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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 55 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 55 by desirenovel


I fucked up , once again . This shit was messing with me and her . But fuck …. I mind linked someone to tell Elijah I was on the way , before I made my way to the restrooms . I slammed the bathroom door after me . Yeah , I was about to fucking wank off to the thought of her . I’ve not done this shit in years , but right now , the only woman I wanted to fuck was her and I wasn’t going to do that … I unzipped my pants , taking out my cock .

The way she tasted was so fucking good . I would give up even chocolate if it meant I could have her to taste every night … But yeah , I couldn’t . I’d hurt her sooner or later . I needed to put some rules into place . No being alone with her . At any time …. I made quick work of getting off . It wasn’t hard picturing her above me , her legs pressing against my back , her smooth pussy … Her scent … The way she fucking moaned and grinded against me . I throbbed hard , nearing my release ,

picturing myself fucking her all over again * I had fallen for a fucking feisty , hot tempered nympho and fallen hard.c I groaned quietly as I shot my load into the toilet . Another clear sign screaming at me that I had never pleasured a woman like that before . Not only that , but I had enjoyed it way too fucking much . I walked over to the sink and washed my hands and face . I didn’t want Elijah smelling his daughter all over me . I smirked , not that I didn’t want to see his face if he knew I’ve had my dick and face between her legs already . Smirking cockily , I left the bathroom and went out o f the hospital .

There he stood , looking pretty pissed off , talking to Darien . I knew he had run here from his tousled hair . He seemed to have bought some clothes with him though . ” ..hell is she ? ” He growled . He turned sharply , his Alpha aura surrounding the fucking area . If I hadn’t just eaten some pussy I would have been a bit pissed at his attitude , but after that moment with Kiara …. Well , I felt fucking good … ” Don’t you know how to calm the fuck down ? Oh , my fucking bad , seems like that’s what happens when Scarlett let’s you off the leash for a few hours . ” I mocked .

We all knew he was under her fucking thumb . Pussy , He growled , walking over to me . ” One of my men died and you didn’t think needed to tell me ? ” He growled . you ” My bad , I was wasting time , trying to secure the fucking area . ” I said coldly , letting my aura dominate the air . It was high fucking time he remembered I was the ultimate Alpha . He sure was Kiara’s fucking father . Not backing down despite the fact I was having an effect on him . Did being stubborn run in their fucking genes ? Probably . ” Dad ! ” Kiara’s sexy voice came . Before she ran over , wrapping her arms around his neck . He hugged her tightly and my gaze flitted to her ass . Knowing she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath was a fucking turn on all over again . ” Angel . ” Elijah said . Angel , hah .

She was anything but an angel . The guy was fucking delusional . Moving back , he placed his hands on her shoulders , looking her over . A frown on his face , he turned to me sharply , his eyes turning a darker blue . ” Why does she … ” I wasn’t sure if he meant her aura or if she had my scent … ” Let’s go somewhere else . ” I said . I didn’t look at Kiara and knew she was avoiding me too . I turned and led the way t o my office . That building was the closest t o the hospital and I don’t think taking him to the mansion right now was ideal as they were still finishing off . ” How’s Mom ? ” ” Worried about you but she’ll come for the engagement .

She’s going to watch the pack , with Liam coming here for the mating ceremony we need at least one of u s at home especially with the on going attacks lately . ” ” Still on going ? ” She asked , concern clear in her voice . ” Rogues . ” Elijah said coldly . We entered the building . ” Oh … ” She sighed and I glanced back to see her father had been guiding her , her arm wrapped around his .

I switched the lights on and walked ahead to my office , turning the lights on in here too , something I rarely did . Why the fuck was I bothering now ? I wasn’t her fucking slave . Once the door was shut , I dropped onto m y chair , placing my feet on my desk after pulling out a cigarette and lighter . Elijah sat opposite whilst Kiara perched on the arm of his seat . Was I messed up to be jealous of him right now ? ” So , anyone want to share why you have the aura of … an Alpha ? ” Elijah asked , looking up at Kiara .

