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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 63 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 63 by desirenovel


I stood on the balcony at the front centre o f the mansion two floors up , as I looked at the illuminated gardens , satisfied . ” Kind of dazzling tonight , isn’t it ? It doesn’t really make sense when we’re wolves . ” Jasmin said from next to me . I didn’t reply , I knew what she was insinuating and she wasn’t wrong . I had asked for it to be light enough for Kiara . ” A change is good . ” I said coldly . She nodded , smart enough to keep her fucking mouth shut .

I turned away , trying to calm the emotions that swirled within me . I wanted to see her … but at the same time , I was scared . What would I do when my eyes fell upon her ? I know I was sure she was my mate … But I still wanted confirmation … Even if I would never pursue her . ” You’re restless . ” Jasmin murmured . ” I’m not . ” I said coldly . ” You are welcome to join the fucking ball . ”

” I’d rather spend it with you . ” She said , stepping closer to me . I turned away and walked to the door that led out to the hall , overlooking the grand hall beneath . Soft music could be heard all the way up here and the sound of laughter , chatter and the hustle and bustle of everyone downstairs filled my ears . I stepped out into the hall and over t o the balcony looking far below . My eyes scanned the crowd for her .

A sharp , blinding ray of light glittered from something in the midst of the crowd and I looked down to see Kiara hugging Rayhan , the light reflecting off her dress . My heart skipped a beat at how breath taking she looked . Dressed like a Goddess , she stood out from the entire fucking crowd . Her glittering dress accentuated her killer curves . Every time I saw her felt like the first time , fucking distracting me endlessly .

But this time … it was at a whole new level . She took my breath away and it fucking messed with my resolve . I felt a strong , sizzling pull towards her , m y assumption was confirmed . She was my mate … My entire body was on edge and m y heart was pounding louder than ever .

The burning desire to go to her threatened to consume me . I didn’t miss the men staring at her , but how the fuck can I complain when she had all my attention locked on her too ? Still , I wanted to pull her into my arms and tell the fuckers that she belongs to me . The only problem was … she couldn’t be mine . My heart pounded in my chest as she turned , laughing about something , her radiant face glowing with that dazzling smile on her face .

In the large hall full of hundreds of people I couldn’t make out what she was saying , but just seeing her happy … I felt an ache inside . She didn’t need me , I had been right . * She was here , dressed like a fucking Queen , ready to find her mate . A mate who wasn’t good enough for her . I don’t know what the fuck Selene was playing at But Kiara deserved better …

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath , I wanted to smell her … just once … to calm the anger and distress that was beginning to burn within me … but she was too far away to smell from here , or to make out in the Jarge hall of hundreds of scents .

Either way , I guess it was for the better . The urge to go down there and mark her suddenly overcame me . The longer I looked at her , the more my resolve was weakening . I couldn’t do that … She was a goddess and I was a fucking monster . I turned away quickly , walking back into the room . ” Alejandro , are you okay ? Your heart is racing . ” Jasmin said with concern as she approached me . I looked into her eyes .

This was my decision , Jasmin . I had to forget Kiara … but how do you forget someone who seemed to become your entire life ? Your reason to breathe and carry on ? I couldn’t . Even when I suddenly grabbed Jasmin’s face and kissed her , all I could think about was Kiara . I needed to forget … Touching Jasmin repulsed me . I felt my anger growing , hating myself for this , hating Jasmin , hating this entire fucking situation . She kissed me back , I could taste blood .

If she was smart she’d back off , but she was as fucking stupid as ever . She locked her arms around my neck , kissing me hungrily . Did she want to die ? Because I would kill her one day . Her hand ran down my chest as she moved us towards the sofa . Kiara . The golden goddess was all that was on my mind .

I dropped on to the sofa a s Jasmin climbed into my lap . This was the life I chose ? .. Fuck it . Stop fucking thinking . Her kisses became hungrier , the air filled with her arousal as she pulled my jacket off , pulling open my shirt buttons and kissing my neck . I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back as I kissed her neck roughly . She moaned loudly . Mark her . Get this shit over with .

No matter how fucking hard I told myself that , I couldn’t . She grinded against me but her touch was off – putting . She tugged my head up , cupping my face as she kissed me and I gripped her ass . Focus , Alejandro . I kissed her back , trying to get into this . Just then , I heard a door open and the most delicious , intoxicating scent I’d ever smelled filled my senses .

The rich scent of hazelnut chocolate mixed with something so deep and seductive that I felt myself throb with need and desire . I pulled away from Jasmin , my eyes snapping to the door . My heart was pounding as I looked straight into Kiara’s beautiful eyes that were filled with a thousand shades of emotions . Our hearts beat as one , the rhythm in sync , my stomach twisted at the pain that dominated all other emotions within those stunning eyes of hers .

If she looked perfect before … she was out o f this world right now . The bond had enhanced everything . I became hyper aware of every millimetre of her skin , the way her lips dipped in the centre , the slender tip of her nose .

The exact shade of her silky locks … ” Umm , we’re busy … ” Jasmin said , in the distance . Kiara ignored her , her eyes set on me as if she was giving me one chance . Her soft kissable lips trembled ever so slightly , her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took . I clenched my jaw .

This was it , m y fucking chance to push her away completely . Using all the determination I could muster , I turned back to Jasmin . ” Ignore her . ” I said , in a hoarse whisper thick with emotions for the woman that stood in that doorway . I heard her take a sharp intake of breath , I clenched my jaw , using all my willpower t o not look at her . Jasmin smirked , gripping my face as she kissed me passionately .

I held on to her tightly . I was fighting against myself not t o rush to Kiara . I hated myself for this but I had to … I had hurt her enough . We weren’t the right match … all I did was hurt her . I’m sorry , Amore Mio but this is the last time I’ll hurt you . Just enough to push you away forever . A barely audible whimper left those plush lips of hers as I kissed Jasmin , shattering two hearts in the process .

Two hearts that should have beat as one … But mine was too dark and toxic for her pure one . I heard her turn , her heart thumping erratically , the tinkle of her dress and the sound of her heels as she rushed from the room . Closing my eyes as I heard the distant , suppressed , heart – wrenching sob that fell from her lips as she ran as far away from me as possible . I pushed Jasmin away from me roughly , clutching my head as I tried to suppress . the pain and guilt that burned my insides .

It hurt so fucking badly but I’m sure it was nothing compared to the pain I had caused her . ” Alejandro … ? ” Jasmin said quietly . But I didn’t want to hear shit from her . I guess I got what I wanted . Mission accomplished . I’m sure I just fucking broke her and with it I destroyed myself . Jasmin stroked my leg as she came close . ” Ale- ” ” 1 My eyes blazed red as I grabbed her by the neck .

” It’s Alpha to you . ” I growled . ” Stay the fuck away from me . ” a She trembled in fear as I dropped her and stood up . I was a monster , and it was high fucking time everyone remembered that .

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