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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 53 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 53 by desirenovel

Blaming Him

Remembering the last time we were alone in a room, it suddenly became more uncomfortable. “Dad’s coming? Why?” I asked trying to ignore the tension that hung between us, daring not to look at him. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you… You saw that Harry was in the hospital… but it’s about Greg.” He crossed his arms, the serious look on his face was a stark reminder that he was an adult with responsibilities.

I don’t think I had seen him this serious. “What about Greg?” I said, my heart hammering. I hadn’t seen him anywhere.. My heart sank before he even spoke. “He was killed. I guess your Dad felt the pack link break.” He said, sending a stab o f pain through my chest. It was my fault. Those things came for m e. I clutched my neck, feeling sick. It was my fault. Greg..”It’s not. “What?” I asked sharply, looking up at him.

His dark eyes glittered with emotions I couldn’t make out. “It’s not your fucking fault.” He repeated, making my heart skip a beat. “My security was breached. That’s on me. “This is not your fault! If I wasn’t here, no one would have had to get hurt or die!” I cried, placing my hand on my head. I wasn’t a help; I was a magnet for trouble. I was a fake! Trying to heal? Heal what? Injuries that I was the reason for! “Hey, that is not your fucking fault, so stop fucking around with that.

These fuckers have been around for years.” He said, my heart skipped a beat when he grabbed my elbow and spun me around to look him in the eye. I tried to ignore the illicit desire that now rushed through me. Avoiding his gaze, I took a deep breath through my mouth, his scent was making my head all fuzzy. “You’re hurt. Let me heal you.” I muttered.

“Look at me,” He growled commandingly. I knew I was irritating him but I couldn’t d o this. I lost my senses when it came to him… Don’t Kiara. “Kiara, something happened earlier. Something that triggered you off. What was it?” I still avoided his gaze but his next move took me by surprise. His fingers firmly gripped my chin as he tilted my forcing me to meet his gaze. Goddess… My face up, blue-green met his dark ones, our hearts were racing. What were we?

I saw his gaze flicker to my lips and it took all my willpower to tug away from him. “‘ll tell you, if you let me heal you. wagered. I wanted answers, but the fact h e was injured was irking me. “You are fucking stubborn.” He said, reaching for the hem of his top and pulling it over his head. My eyes trailed over his refined, chiselled abs. Every muscle and ridge of his body was divine perfection.

How long did it take Selene to create him? I pressed my thighs together, trying not to look at his defined V or the way his muscles flexed… His pierced nipples made my pussy ache. Goddess…2 He tossed his shirt on to the desk and looked at me, coming over. “Now where do you want me?” He asked 11 huskily, his gaze running over me, making my heart pound at his words. “Turn around.” I said, trying not to look a t that slight smirk that was playing on his lips. He turned and I let out a silent breath of relief. I didn’t know how long I’d be ablet o keep up my front with that intense gaze. The cuts were awful, deep and I could see his impressive regeneration was working at its best but the wounds were mixed with magic. Paying close attention,

I could see the faint red glow. It was very slight but it was there. “It’s dark, the magic I mean.” I said placing my hand on his wounds tenderly. I didn’t like the fact he didn’t even mention he was in pain. I felt him tense, I told myself it was because of the pain and not my touch.- “Don’t fucking overdo it.” He said coldly. “You should take care of yourself, you’re not invincible.” I said. “More fucking invincible than anyone else around.” He said as I ran my fingers down his back, paying attention to his tattoo. Would this be the last time I saw it? “Doesn’t mean you should risk yourself like this.” I said softly. I felt him lean into my touch and I instantly moved my hand away. I was still angry at him. Why did I forget everything when it came to him? “So why were you pissed off?

” He asked, now turning back to me. “Auntie’s mate. Do you know he’s a fucking cheat?” I said, my eyes flashing. Since he wanted to know, I was going to give it to him. Deep down I prayed he didn’t know… But the way he clenched his jaw and looked away gave me the answer I didn’t want. He knew and he did nothing. “That’s not my fucking business.” He said. I looked at him angrily, “It’s not? So, Aunty having to stay in that toxic relationship is ok? You encourage this type of shit?” “They’re adults, she can take care of herself.” He said coldly. And I had thought he cared a little for her. He was just a jerk.

“So you’re just going to stand there and not give a crap?!” I exclaimed, wanting to hit him! He looked at me calculatingly. “I’ve never given a shit for what people think about me. So why should I care now? ” He said quietly. His words made my chest ache. Why did I feel he was hiding something? I grabbed his arm. “Tell me Alejandro, did you really not care?” I asked. Please don’t break my heart. Please don’t let me lose faith… His eyes flashed red as h e glared down at me. “Don’t pin that shit on me. I’m not a fucking matchmaker or a therapist.” He growled dangerously.

I scoffed. “What more could I have expected from you anyway? You can’t even be loyal to your own fiancé. I guess if the Alpha’s a bad example for his men, then what more can I expect from them.” I snapped resentfully. Yes, I know it wasn’t fully his fault, but I needed an outlet and who better to direct i t at than the Alpha King himself. My eyes flashed dangerously, meeting his red ones. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, he pushed me up against the wall. His large hand wrapped around my throat. Despite the fact that I was glaring at him,

his closeness was making me giddy. “Remember who the fuck you’re talking t o.” He growled. “Or what?” I said, my voice coming out breathless. “Or I’m going to have to fucking punish you.” He said, his eyes darkening dangerously. Pleasure rushed south and I closed my eyes, knowing he would smell my arousal. He took a step closer, his body brushing u p against mine slightly. “Seems like you like the idea of that..” e whispered seductively into my ear..

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