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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 67 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 67 by desirenovel

Alpha To Alpha

I lit another cigarette as I stood there trying to regain control of my emotions . I n this dark , fucking cellar , looking at the Wendigo that I had caught with Elijah and Rayhan . Ever since last night when I had pulled her into my arms … The way it felt … I had never experienced anything like it . The way she made me feel … had been enhanced a thousand times .

It had hurt , knowing I had put her in that state , but I had to remind myself of the reason behind it .

I didn’t want to hand her to her father , but I had to , before those fuckers got near her ….. ” Anything Callum ? ” I asked , returning to the present . ” It’s magic . I just … I don’t know . There’s nothing I can make of it ;

I just know that there’s magic involved in creating this . It i s faint , so not much was used …. which means either they are able to breed these things without magic now or the magic isn’t really necessary for it anymore . ” He said gravely .

” So even capturing a fucker didn’t help . ” I said quietly ” I think Miss Kiara might be able to pick u p more . She carries Asheton blood within her veins , Alpha . ” He said seriously . I felt the fucking pain at her name . ” I said ” We’re doing this without her . ” coldly . ” They want her , Alpha . Which means there’s a reason behind it . ” Callum said .

I frowned . He had a fucking point , but Kiara was probably already getting ready t o leave . I would send the best of my men t o protect her and before she is put at risk I was planning to go to the Galloway Forest tomorrow . I would find answers and get rid of the threat before it reached her . With Kiara being the target , I didn’t want t o waste any more time .

I had enough information to make a start . I didn’t care about the risks . If it meant her safety , then I was ready to fucking die . ” Apart from what you’ve already told me … Do you know more about the Asheton bloodline ? ” I asked quietly .

” Not much I’m afraid , but I may know someone who knows a little more about the history of the first families . ” Callum said . ” She is very hard to find … but I can try to get in touch with her . ” ” Do that . She isn’t a wolf is she ? ” I questioned sharply . ” No , my King . She is a witch . ” He said . He was smart enough not to lie to me .

I hated fucking witches and I hated liars . ” Do you think she’d help us ? ” I asked suddenly . He frowned and shook his head . ” I doubt it . She hates our kind . I saved her once , hence the only reason she will talk t o me . ” He replied , sighing . ” Kiara’s lineage , it’s through her mother isn’t it ? Considering her mother has her own special abilities .

” ” Yes , more so through the late Zidane Malone’s lineage . ” ” Didn’t his mother live somewhere up where his pack used to be ? ” ” She did , but didn’t she pass away a few years back ? ” Callum asked . Fuck yeah … ” Alpha , I would do anything for you , you know that . If you want … I am ready to go back and see if I can get any answers to see if there’s a link . ” 11 His voice was very low , although it was . just the two of us in this cell , with the tied -up Wendigo .

I looked at him , remembering how I had found him and got him to work for me . He was more than he let on , not only an incredible doctor but a strong wolf … One who was born a rogue … something I had kept a secret . He had been born and abandoned and had lived alone disguised amongst humans , until he had lost control and had run away . He was struggling to not go completely feral and h e had lived in isolation for years . His willpower had impressed me .

When I had found him , I had asked him if he wanted t o learn to regain control and to be part of my pack . I knew what it felt like to be treated like an outcast and I had seen his will to live and survive .

” I’m not sending you back to mix with rogues . That would mean kicking you from the pack , hence becoming a fucking rogue . ” H ” But what if they are involved as you assumed ? ” ” Even though I know there’s a link , there have been increased attacks from rogues too , but Wendigos are made from wolves eating wolves … This thing in front of us , was once a fucking rogue … ” I said with contempt . ” Well , if the need arises … you know I am ready to do what I can .

” Callum replied quietly . I nodded , I knew that but I also needed him here . He was fucking smart and the best doctor I had . ” Please consider letting Miss Kiara look at this Wendigo . ” He urged . I said nothing , turning around and leaving the cell . I didn’t want to face her , not when I wasn’t able to … The pain was still raw and it clawed at my chest painfully .

