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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 49 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 49 by desirenovel

Staying Stubbom ALEJANDRO I had locked myself in my office all day, drinking bottle after bottle. I don’t even know how many fucking cigarettes I have consumed. Her innocent pleas to stop hurting her fucking destroyed me. I should never have used her… I was strong enough to protect her… right? But that would only make sense if there was someone to protect her from me … I was a monster, she was someone with so much concern and love that it sure made up for my lack of it.

I often snapped, and if I ever hurt her… She couldn’t even heal herself. Hell even if she could, I didn’t want to hurt her. Yeah, I was already fucking doing that without trying… I stared at the ceiling; my feet crossed on my desk as I leaned back in my seat, feeling like a fucking train-wreck inside. I knew what I needed to do. Keep myself s o fucking busy that I didn’t have time to think about her.O It was now dark outside.

I had just sat here in the dark, not even bothering to move, all fucking day. A knock on the door brought me out of my reverie and Darien entered. Coughing as he waved his hand, shutting the door behind him. “What the hell?! Are you trying to kill yourself in here?” He said, going over to the windows and opening one. I raised an eyebrow. “If I wanted to fucking die, there’s plenty of better ways to go.” I shot back, glaring a t him. I had to admit it was a fucking smoke fest i n here. “What is it?” He asked, crossing his arms as he stayed near the window. “What the fuck do you mean what is it?” I said, playing dumb. I didn’t want to fucking talk to him. “What’s bothering you, Alejandro?” “No shit’s bothering me. You’re not a fucking shrink, so stop trying to fucking pry. Since you’re here, get the mating ceremony ball organised and up and running.” I said. “Already on it.” He said, with a nod.

” Serena’s managing it.” “Invite all the Alphas to it, two days after the ball will be my official engagement to Jasmin.” I said. My stomach twisted at the very fucking thought, but it was for the best. a “You sure, Alejandro?” He asked me. I hated how the fucker tried to get in my head. “I mean, are you sure she’s the right one? “What? You want me to take Kiara?” I mocked coldly. “Well, I didn’t mention names… But yes. She is an Alpha’s daughter, two Alpha’s at that. She’s actually the most ideal, plus the pack have nothing but praise to say about her. Well, apart from some of them crushing on her like crazy… %3D I glared at him, my anger rising at the fucking thought, but I said nothing, not wanting him to get even more fucking reasons to do my head in.

“My point is, she’s a far greater option than Jasmin. Yes, she’s young and probably has a mate out there… but if you keep her away from all male wolves on a blood moon, it’s all good…” He trailed off, feeling a bit guilty about his words. 2 I smirked coldly. “Evil fucker.” “Well, it’s an idea… “He grumbled. “If I tell Serena you said that…” I smirked coldly and he looked a little panicked. “Please don’t. You know, even she really likes Kiara. She’s a natural and the light that she brings, she’s special Alejandro. 11 I hated the fact he was telling me what I already knew. She was fucking special… And I’m sure she was made for me… I could accept it… No. I couldn’t. I’d only hurt her. I needed to stop thinking of shit like that. “Can you imagine me asking Elijah for his fucking daughter?” I remarked with a sadistic smirk. “I’d do that just to piss the dickhead off.” “You know, you two really need to work o n your ego’s.” Darien grumbled.

“Well, if your mind is made up, I better get to work. Jasmin wanted a big do but I guess with the shorter time it will be tough, if w e get everyone to help…” “Make sure security, training and everyone’s jobs are not affected. I don’t want shit going down because we got relaxed over some fucking preparations. “Got it. Are you sure, Alejandro?” I growled dangerously, my eyes flashing “Ask me one more fucking time and I’ll snap your fucking head off.” I said. He sighed. “Ok, but you know when you regret this decision.. Then I’ll be the first to say I told you so.” “Funny, you’ve changed your tune so fucking quick.

You were one of the ones to tell me to accept Jasmin as my mate for ages now.” I said icily. “Yeah, until someone who seems to have a bond with you showed up. I don’t know i f it’s possible, but there’s something different between the two of you and I wish you would just embrace it.” He said. ” Anyway, I’ll make sure the preps are done. I didn’t reply as he was about to turn to leave, when he suddenly stopped at the sight of the dazzling purple glow from outside. “What the..” He began. I was up in a flash as I came to the window to see what it was. From between the flats, I could see it filling the fucking area. I pushed the window open, jumping out, landing on the ground 40 feet below as Darien shifted in mid air and we both ran towards the głow, reaching it in record time.

I stopped when I saw Kiara standing there, her entire body wrapped in a purple aura that was fucking powerful. For a second, I wondered if something had happened to her, but I recognised that aura. Despite it being a hundred times more impressive, it was hers. Gone was the cool, faint aura she had when she healed. Standing before me was the epitome of breath-taking power and beauty. In two fucking words -A Goddess. 2 For a moment I was distracted by her sheer aura and power, but the sudden thought that this display of power could attract enemies brought me back to the present. What fucking confused me was how the hell had she kept this much power hidden? “Kiara.” I called her quietly. Her and Raven both turned, the brat looked alarmed but Kiara looked pissed.

It was the only way I could describe those astonishing purple orbs of hers and the gaze that was directed right at me. “How could you?” She said. I raised an eyebrow. What had I done? I didn’t even fucking know… ‘Alpha, that aura needs to be kept hidden o r her secret won’t stay secret for long. Being able to see an aura isn’t normal.’ Darien said. Yeah, I know that you fucker. I glared at him for a second. ‘Get the midget home, I’ll deal with Kiara. ‘I said coldly. Darien nodded. “Don’t you dare come near me.” Kiara %3D growled as I stepped closer. “Too bad, I don’t take fucking orders from no one.” I said, my eyes flashing red. I let my own aura out, seeing Raven back away at the sheer force. Darien nudged her with his snout before pulling her away. “Don’t hurt her!” She shouted to me.

I didn’t bother replying. The darkness of my aura seemed to press against Kiara’s, but for the first time in my fucking life, I felt like someone had just been granted equal power. Not once did her power falter or fade as my aura enveloped the area. Her blazing eyes didn’t leave mine, I didn’t know why she was angry but the accusatory gaze in her eyes stung a little. But when did I become a fucking wuss? 2 Well, if that wasn’t going to work, I guess we’ll go with option two.

Sorry beautiful, but this is going to hurt a little… In a flash, I was in front of Kiara. Before she could even react, I hit her pressure point i n her neck hard, knocking her unconscious. I caught her in my arms as her body became limp, feeling a slice of guilt at the bruise that my fingers had left on her otherwise flawless neck. The urge t o kiss her there filled me but I looked away. I was about to scoop her up bridal style when I heard the distant, unearthly growl of a wendigo. Kiara had just sent out a fucking lighthouse signal giving away her location.

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