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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 5 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 5 by desirenovel

A Protective Father

“Someone who fucking saved you pup.” His deep voice sent shivers up my spine. His scent filled my senses.

“What’s your name?” I asked softly, feeling the heat from his body sent shivers of pleasure up my spine.


“Huh?” That’s my name- “Kiara! Kiara!” I frowned. The voice changed to one I recognised rather well. M y eyes flew open to see Raven hovering over me. I blushed, realising I had been dreaming. Pushing her back, I sat up.

The sun was shining through the curtains and I leaned over, turning my lights off.

“What were you dreaming about?” Raven asked, curiously staring at me.

“Nothing, why?”

“Your heart was racing.”

I shrugged innocently. “No idea.” I stretched, wincing at the spasming pain that shot up my shoulder and neck. I groaned as I clamped my hand over it. Raven was by my side instantly.

“Are you not healed?” she asked worriedly. “We may have to tell aunty Red and uncle El.”

“Not a good idea.” I said standing up. I tried not to flinch at the pain in my ankle. I t was always stiffer in the morning. I limped slightly as I made my way to the bathroom.

“I’ll use Liam’s shower; he’s already left for training.” Raven said, I nodded as I walked into my small bathroom. It wasn’t big, but it did have a tub with a shower combined.

I pulled Liam’s shirt off and looked in the floor-length mirror. Nly usual tan- skinned that was like dads, was a little paler than usual. Taking a moment to admire my underboob intricate chandelier tattoo.

I had gotten it a day after my 18th birthday, and I loved it. Dad had been a bit fussy, saying why did I get something

that would draw attention to my breasts. H e sure would have a heart attack if he saw my thigh tattoo that looked like a garter belt. I got that just over a week ago. He has yet to notice. I peeled the bandages off and looked at the bite mark. It was healing, albeit slower than normal. Feeling a little relieved,

I stepped into the shower, letting the warm water ease my achy shoulder.

An hour later, Raven and I headed downstairs. We had ended up having a pillow fight before we got dressed for the day. I wore a silk ivory Cami tucked into ripped denim skinny jeans and ivory flats. I donned a cardigan over the Cami to hide my shoulder. Although the bleeding had stopped,

the wounds were still there. I did love heels, but I couldn’t really wear them for long without my foot playing up. My hair was left open, and I just had my usual touch of tinted moisturiser,

highlighter, and smoky eyeliner and mascara. Nly lips were just coated with a tint of shea butter lip balm. I wore small dangle earrings and a few necklaces.

We walked into the kitchen, both Raven and I stopping in our tracks. Dad had mom up against the fridge, her legs

wrapped around him as they made out, the sound of moans clear as day. I blushed and Raven whistled.
“Nice show Uncle El! Keep going!”

I heard dad growl as mom unlocked her legs and pushed him away, blushing lightly. I swear that only dad can make mum blush. I smiled and looked at my parents. Dad was Jo and mum was 37.

They were young parents, but they looked like they were 3o at the most.

“I would, but I think you’re way too innocent to be able to handle it.” Dad said to Raven, who rolled her eyes.

“Not true. I’m not innocent.”

“You think that.” dad said, smirking, as h e leaned against the worktop. “You ok angel?” He looked over at me and I smiled shrewdly. Dad would always greet me with a kiss. But the fact that he wasn’t moving from his place meant he was turned on.

“I am, dad. Not going to give me a hug?” I asked slyly. Dad smirked, pulling mom back into his arms and kissing her.

“You sure you want one?”

“Yuck no.” I said, not trusting dad. Nlum rolled her eyes.

“You girls ok? I heard something went down at the cinema yesterday. Liam said you lot had headed home before then. Is that true?” She asked sharply. Me and Raven exchanged looks. I nodded, not meeting mums’ eyes as I pulled open the fridge, taking out a bottle of orange juice.

“Yep, aunty Red. That is what happened. Sooo what’s the plan for the kings’ visit? It’s tomorrow,

isn’t it?” Raven asked smoothly as Gwen the Omega, who was our housekeeper, entered with an empty tray.

“Breakfast is set.” She said smiling.

“Thanks,” mum said to her as dad looked at Raven.

“He’s coming today. Infact he’s in town already.” Dad replied, frowning.

“Oo, I can’t wait! I heard he’s really handsome!” Raven said.

“He’s a cocky dickhead.” Dad growled, earning himself a glare from mum.

“Elijah, language. When two similar people meet, they clash.” She said to Raven as we all headed to the dining room. Dad put his arm around me, kissing my forehead.

