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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 60 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 60 by desirenovel

Ready For This

Rayhan didn’t look phased , as we both turned to see Dad standing on the top step . His cold glare was fixed on Rayhan . I really was getting annoyed with him , especially since he himself was such a player back in the day .

I gave him a warning glare . ” Hey , Uncle El . ” Rayhan said , a hint of a smile teasing his lips . Dad simply gave him a calculating glare before looking at me . ‘ Dad , chill out , seriously . ‘ I said through the link . ‘ I wasn’t going to say anything . ‘ He growled back . ‘ But he better get the fuck out of my way or I’ll be disfiguring that pretty boy face of his . ” ‘ Ouch , don’t you think of him as a nephew ? ” I replied , finding it a little amusing , ‘ Not right now . ‘ He replied , walking down the steps .

Rayhan flashed him a dazzling smirk before he waved and winked at me , walking off . ” Seriously , Dad you’re suffocating . ” I said , as we both fell in step . ” You were upset that night . ” He said , now serious , his anger completely dissipated . ” That night ? ” I questioned , confused . ” The night we found out about your healing . ” He said softly . My smile vanished . Had they seen through me ? ” Oh … It was just … I thought I wasn’t … You know … Good enough .

” There , I said it . He stopped , cupping my face , concern in his eyes as he shook his head . ” No Angel . No matter what , you are worth more than any goddamn thing in this world . You’re my princess , and I know I can be fucking suffocating , but it’s only because I don’t want you hurt . ” He said , kissing my forehead .

I felt my emotions swirl in my chest as I wrapped my arms around his waist . ” I’m sorry for thinking like that … But I just … I don’t need my ankle to be healed for me to be strong . ” 11 His powerful arms wrapped around me and I inhaled his woody scent .

This was the one man who would always protect m e , my first love , my superhero . ” I just wish I had been able to protect you . ” He whispered . ” This isn’t your fault Dad , I’ve never blamed you . You did protect me , as you always do . You need to let go of your guilt , please . For me ? ” I said , looking up into those bright blue eyes that rivalled the sky in summer . ” I’ll try . ” He replied , giving me a small smile . I smiled back , tiptoeing and kissing his cheek . I love you , Dad . ” ” I love you too Angel , I’m sure whoever you end up mated with won’t really deserve you .

” He said ” All Dad’s say that . ” I replied , rolling my eyes . ” So , the guy you were messing around with was Rayhan huh ? ” He said , his eyes calculating . My heart skipped a beat , I didn’t want to put the p guy under fire … ” Dad it’s no big deal … Can you not butt into my sex life .

” I glared . He glared back . ” Couldn’t you be a little more … tame ? ” I smirked . ” I take after you . ” Flipping my hair , I waved and ran off . I did not want Dad prying . The way he had asked was as if he didn’t think it was Rayhan , and I never wanted him to learn the truth about Alejandro . The Mating Ball . It came twice a year -on The Blood Moon . The second one in the year was always hosted by the Lycan King .

A King I had barely seen over the last two days . He hadn’t come home , not even once , Jasmin had had to plan the engagement alone . I spent the time at the hospital and one day out with the girls getting nails and facials . There had been a Wendigo trying to infiltrate but it had been captured .

Something Alejandro , Dad and Rayhan had accomplished together . I knew that because I had been the one to heal Dad and Rayhan afterwards , but Alejandro , he didn’t even come my way once . It seemed he had just wanted one taste , just like he had said … Talk about using someone . Well , I was over him . I just hoped that 1 could still say the same when I saw him … I was brave when he wasn’t here but I just needed to stay brave .

Luckily Dad would b e attending too , and I knew he’d have his eyes on me . Serena had been swamped with the mating ceremony and I had helped . Not to mention Raihana and Raven were so ecstatic about prepping the venue . It was t be held at a large mansion Alejandro owned 8 miles from the pack grounds . It was large , security would be tight and , like every year , hundreds of wolves from all around the United Kingdom and some even from abroad came for this mating ball .

It was lush , even some mated Alphas will attend as it is , in a way , a social event at the same time for Alpha’s to meet and mingle . The mansion was built in a traditional style and was a very old building , renovated in a luxurious manner . It was huge , with many rooms . The grounds would be decorated just as glamorously as the inside for this event . This ball would b e the epitome of money and luxury .

I knew every she – wolf there would be looking smoking hot . I had seen pictures of it from a few she wolves who had attended back home , but the fact that only eligible wolves could go meant Raven and Raihana had to sit this one out . It was often a once in a lifetime experience if you find your mate , and unless you’re an Alpha , you wouldn’t get a n invite again . Now the day of the blood moon had finally arrived .

The day that I might meet my mate . I would see Damon and Liam there too and I was glad , I missed them a lot . I just prayed Liam wasn’t mated to any she wolf there . I wanted him with Raven , call me selfish , but they were perfect together , I now took my gold jewelled gown out of the plastic bag . I smiled as I admired it , I had taken me three months to pick this gown out . I wanted to look perfect for my mate , although I wasn’t planning on seducing him with my looks .

Well , not completely … but I hoped he found me drool – worthy . I now looked at the dress before me , it was fully covered with gems and beads on net fabric . The dress was up to my thighs , with strings of jewels and beads dangling t o the floor . it was strapless with leafy gold vines around the chest area . Underneath was a strapless silk nude coloured bodysuit that would cover my main assets . ” Damn girl , you’re going to have your mate hard . ” Raven said , from behind me .

Raihana laughed . ” And I’ll be here praying it’s Rayhan . ” She piped in . Making my eyes widen , he wouldn’t be a bad option … I guess . ” Whoever he is , he better treat you like the queen you are . ” Raven said . ” So , go shower and then let’s doll you up I nodded , as Raihana put on some music . ” Alright , I’m going to go shower and get shimmery , be out soon ! ” I said , grabbing my bottle of body shimmer .

” I have got the perfect make – up look in mind to go with this outfit . ” Raihana said . She may not be a fighter , but she knew everything about makeup . I guess she put her time to use there , being even better than Raven and I in that department , and we were both pretty good with make – up . Tonight was the night , the night I would hopefully meet the other half of my : soul . The gift from the goddess herself . My future love and the only man I mate , my would ever fight for .

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