There was one more thing I wanted to discuss with someone I didn’t want to see … But it was needed . He needed to teach Kiara control . Well , I guess I better get this fucking shit over and done with . I made my way to my office , not wanting to return to my mansion . Yeah , I knew she was still there , I wasn’t sure if she’d leave with her father or with her brother , but I didn’t want to run into her .

I wasn’t sure how I’d manage if she came before me … Now here I was looking at the dickhead who really pissed me off . His irritating blue eyes were fucking glaring into me like he was trying to read my fucking mind . ” Something you want to fucking say ? ” I asked , as I crossed my legs on my desk and took a drag on my cigarette .

” No. ” He said . ” Why did you call me ? ” ” You need to teach her how to control her powers . I’m presuming you do know that i f she keeps on losing control , she will keep luring them . I don’t even know why the fuck they’re attracted to her but whatever the reason is , you need to make sure she keeps a fucking cap on her emotions . ” I said it , and with it , felt fucking guilty .

I was the reason she got upset last night … ” Oh ? So , you knew she was emotional last night ? How can you just assume that ? ” He asked . Fuck , my heartbeat quickened and I knew the dickhead heard . His face was as cocky and arrogant as ever , but beyond that , I saw the sharp , calculating look in his eyes .

” Darien told me she ran away upset ; how else do you think I got there ? ” I countered smoothly . ” Her bastard of a mate rejected her . Goddess , if I knew who the fuck he is , I wouldn’t mind slicing his dick inch by inch and then feeding it to some dogs . The perfect punishment for a fucking loser right ? ” He said , now taking the seat opposite me . Did the fucker know something ? I smirked coldly . ” And you’re telling me why ? ”

” He’s from your pack . ” He said icily . Right , and I thought he might know shit … ” Well , if you want to , go the fuck ahead . ” Yeah , he wouldn’t manage anyway , I was fucking stronger than him . ” Would you stand up for your pack member ? ” He questioned . I raised a brow , taking a long drag on my cigarette . ” Each to their own , I’m sure he’ll manage himself .

” I said . ” That’s the thing , even if he was as strong as you . He would lose . Do you want to know why ? ” Was the fucker indirectly threatening me ? ” Not really , but sure since you don’t seem to want to shut the fuck up . ” ” It’s because when someone thinks they’re stronger than the rest , they think they’re invincible . But just like those monsters , if they’re teamed up on , they die .

Theoretically speaking , even you’re stronger than me – I won’t deny that but if I had my friends and family on my side … you would lose because we would outnumber you . I can take shit , but when i t comes to my girl , I won’t give a fuck who it is . I’ll kill them . ” 11 My eyes flashed red and I leant forward . His aura swirled around him and so did mine .

Both weighed against each other . Mine was fucking stronger , but it irked me that the fucker didn’t back down easily . Our eyes glared at each other and I could see him fight against my silent command of submission . ” If I didn’t know better , I’d assume you were threatening me . ” I growled murderously . ” Not at all . Just the piece of trash who hurt my Angel .

” He replied , with an antagonising , cocky , shit – eating smirk on his face . My jaw clenched . Two could play this fucking game … ” All the best with that . I wonder what kind of fucker the Moon Goddess paired her with . I mean , I’ve never had a mate , s o I can’t relate to what you’re feeling . ” I said , relaxing back in my seat .

I saw a spark of confusion in his eyes . Hmm , seems he did suspect me … ” Well , if you’re done with your empty threats , go find the fucker and do what you want . I have an engagement to attend . ” I said arrogantly , now tossing my cigarette up in the air , catching it in the palm of my hand and crushing it until the embers were snuffed out . The slight burn stung but it was nothing in comparison to the stabbing pain that hacked at my chest continuously .

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