“You look beautiful, angel.” he said. I smiled at him. He never forgot to tell me that. Sometimes I feel like no one can love me more than dad loves me, but then I see how he looks at mum and I wish that I would find a mate who looks at me with that much adoration and love. But would my mate want me? The mere thought made my gut twist.

Once we were seated around the dining table, which was a nice, large solid wood oak table. I looked at the food, it was currently laden with two huge platters of everything you would expect in a full English breakfast.

“So will the Alpha King have dinner here? Or you going to the packhouse?” I asked, helping myself to food.

“Here, he doesn’t really like people.” mum said, making dad raise an eyebrow.

“I don’t think people like him either.”

Raven and I laughed whilst mum frowned at dad. “Seriously Elijah. He is the Alpha of Alpha’s.”

“That is what dad hates.” I chimed in.

“Ah yes, ego issues.” Mum said, smirking.

“Can I help cook?” I asked. Dad frowned. “You don’t need to serve him. Gwen can handle it.”

“If she wants, let her.” I\/lum retorted, giving dad a kiss on the neck to soothe his growing annoyance. Mum sure knew how to appease her man.

“Her cooking is really good, Uncle El you got to admit that.” Raven added, eating a bacon strip.

“Yeah, I know that. I just don’t want her t o waste time and working herself out over him.”

I knew he meant my ankle. “I’ll be fine, dad.” I never really told them the extent o f the pain as an adult. They don’t really know it hurts daily. It came to a point where I started saying it hurt less and less. A lie I learned to live with. I was hurt i n a rogue attack when I was around 2 years old,

and it eats dad up that he wasn’t able to protect me. Although he saved me from getting killed, I was injured beyond the point of healing.

“I think it’ll be nice. I mean, he saved her life once.” Nlum said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

Dad’s smile vanished and Raven and I looked at her in shock.

“Really?” I asked.

“Spill.” Raven added.

“You were almost s, we were at Raihana’s 2nd birthday. You wandered off into the forest, and well,

it was one of those creatures. A Nlanangal. It’s how we found out he was a Lycan. He saved you that

night and as much as your dad can’t stand him, I always remember he saved our little girl.”

“She’s bigger than you are now.” Raven added to my shorter mum.

“Still my baby girl.” Nlum shot back, frowning at Raven and dad. “Now if Kiara wants to cook, she can. Alejandro… well I think he has more secrets and reasons for the way he is. Rather than just assuming he’s a jerk.”

“What makes you say that?” Raven asked playing with her food.

“I was different once. Bullied, disliked,

and made a target, even after I had Kiara and Liam, several times people have wanted to kidnap ‘an alpha female’ like I was an experiment. And Alejandro, he’s more different than I am.” Mum said sipping her water. I nodded. That made sense. I knew how it felt to be different…

“It must be hard to be one of a kind.” I said softly.

“Don’t sympathise with him.” Dad said. I gave him a small smile.

“Ok, dad. So, is there a specific menu or can I just make whatever I want on the side?”

“Do whatever you like.” Mum said giving me a warm smile “So skipping training today?”

“Just today?” I said guiltily. Mum trained me with a weapon, although dad didn’t want her to. She refused to let me just be weak and I was glad. I just wish I could carry my weapon around. But it wasn’t easy when it was a s-foot-long staff with a sharp long spike at the end.

“Just today.”

“Great! I’m off to ask Gwen if everything I need is in the house.” I said standing up and rushing from the room. Wincing as m y leg spasmed. I grabbed the door frame just as someone rushed over, I knew from the scent it was dad. He steadied me and I looked up at him.

“I’m ok, dad.” I said softly, cupping his face for a moment.

“Take it slow Kiara.” He said, stroking my hair. I felt a wave of sadness and nodded, a s if sensing how I felt, he pulled me into his arms. I closed my eyes, hugging him tightly.

“Aww, she’s such a daddy’s girl. Nly dad just threatens to beat me with his slipper. ” Raven said,

making mum laugh.

“He did the same to Angela when she was younger.” She replied, I smiled. Angela was mums’ best friend and also Raven’s aunt.

“Aunty A is tough. I don’t blame dad. But look at me. I’m an innocent little devil.”

“No devil is innocent.” Nlum replied,

amused. I moved away from my dad.

I’m ok dad, I promise I’11 be careful.’ I said through the link. Before I left the room, knew his eyes were fixed on me. Now to get cooking for the Alpha King.

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