , it was her big day , but that was my mate she was holding on to . The thought made a fierce flare of anger rush through me and I felt my aura swirl around me , m y vibrant purple eyes staring into hers … Everyone looked between us , sensing the tension that had now settled in the air …

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