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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 57 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 57 by desirenovel


I don’t know how long I had been drinking or how much I had drunk . I just sat in my room drinking and drinking . Raven had come to ask me to join her and Aunty Indigo for some fun at the pack hall , but I wasn’t up to it . I felt like shit . So here I was drinking bottle after bottle . The Omega’s were pretty obedient and didn’t even question me on why I wanted this much alcohol , but I guess I was legal , so they couldn’t say crap .

Or maybe they had to listen because I was an Alphas daughter . Wait … I was like an Alpha too , right ? Dad had gone somewhere with Alejandro and I was glad . I didn’t want to see anyone . I just … I just … Coming home to hear Claire telling another Omega that the Alpha had told her today that he was wearing black on the engagement … Well , it hurt like a bitch . Once again , he used me and tossed me aside .

I don’t know how many hours passed as I sat here drinking . I have never drank so much in my life , I know that much . Someone had knocked on my door a t one point . It was a bit of a haze … Was it Dad ? or Raven ? I wasn’t really sure . I didn’t care either . I now stood up , I needed more to drink . Was this what heartbreak felt like ? Fucking hell . I made my way to my door and switched the hallway light on , I felt a little lighter at least .

I skipped down the hall and down the stairs . I almost fell down the bottom three as I giggled . Whoops , the floor was moving too … Now , where was the wine kept ? The wine cellar … That’s what Claire Bear had said . Claire Bear , calling a wolf a bear , funny . I giggled , clamping my hand over my mouth as I placed my finger to my lips . ” Shooshie . ” I giggled . ” Claire Bear … ” @ I finally managed to find the door that led to the cellar .

” Dummy Alpha , Dummy Alejandro … Stupid Jasmin … Stupid me … ” I stumbled down the steps . Seriously , these things were not stable . Why were they wobbling ? The light was so dim down here … I couldn’t see anything ..

I felt my way around until I finally felt a bottle brush my finger . ” Ahh , my saviour . ” I giggled , kissing the bottle . ” I love you , I shall marry and mate you ! ” I kissed it again before I bit the cork off . A satisfying pop made me sigh as the smell o f rich red wine filled my nose . ” Oo , I love expensive wine . Dumbass King … I’ll drink all your collection , bet you started collecting these when you were a hot young man . You’re an ancient old man now !

” I hate old fossils , stupid things … I mean , I don’t want Alejandro , I bet in a few years he’ll stop functioning too … Right ? ” Yes Kia , you don’t need Alejandro … ” I could just pretend that I’ll marry Chad , one of the characters from my favourite book . Yes , that was a better idea … Then I’ll let Jasmin keep Alejandro , before he isn’t able to function anymore . My eyes stung with tears as I chugged down the bottle .

He used me . What was worse was – I let him . I wiped my eyes with my free hand , glugging down the wine , a ” It hurts … ” I whispered into the darkness . I rested my head back , the image of him and Jasmin . Together . Mated . Fucking … I threw the bottle across the floor , letting it smash into a hundred pieces . ” Fuck you . ” I whispered .. ” Kiara ? ” It took me a moment to realise who that was .

He sounded a bit like him too … I wiped my tears away . ” I’m here , drinking . Want to join ? ” I asked cheerfully , as I smelt him as he came closer . ” Wow … Come on . It is past 3 am . Rayhan said as he took my elbows , lifting me off the ground . ” Don’t tell me what to do . I’m eighteen . A pure adult .

There are no underage girls here . ” ” ” I know you are . So how about we get your adult butt to your bedroom . ” H ” No … I don’t want to . ” I said softly , I tumbled forward , my head hitting his chest . My lips trembled . ” Are you ok ? What happened ? ” He asked , concern clear in his voice as he wrapped his arms around my waist , guiding me to the stairs before lifting me up in his arms and carrying me into the light of the hall a t the top .

” Nothing happened . ” I said smiling , as I looked at his face . He looked so much like his Uncle … He had his hair in a ponytail as I caressed his jaw . He looked like Alejandro a lot … My lips trembled as his eyes found mine . ” You’re upset … ” He said , concern clear in his eyes . ” Maybe . ” I said , pouting as he carried me t o my room . Stepping inside , I slid out of his arms quickly , only for the ground to rotate .

