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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 56 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 56 by desirenovel


Oh , he is such a dick ! How could he do that to me ?! Dad was glaring at me so scarily that I wish Mom were here to calm him down … ” Dad , do you believe him ?! ” I exclaimed , hoping my innocent doe eyes worked . ” I’m not fucking stupid , Kiara . ” Dad growled . ” I could smell sex on you from the fucking second I got here ! ” I blushed , jumping up from the seat and moving as far away from my Dad as I could . Alejandro just sat there , smirking s o irritatingly .

” Dad ! I’m not a child and I can fuck who I want . ” I snapped back . Alejandro cocked his brow . Did the A – hole Alpha love drama ? Urgh , I hate him ! Dads ‘ eyes simply darkened dangerously . ” I’m disappointed in you , Kiara . ” Alejandro’s eyes flashed and I felt the room suddenly become heavy with his aura . ” Don’t you think that’s a bit of a fucking hypocritical move considering you were a fucking man – whore back in your day who fucked almost every she wolf if your pack , right ? On top of that , you were fucking your own step – sister before you knew she was your mate . ” He said coldly . This time my eyes flew open in surprise .

I knew Dad had been a player … But wow … And on top of that … Was he defending me ? ” You have no proof of that . ” Dad growled . ” Hmm really ? Remember that stop at Raf’s pack ? I’m sure you two were fucking in the shower , if my memory serves … My hearing is pretty damn good . ” Alejandro smirked , I knew he had won when Dad gave him a murderous glare . Damn Lycan hearing … ” All I’m saying is , she’s YOUR daughter . ” He taunted Dad .

I couldn’t resist the smile that crossed my face . If you ever want to win , make sure you have Alejandro on your side . Our eyes met and the corner of his lips twitched . M y heart skipped a beat but Dad’s growl brought me back to the present .

I saw him look between us sharply and for a moment I wondered if he was suspicious of us … After what happened in Callum’s office … Where do we go from here ? ” Well , I’m here until the mating ball . ” Dad said icily . ” I’ll take over watching my daughter from this day on . ” 11 ” Sure , just how you were back at home . ” Alejandro mocked . I glared at him , I did not need him telling Dad about Damon ! Dad didn’t say anything , instead , he got up and stormed out of the office .

I followed him , giving Alejandro one last glance before I left . I wanted to ask him , what were we ? The following day I woke up late , I was shocked to see the sun was high in the sky . Why hadn’t anyone woken me up ? I needed to go to the hospital . I got ready quickly before I walked back into the bedroom . Dad was also staying here at the mansion , well I didn’t really expect anything else considering … I ran down the stairs , pinning my hair up a s I did , stumbling slightly as pain shot up my ankle . I had been so busy yesterday I hadn’t even noticed it .

I froze in my tracks when I saw Jasmin coming out of the lounge in an oversize cotton shirt . Clearly , looking like she had just fallen out of bed . Our eyes met and I wondered why she was here ? Did she move to the mansion due to shortage of space ? But none of the apartment blocks were destroyed …. ” Something on my face , pup ? ” She said , giving me a horribly hidden look of disdain . Didn’t I make amends ? What was her issue now ? ” Just that look of scorn that makes you seriously ugly .

” I snapped back . She looked surprised for a second . ” Oh ? ” She didn’t say more , and I saw her sizing me up . ” Somethings changed . ” I didn’t bother replying , stepping out into the fresh air . I had no idea where Alejandro and I stood anyway . I stopped seeing Raven and Raihana sitting on the porch looking at something on a tablet . ” What are you guys doing and why didn’t you wake me ? ” I said , hugging them both from behind .

I was so glad Raven was ok , I couldn’t imagine life without my boo . She smirked up at me as if nothing had happened , I remember our emotional hug from last night when she had finally woken up . ” Because you needed rest girl . ” She said a s Raihana held the tablet up . ” We’re looking at dresses , I want to pick one for my Uncle’s engagement . ” She said . My heart pounded . Was it really still on ? I’m sure Alejandro had changed his mind , right ? That moment … But the uncertainty had settled into the pit of my stomach and the feeling of bad news only grew . ” Kia … ” Raven said . I flashed her a smile . ” Well , you guys have fun , I’m going to go to the hospital . ” She nodded and I gave her a genuine smile .

I had to be positive , but the more I thought of it , I felt scared … He had said ‘ one taste ‘ . Did that mean he just wanted m e out of his system ? I was so lost in thought , I didn’t realise where I was going until I knocked into someone . I went tumbling back , groaning as I fell on my ass . ” Sorry . ” I was about to get up when the person held their hand out , just as their familiar scent hit me . ” No damage done . ” Carmen said .

My eyes widened as I looked at her outstretched hand . I took it slowly , letting her help me up . She looked away . the ” I want to say thank you , for saving my life . Doctor Callum mentioned …. You know I won’t tell anyone , because I know it’s confidential … I had a feeling you did something … And the way you spoke to the Alpha for me … ” She was mumbling , but 1 knew she was serious . I was quite shocked she knew what had happened , but for her to thank me … ” It’s ok , I’m glad you’re ok . ” I said . She looked up at me and smiled slightly . ” I also need to say sorry . What I did , was messed up and low . ” ” It’s in the past . ” I said , giving her a small smile . She returned it with a smile o f her own .

I was surprised but I was glad , I didn’t want any animosity between us . you ” You’re twelve years my junior , but y acted way beyond your years . Not only did you win the match , you won in every way . I respect that . ” ” Umm , Thanks … ” I didn’t really know how to respond to that . ” You saved me . I owe you that debt . If the need arises , I’ll have your back . ” She said . ” Oh that’s not needed , it was my fault you got hurt . ” ” ” No , it wasn’t , I asked for it . ” She said , looking guilty . I looked at her curiously . ” Why do you- did you , dislike me ? ” I asked , unsure how to word that . ” The King has never defended anyone the way he did that day . Seeing that was kind o f painful . ” Carmen said . I signed inwardly , another one to add to the list of Alejandro’s admirers … ” I’m sorry … ” I said .

” No need . You’re strong , compassionate and I think you’d make a great queen . ” She said giving a crooked smile . I blushed ” Oh no we’re not- ” ” Ladies ! ” Serena said now coming over , I had a feeling she was worried things were going to get out of hand from the way she had rushed over . ” Glad to see you’re up and on the go , Carmen . 11 . ” Me too . ” Carmen said sincerely . ” Hey , Serena . ” I said with a smile . ” What are those ? ” Carmen asked her , my gaze fell to the pamphlets . ” Oh , just making preparations for the engagement . ” Serena said . My heart sank , maybe he just didn’t call it off yet … ‘ Right ? ‘ I asked my wolf who seemed to b e going crazy , but I only got the feeling of despair from her . ” Ok I’m off , Alpha and Jasmin are waiting for me . ” Those words felt like a harsh slap to the face .

So , the engagement was still on Only I had been dumb enough to let him play me once again … I really was stupid . Moonlight Muse Author.

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