Her eyes lit up . ” Really I do ? Is it like Mom’s ? ” She asked . ” Not really … It’s … ” Elijah frowned . ” It’s stronger than Scarlett’s was before she took the position of an Alpha . ” I said , smirking humourlessly . ” What do you mean ? ” She asked , her gaze flickering to mine . For a moment , our eyes met before I looked away . ” It means you’re one of the strongest wolves around . ” Elijah said , sounding worried . The shock and concern in his voice were clear . ” And you’re not happy ? ” Kiara asked , now looking at her Dad . ” I’m proud of you Angel , heck I knew you were strong … But you’re still my little angel .

This also means you’re in a lot more danger . ” ” She already was . That display of power is what drew those things to her . ” I said coldly . ” Display of power ? What the fuck happened ? ” He asked sharply .

She looked at me , her eyes turning accusatory and I knew she was about to tell him about Indigo . As much as I disliked the fucker , Fred , I had promised Indigo not to tell anyone … I remembered the day I had found out myself , the day I had summoned her to this very office … ( FLASHBACK – FOUR YEARS AGO ) I was sat at my desk smoking as Indigo stood opposite me . ” So let me get this shit straight . He’s cheating on you and you’re ok with it ?

” I asked . Yeah , I didn’t get mates and love , but that was fucked up right ? ” That’s between him and me … He … He isn’t exactly cheating ; it’s just sex . ” She whispered , her lips trembling as she clutched her belly . ” It’s because I’m pregnant ; he’s scared to hurt it . ” ” Bullshit . Her fourth pregnancy … And another one I knew wouldn’t go much further ahead . I didn’t get it … The pup had a strong heartbeat too . Her words were fucked up . How the fuck could she be justifying this shit ? This was not the strong Indigo knew . ” That’s abuse . ” I said , cocking a brow . ” You need to get the fuck out .

I promised your fucking brother I’d take care of you . ” I don’t know why I did , but in a way , I felt responsible for my men’s actions . When I had caught him with that omega , it had ended with me beating him up , breaking many of his bones . Yeah , maybe I would have done a lot worse if Indigo hadn’t come running to protect him . Indigo was nothing more than a pack member to me , but she was also being mentally abused under my watch . Something I couldn’t allow , but for me to do some shit , I needed her to be ok with it . Why would killing him or fucking punishing him hurt her ? Wasn’t that the best thing to do ?

She had begged me to let him go and now here we were … ” It’s up to me to live my life how I want . I love him and he loves me . You wouldn’t get it because you’ve never loved anyone Alpha ! Don’t come between us ! ” She sobbed . I frowned , I hated fucking disrespect . Maybe I didn’t know about love but I had seen enough to know you became a fucking whipped ass pup to your woman . That shit was fucked up in itself . ” I might not know about all that shit , but I know a fucking toxic relationship when I see it . ” I said coldly . 11 She looked at me , her eyes flashing .

Then you should have accepted me when I wanted to give up finding my mate for you . ” She glared at me . ” You’re not my type . ” I shrugged . She never was . She sighed . She was trying to prove a point that had no strength behind it . She loved Fred , way too much , and he was abusing that . ” You won’t get it . What I felt for you was just a crush , and remember how crazy I went ? But Fred , he’s my world . ” ” Until he becomes your hell . ” I remarked , puffing on my cigarette . ” Then I’m willing to burn in that hell . ” She said stubbornly . Each to their own ….

” Do whatever the fuck you want . If you do need me to step in , I’m here , and we both know I wouldn’t mind breaking his bones all over again . ” I gave her a sadistic smirk , seeing her gulp as I cracked my knuckles … ( END OF FLASHBACK ) I gave Kiara the slightest shake of my head , warning her . This was not our shit t o tell . She gave me a dirty look and I sighed . Well , if she wants to play a fucking snitch , then I’ll show her how it’s done . ” Kiara . What is it ? ” Elijah said , seeing the exchange between us . ” I’ll tell you . ” I said , smirking dangerously . ” I mean , I don’t think Kiara wants to tell Daddy dearest that she’s become a big girl .

That she has been getting down and dirty with someone , right ? ” Kiara gasped . All colour faded from her face as she gave me a ‘ How could you ? ‘ look . I simply raised my eyebrows at her before before taking a long drag of my cigarette , relaxing back as Elijah let out the most pissed off growl I had heard from him in a while . Now , this shit was going to be fun .

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