” Whoa … ” I giggled . I would’ve definitely tumbled onto the floor if he didn’t catch me . I grabbed onto his shirt . ” Easy there . ” He said , his hand around m y waist . I looked into his eyes , slowly locking my arms around his neck . I wanted to forget him … ” Kiara … You’re drunk . Let’s get you to bed . ” Rayhan said , clearly looking a little uncomfortable . I raised an eyebrow . ” Are you a virgin ? ” I whispered loudly . He frowned at me . ” No ! ” He hissed , glancing towards the open door .

” Then let’s have fun . ” I said brushing his neck with my fingers . ” Kiara … I don’t want to face Liam after I slept with his sister . ” I rolled my eyes . ” Who cares ? I’ve slept with Damon , and he knows . ” I said , turning away from him , I reached for the hem of my black chiffon top and slid it off over my head , leaving m e in my blue silk and lace bra . I turned back to him ruffling my hair .

I watched his gaze trail over my breasts and I stifled a giggle . Men and boobies … Although I had to admit that mine were pretty nice . ” Night … ” He said , about to turn away when I unhooked my bra , letting it slide off my shoulders slowly before I tossed it aside . I saw him swallow . ” You sure about that ? No strings attached ? ” I said huskily , deep within my haze . I knew I was looking for an outlet . It hurt being used and I wanted to take back that control .

If he could fuck with my emotions , I would fuck with whoever I wanted . And I meant that literally . I cupped my breasts , lifting my right breast and licking my nipple slowly . I saw him run his hand through his hair . ” Kia … ” I walked over to him , leaning past him I shut the door , before wrapping my arms around his neck . ” You are boring … Come on … What’s wrong … One night , Rayhan … Just a little fun … ” I whispered leaning up to him .

I could feel his resolve breaking . His hands slid up my ass before resting on my waist . ” Let’s go …. ” I whispered , our noses brushed and my stomach fluttered . ” Fuck … if we regret this tomorrow –

I cut him off , shoving my tongue into his mouth and feeling him groan against me before he kissed me back with equal passion . Now , this was more like it . Our hands ran over each other’s bodies . I pulled his shirt off , admiring his body . He was fine . For a moment , Alejandro came t o mind , accompanied by a stab of pain . I used that pain to kiss Rayhan even more passionately . We were a blur of kisses , groping and undressing .

I wasn’t sure when he tossed me on the bed or when I helped him out of his pants . When did I remove my jeans ? I ran my hand along his length , he was fucking big … I licked my lips taking his mushroom tip in my mouth . ” Oh , that’s it . ” He murmured , his hand tangling into my hair . I closed my eyes , letting pleasure flow through me . Don’t feel . Don’t let the pain in … Live in the moment . I began taking him in completely , breathing through my nose as he hit the back of my throat .

I moaned against him , I was good at this and I knew exactly what pleased a guy . I looked up , seeing the pleasure on his face , my own pussy begged for attention . I began playing with myself as I sucked on him . He began thrusting in harder . ” Fuck ! ” He groaned , his moves becoming faster when suddenly he pulled out , as he came . His milky white cum coating my breasts .

I smirked seductively , taking a bit on my finger and licking it off . Sucking on my finger as I looked into his green eyes . He pushed me back onto the bed , dragging m e to the edge before he went down on me . I closed my eyes , melting into the pleasure as his tongue flicked and swirled along my core . ” Oh , fuck that’s it . ” I moaned . As much as I was enjoying this , I needed him now .

If I found my release … I may stop it from going further and I needed to do this . Was I trying to prove something ? Did I want him to hear ? I don’t know . ” 1 ” Fuck me now , Ray . I need you now . I moaned . He looked up at me , his hair half out of his hair tie . I sat up , pulling him on top of me . ” Kiara … We can stop . ” He said , kissing m e tenderly .

” I know . I don’t want to . ” I said , kissing him back . It sent soft tingles through me . Nothing compared to what I felt with Alejandro … But enough to ease the ache in my chest . His hands played with my breasts , his tongue explored my mouth . I felt him position himself between my legs , our eyes met , and for a second I saw Alejandro , but I forced that image away . I was not going to pretend Rayhan was him , I was going to enjoy this night and the handsome man above me .

Alejandro could go to hell for all I cared , I thought bitterly . I moaned softly as he rubbed his tip against my clit and I closed my eyes as he thrust into me . Pleasure rushed through m e as he began fucking me hard and fast …

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