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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 51 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 51 by desirenovel


“Rai! Stay with Kiara now!” I snapped, diving for the weapon that Greg’s lifeless body still held loosely in his hand, just as the disgusting beast lurched itself through the window. There may only be a year’s difference between Raihana and me, but she had definitely been raised a princess. Unlike Kiara and I, who knew how to fight even when we didn’t have wolves, it was clear the same wasn’t the case for her.

The manangal rushed for the bed and I sprinted over from behind, raising the weapon and stabbing it into its side. It didn’t seem to do much damage to it, but i t had surely caught its attention. That was the damn point. “Come on, you piece of sewer crap, let’s play!” I said, spinning the sword. It sprang at me and I ducked, ramming the weapon through its stomach. Its blood splattered over me, letting out a painful hiss of agony and anger. It attacked me, knocking me across the room, making me knocking me across the room, making me let go of the weapon that was now lodged in its stomach.

I rolled over, breaking my fall, before I was on my feet again. Moon Goddess, did you have to send such an ugly stinky thing my way? I pulled a face as I watched the Manangal rip the sword from its side and throw it across the room. Raihana flinched as she sat there, next to my sleeping beauty. Honestly, that girl was going to regret being asleep through this. Couldn’t I kind of get a selfie of this? “Raihana, don’t speak… but take a picture. “I said smirking.

I I kept my eyes on the Manangal, waiting for its next move and planning mine… She didn’t reply but I saw her grab her phone. Right! I bet I’ll be the only one with a Manangal photo! Oh, this was going to make the boys so jelly! It lunged at me and I ducked, plunging my hand into the disgusting wound that I had made earlier. I had nothing to go on but m y gut instinct. I pulled out whatever slimy insides I could grab onto. I felt its claws dig into me painfully and I yelped at the pain that jarred through my body. “I’m getting Rayhan!” Raihana said, now realising I might not make this.

She may be right… but I don’t think she’ll make it to the door. She ran to the door, but it was a bad mistake. The Manangal turned sharply, swinging towards her with an unearthly shriek. Oh no you don’t! I jumped onto its back, digging my bloody hands into its eye sockets. I was internally cringing at how disgusting this was. For a few seconds, we remained like that, me hanging on for dear life as it tried to rip me off its back. It finally managed to grab me, ripping me off itself as it hissed, flailing its arms. Now blinded, it was angrier than ever as it shook me violently. My vision darkened… Damn, Kia… Wake up, babe.

It threw me across the room and I hit the wall with a painful thud before I fell to the floor. I couldn’t move, the pain from the wounds was already taking over… Raihana stood near the door, too horrified to even move, a hand over her mouth. I struggled to push myself up but I couldn’t… My energy was draining fast. Kia… Come on… But heck, it seemed like this girl needed her prince charming’s wake up kiss! Just when I thought that this was it, the Manangal calmed down and began to sniff us out. Cocking its leering head towards Kiara, its tongue darting out licking its lips before it hissed in satisfaction.

I tried to move, my body screaming at me t o stop but I couldn’t let it get Kía! It leapt towards Kiara, mouth open wide, when I saw a black blur enter through the window. My heart skipped a beat as the dark, dangerous aura that sent chills down my spine filled the room. The blur lunged at the monster, I could feel his intense wrath as it tore the Manangal to pieces. A scene I wished I didn’t have to see and one that I knew I would remember for the rest of my life. The work of the Lycan King himself. But… at least we were safe. With that thought in mind, I let myself go.

The moment I tore that fucker to pieces, I turned to the bed. My heart had been going crazy since I heard that there had been three Manangal’s too. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw my sexy little nympho was still asleep. This was no fucking coincidence; it was as if they had been waiting. Seeing Kiara’s ability had made them attack blindly but before that… where had they been? How had they stayed off our radar and managed to get so close? That fucking worried me. There was something different about them this time.

They had attacked angrily and the wounds they had inflicted were worse. My back and arm were still not healed, and that wasn’t normal. I glanced at Raihana, who was just standing there clutching her fucking phone like it would protect her. I grabbed a pair of shorts, turning and shifting as I swiftly pulled them on. “Turn on the fucking light and go get someone up here.” I said to Raihana. She nodded, rushing from the room after switching the light on. I then looked at the bloody body of the brat. I wasn’t sure if the name was fitting anymore… I had seen the damage she had done to the Manangal.

She didn’t even have her wolf yet and had fought one. I had to give it to the dickhead, he sure knew how to raise strong women in that pack of his. I mind linked Darien to get to my bedroom. We needed to get Raven to the hospital, she was losing too much blood. It didn’t help that she was so slim, the fucking beasts’ claws had gone right through her.

