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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 66 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 66 by desirenovel

A Fathers Advice

A knock on the door made me stir and I sat up , last night rushing back to me as I felt the sharp tugging pain clench around my heart . Raven wasn’t here , I frowned and looked around before I saw the note o n the bedside table . ‘ Gone shopping with the boys , I will find the perfect dress for you ! See you soon , XOXO ‘ I put the paper down and shuffled up against the headboard to take a deep breath . ” Come in ! ” I called .

The door opened and Dad entered holding a plate of food and a bottle of fruity water . ” Did you sleep well ? ” He asked , closing the door behind himself . I nodded , my heart thudding , not knowing what was coming . He placed the plate in my lap and kissed my forehead before he went and pulled the curtains open , letting the bright sunshine through the window .

I flinched at the brightness , before becoming accustomed to it . Dad walked over to the bed and sat on the edge , facing me . ” Eat . ” He ordered . I looked at the food , consisting of sausages , rashers , toast , beans , eggs and caramelised mushrooms . This was made b one of the Omegas , Dad was a lot of things but he wasn’t a chef .

I picked up my fork as I began eating slowly , glad I had something to focus on . Dad was strangely quiet and it made me nervous . ” Who is he ? ” He asked after a moment . So , he figured out I lost it because of my mate . ” It doesn’t matter . ” I replied , poking my sausage repeatedly , I didn’t really have an appetite . ” He’s from this pack , isn’t he ? ” ” Maybe . ” I said quietly . ” Did the fucking asshole reject you ?

” He asked , his voice shook and I realised he was angry , but not at me . I looked up at him , now noticing just how much he was trying to stay calm . ” Not officially , but I got the picture . ” I replied with a shrug . The image of them kissing flashed through my mind . My wolf whimpered and I wished she wasn’t so broken , I knew she’d get over it eventually … But this connection was something she wanted and needed .

I remembered his touch from last night , the way it had sent jolts of electricity through me , the way my entire body tingled and my heart had thrummed at his touch . My stomach twisted and I wrapped one arm around myself , my heart aching . Dad clenched his jaw . ” He’s a fucking shithead for that .

He doesn’t deserve you . ” He growled . ” Hm . ” I said . Taking a bite of the toast , I forced myself t o swallow , only for it to feel like it was getting stuck in my throat . ” What do you want to do ? My original plan was to allow you to stay here , it being the strongest pack around and the safest for you . ” Dad said . He didn’t mention Alejandro … My stomach knotted .

He hadn’t guessed who i t was , right ? ” But if you want to come home , I would b e more than happy . The boys are leaving a t one in the afternoon , if you wanted to return with them . ” ” No. I think I’ll stay . ” I replied firmly . Not only to torture him , but I needed to be here for Aunty Indy … I couldn’t turn a blind eye to everything she was going through . ” Are you sure ?

” He asked as I grabbed the water bottle , taking a few gulps . Trying to get rid of the lump in my throat . ” ” Yes . ” ” Angel … What do you plan to do ? ” I looked him directly in the eye . ” Nothing , I’m continuing with my life . I’m not running from anyone and nor am I just going to make things easier for them .

” I said stubbornly . Dad gave a half – smile before looking at his hand . ” Before the mate bond … Did you feel anything for him ? ” ” What makes you think it’s a guy ? It could be a girl , Dad . ” I said , rolling my eyes . Dad raised an eyebrow , ” Don’t try to change the topic . ” I pouted .

Damn , the man was too smart . ” So , was there ? ” He persisted . I looked down , my heart aching at all the moments I had with Alejandro … My lips quivered and my eyes stung as I stared at the bed covers . My eyes blurred as I fought back those tears . ” I felt a connection .

” I whispered . ‘ We felt a connection ‘ , that was what I wanted to say , but maybe that was my misconception … I remembered his words i n that closet … He said I was perfect , but then if I was , why didn’t he want me ? ‘ I forget that not everyone is a fucking monster like me , ‘ those words …. 1 Dad hadn’t replied and I looked up , seeing him frowning deeply .

