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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 65 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 65 by desirenovel

Her Plan

My heart was racing as Raihana squeezed my hand , both of us were staring at the television . The eerie music only adding to our tense state . The front door opened and Raihana screamed , making me flinch before the light was flipped on as someone entered the living room . My heart skipped a beat when I saw my favourite boys , both of their blue eyes were on me .

I almost shrieked as I jumped over the sofa , unable to decide which one t o hug first . I pulled them both into a hug . Well , I was practically hanging from their necks , thanks to my tiny size . They both wrapped their arms around me and Damon chuckled . ” Someone missed us . IF ” More enthusiastically than Kia . ” Liam said , kissing the top of my head . I smiled as I let go of them . ” Ok boys , you can put me down . ” I said , still suspended in the air thanks to their hold on me .

I was about to say more but m y smile vanished when I saw Uncle El carrying Kiara . ” What happened ? ” Rayhan shut the front door , running his fingers through his long hair . ” Her powers . ” He said , as we all followed Uncle who was silent , upstairs . Only Raihana shook her head and returned to the movie . I hurried ahead , opening the door to Kiara’s bedroom and switched the light on . Uncle El put her down on the bed .

His silence was scaring me a little . I looked at the boys who simply shrugged . Sometimes I wished I had my wolf already , at least then I could mind link . ” Is there anything I should know ? ” Uncle El said , now turning and looking directly a t me . My eyes widened in surprise as I stepped back , happy when Damon and Liam stepped aside , allowing me to move back and stand between them .

Their body heat and their presence made me feel a bit better under Uncle El’s dangerous look . ” What do you mean ? ” I asked my Alpha , who now looked at me calmly yet his eyes were a dark cobalt , giving away that he was anything but calm right now . ” Kiara found her mate today . ” ” Wait what ? ” Liam said , his hand on my shoulder , sending a pleasant tingle through me . ” She was upset . Why the fuck do you think she lost control ? ” Uncle El growled .

” So , you think she was rejected ? ” Damon said , frowning . ” Why else would she be upset ?! ” He snapped as if we were a bunch of stupid kids . I guess that’s what we looked like … Rayhan frowned as he stepped forward . ” That’s understandable , but why do you think Raven would know anything ? ” He asked . I nodded , frowning . ” Because Raven knows her best . ” ” I don’t know anything … ” I replied . I wouldn’t rat Kiara out on anything and i n all honesty , I had no idea about her mate .

” Ok , let me rephrase that . ” Uncle El said . ” Alejandro . ” ” My heart skipped a beat and I looked at him . ” What about the king ? ” I said , daring not t o look at Rayhan . I looked back at Uncle El , square in the eye , although I could feel his aura weighing down on me , urging me to submit to him and forcing me to look down . But even then , I wouldn’t rat Kia out .

I fought against the urge to spill it out . I bit on the inside of my cheek , trying not to focus on the urge to tell him everything . ” Is there anything I should know ? ” Uncle El asked dangerously . ” He got angry a few times … ” I said sighing , trying not to focus on that urge t o tell the truth . ” And attacked Rayhan … ” I looked at the grey – eyed man now as he raised his eyebrows before nodding .

” Nothing out of the ordinary though . ” He said , shrugging . Uncle El frowned but said nothing more . L wanted to take a deep breath of reller but I knew he could throw something at me at any time . I’m so glad Raihana didn’t follow us upstairs or she may have given something away … ” Stay with Kia , Raven . I want all of you out . ” Uncle El said , now glaring at Rayhan and then at Damon . Well , I don’t really blame him .

To be fair , my girl was a catch and any man would want a piece of her . So really , Uncle El couldn’t blame them . Damon simply nodded , looking at me and Kia with concern before he turned away and left the room . Liam walked over to the bed , giving his sister a soft kiss on the forehead before ruffling my hair and walking out . Rayhan flashed Uncle a smirk before he followed the other two out . ” When she wakes up , call me . ” Uncle El said to me .

I nodded and once he left , I rushed over and locked the door . No way in hell was I going to call his growly butt back in here ! Not without Aunty Red around to help keep him on a leash .

I walked back to the bed , looking at my friend’s tear – stained face and brushed i them away . Oh babe , who did this to you ? My heart ached for her and I wanted to really beat the shit out of her mate . I undid her hair and took her earrings off before I closed the curtains and turned the lamp on . Covering her with the blanket , I got into bed as well .

I couldn’t rest , not when I was so worried . But somehow , sleep soon came …. A sob awoke me and I jolted up to see Kiara sitting up with her arms around her legs as she cried into her knees . ” Kia , what happened ? ” I asked , wrapping my arms around her . She turned and hugged me tightly as she cried softly , and I realised from her puffy eyes that she had been awake for a while . ” He’s my mate , Raven … and he doesn’t want me . ” She whispered , sobbing into m y shoulder .

My heart thumped , by ‘ he ‘ did she mean Alejandro ? ” You mean Alpha butthole ? ” I whispered . She nodded and I bit back a gasp . It all made sense … Uncle El’s words … Kiara’s heartbreak …. ” Oh Babe , he doesn’t deserve you if he can’t see how special you are . ” I whispered , wishing I knew what to say . ” He simply said ‘ Ignore her ‘ and kissed Jasmin . ” She said , now pulling away and hugging herself once more .

” He … ” I had nothing to offer . ” Let’s go home , babe . That’s better for us . Liam and Damon are leaving in the morning . ” # 1 She remained silent before she suddenly sat up . ” He broke me Raven , I’m not going to make it easy for him and just go home ….. Doctor Callum mentioned that Dad wanted me to stay here because it’s safer here … Well that’s the plan . If he thinks he can make me run … Then he’s sorely mistaken . ” She stood up , wiping her face .

I could sense her strong aura as she walked over t o the mirror , looking at her reflection .

” Kia … What do you want to do ? ” I knew she was hurt , but I also knew Kiara was her parents ‘ daughter . Reckless , headstrong and determined . ” I’m going to attend his engagement . I don’t care if he wants me or not . The bond will mess with him . I’m going to make this so hard for him , that he will at least struggle to remain composed . ” ” So …. You are going to attend your mate’s engagement ? ” I asked . Hats off to her .

My heart would be too broken to do that , but I knew Kiara was hurting and she was reacting because of it ” Then we need a dress … ” I said . ” I’ll leave it to you . Please ? ” She said . Despite her calm voice , I saw the storm of emotions in her glassy eyes . I smiled . ” Sure thing . Just tell me the colour ! ” ” Black ” She said , looking at her reflection . I nodded , I guess we had to somehow out do her look today … Damn , this was going to be a mission , but one I was going to see through to the end . I smirked at the fact she chose black ,

Jasmin had set a rule for her guests to wear pastels … Well , too bad for her . ” Please don’t tell anyone about who my mate is . ” She said quietly . I nodded . ” I won’t , I swear . ” I said . Standing up , I walked over to her and gave her a tight hug . She hugged me back and I felt a pang of pain . Her heart was racing . and she was shaking . ” You’re strong , Kia . Show him that you are a badass Queen and take shit from no ” 1 one .

She didn’t reply but I knew she would be able to do this . I was proud of my girl . ” Tomorrow is going to be a long day , let’s get some rest . ” She nodded as our eyes met and I was glad to see the fiery determination in her pained eyes . Kiara never went down without a fight and I knew this time was not going to be an exception .

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