I lifted her carefully, fuck she looked like she was dead but her heart was beating strong still. Or Kiara could heal her… I knew as much a sI didn’t want her waking up to this, she would want to know if her friend needed her. I walked over to the bed and sat down with the brat in my lap as I leaned over, caressing Kiara’s face. “Kiara… Kiara!” Nothing. The fuck? I tapped her face lightly and saw her eyebrows furrow.”Kiara. Nothing. I tapped her face harder, ok, that one was a slap. Her eyes flew open and she growled at m e, bolting upright.

She was about to snap until she instantly took in the scene around her, her eyes then settled on the girl in my lap. “Raven!” She exclaimed, pushing off the blanket and rushing to my side. I frowned. Her aura… It was stronger and more present around her… It had changed. Not like before. Her tempting scent of chocolate filled my nose and I resisted pulling her close and burying my nose into her neck. I needed some calmness after all this shit.

She closed her eyes, placing her hands on Raven’s stomach and chest, I saw the faint aura around her hands but this timei t felt deeper and even looked brighter. Her eyes were also a dazzling purple as she healed her. “What happened?” She asked, as I watched the wounds heal beneath her touch. “You fucking went Alpha mode, or some shit, and those fuckers caught on.” I said bluntly. Seconds later, I wished I hadn’t. Guilt flashed through her eyes as she tugged her friend’s body from my arms and held her close. She kissed her forehead tenderly, holding her in her lap as she healed her fully.

“There’s poison in those…” She said, %3D looking at my bloody arm. “I figured as much, I’m healing but there are plenty injured.” I said, checking my “I can help. This is my fault.” She put Raven down and was about to stand up when I grabbed hold of her upper arm. “Not until you tell me what pissed you off so much earlier?” I asked quietly. She looked into my eyes and I saw the anger returning. She roughly pulled free. “We’ll talk later. I have things to do.” She said icily. She walked to the door, just as a blood covered Rayhan entered. Swiftly telling me they had ended up having to deal with two Manangals and it had been the reason they hadn’t been able to come upstairs. Harry and Julio were badly injured, and Bryan, like Rayhan, had suffered minor injuries.

“I’m heading to the hospital and I swear if anyone tries to stop me from healing, I’m going to castrate them!” Kiara growled. I raised my eyebrow as she cast me one deathly glare before she left. Was it just me, or did she fucking sound like her mother…? The image of her parents came to me and I had to admit that the man was totally whipped, completely under his mates damn thumb. Well fuck, that was something I would never become. Three hours later, things were in order for the main part. The mansion and pack grounds were cleaned of any blood.

My mansion needed a lot of damn work doing to it and my room was fucking messed up. I had heard Jasmin commenting on how we needed to redecorate anyway. That shit really pissed me off. I had ignored it at the time as I was busy, but if she thought she was entering my bedroom then she was in for a fucking surprise. She could have her own fucking room but she was not coming to mine. She’d been assisting Serena in directing the Omegas on what to do, which I suppose demonstrates her fucking abilities. Then there was Kiara, rushing around from one patient to the next, healing them a little. I knew it wasn’t to keep her abilities hidden, but so she could help everyone a little. Not once did she take a break, I noticed how she was leaning her weight on her good ankle as the hours dragged by.

I had pulled on a T shirt but under this shit I wasn’t fucking healing either. I could feel the piercing poison that had been laced into their fucking claws. Yeah, Manangal’s were infectious and dangerous, but I had only been hurt by a Wendigo, so this shouldn’t have lasted. Magic was at work here, I knew it when I saw it. I needed to find a witch of my own.. Someone who could help search for the one behind this shit, but they were scarce I had finished checking the damage that had taken place. Commanding new patrols whilst getting everything assessed and sorted out. I had fucking lost five warriors and seven were still pretty critical.

I knew Kiara was doing her best to heal so many of my men. I hated how some of them seemed to chat with her. How she smiled at them with that gorgeous face of hers, making them all fucking happy. Bastards. I was remembering their faces. I’ll fix them up during training. What intrigued me was the fact she wasn’t tired right now. She had healed so many, but she was still on the go… I was outside the hospital now, I won’t deny the fact that I was lingering here because of Kiara. Lighting a cigarette for myself, I leant against the wall. This day had been so fucking unexpected. Just then, Darien hurried over, bringing me out of my thoughts. “Alpha Elijah.

” He said, holding out his phone. I could tell from his pale face it wasn’t good news. “He’s been trying to get in contact for hours.” Fuck, he must have felt the bond snap when his warrior Greg was killed. I took the phone; I really didn’t need this shit right now. “To what do I owe the fucking pleasure?” I asked mockingly. “Don’t give me that fucking shit, Alejandro! I’m on my way.

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