” It’s not Rayhan because I saw you at the mating ceremony . ” He said , frowning . I shook my head . ” Does he deserve you ? ” He asked quietly . I smiled sadly , ” Does it matter ? ” ” You’re not a child anymore , I know that . I also know that all your life I’ve been overbearing because I love you .

However I also know you’re old enough to make your own decisions , make mistakes and learn from them . I never valued the mate bond , I loved your mother before I knew she was my mate , and I was ready to reject my mate for her . As a father I want to say , forget the asshole , move on and you’ll find someone better . But as an adult to an adult , trying to pretend I’m not giving this advice to my daughter ,

I’m going to say this : If you think he’s worth fighting for , that you feel something for him , then don’t let him go so easily . Sometimes the harder choice isn’t always the easiest . If you had felt nothing for him , I would have told you to reject him , but if you think there was a connection … then fight for it . ” I looked at Dad . His words shocked me .

He looked slightly amused by my surprise but gave me a wry smile that didn’t reach his eyes . He continued . ” You might not know , but your mother kept pushing me away . She didn’t think I cared enough , or thought I’d betray her . I didn’t have the best track record ; I was a player and I won’t deny it . I had to fight for her , show her she meant the world to me . She had gone through hell and it had affected her .

I won’t take credit for her healing because that was all her … but … without knowing who your mate is , I can’t really say much , just sometimes there’s a reason behind a person’s refusal … I’m not saying he’s right but there may be underlying reasons . I’m not saying accept someone after they reject you , or to forgive them , but you know him better than I do . Do what feels right .

” Dad’s words were deep and they made sense . To learn how he had fought for Mom … I know Mom said Dad did a lot for her , but I often just saw Dad as this temperamental Alpha who was possessive . I knew he would do anything for Mom and from the way he was speaking to me now , going against his possessiveness and impulse to cocoon me was just giving me his advice .

Advice that was settling deep within me and giving birth to a fierce determination within me . Yes , my original plan was to not make this easier for Alejandro … but if there was even a chance … should I fight for him ? The thought of Alejandro accepting me … the way he always said he needed no one , that he was a monster … Did he just need someone to heal him as Dad did with Mom ?

Even if I was able to , I knew it would take me time to heal from the pain he caused me … This was a choice I had to make alone . Dad sighed and I looked up at him . ” Your Mom is coming tonight . I haven’t told her about what happened . She’ll probably want to rip his dick off for refusing you . I will leave it to you to tell her . ” He said , with a smirk , and I flinched at the very thought .

” But speak to her , I’m sure you might be more comfortable sharing what you don’t want with me . ” ” He gave me a small smile and I shook my head .

” No Dad , I’d share with you too if I was able to … I just need time . Thank you for your advice . I think I know what I want to do . Tonight’s the Alpha Kings engagement , so I’ll be there and so will m y mate . ” I said , making sure my face betrayed nothing at the mention of Alejandro . Dad nodded .

” You’ve become a woman Kiara … and I know you will do what you want . If ever you need me to step in , I’m there . Don’t let the asshole hurt you , I’m leaving you here under Alejandro’s care … but I don’t know if that is the right choice … ” My heart skipped a beat as Dad’s eyes met mine . Did he have an inkling ? I felt like he did … ” Don’t worry Dad , I can take care of myself . ” ” Promise me ,

if shit gets worse , you’ll come home . ” He said , reaching over and stroking my hair . I nodded . ” I promise . ”

Dad stood up and nodded , seemingly satisfied . ” Good . ” ” 1 He walked to the door and I looked out the window . I was the writer of my own life story and I was not going to let anyone else dictate my fate for me . I was going to make my decisions for myself , no matter how hard or painful they were … I was done behaving recklessly and impulsively .

I was the destined Queen , regardless if that was a position I would claim or not . It still meant Selene saw me as one and I sure as hell was raised as one . I wouldn’t let Mom or Selene down . No , this bitch was here to make a damn statement , starting from tonight .

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