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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 46 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 46 by desirenovel

Resisting Her

I had messaged Elijah last night about her ability and he had replied not long ago. It seems like the fucker had a late night. The dickhead had called me demanding answers not long after I got that shocking slap. It made sense to keep it on the low, I actually agreed with him. I won’t admit it, but I didn’t want her hurt. At the same fucking time, I knew she was the type of person who would hate to ever be tied down..

Even when she had slapped me, I had been beyond fucking shocked. If I had doubts, then they were even slimmer now. I was sure she was my mate. No one would dare to fucking slap me and walk off like that, and I didn’t get as pissed off a sI would have expected. The fact that she stood up to me showed me she wasn’t scared of me, or not that much anyway. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy about this or fucking pissed.

Now, as she fucking cast that fake smile at her parents before she left, hurt. I hated how every fucking foreign feeling I was feeling right now was all thanks to her. She fucking made me feel stuff, I don’t fucking want to feel but I couldn’t hate her for it. In fact, the urge to go to her overcame me. I turned the phone back towards me and looked at the couple, I frowned as my gaze fell to Scarlett’s hair. Fucking red hair, I was sick of seeing it.

I frowned and she cocked a brow. “Care to share why you’re so goddess damn moody?” “When is he ever not?” Elijah’s cocky reply came. I cut the fucking call. How the fuck did they make a hot goddess like Kiara? Ok fuck, I know how they made her, and I did not want to think of that. I frowned. Where the fuck was my mind going? I blamed Kiara, the girl was messing with m y fucking head. “Give all those who know about her so far, a warning not to mention this to anyone. I don’t want this out. Send them to my office in an hour. I’d rather tell them in person. “I said coldly. Callum nodded.

“I have already told them, but I will warn them again. I will pass on the message as well, Alpha.” He said, before I left the 11 room. I wanted to find her, to see if she was ok.I hesitated… Actually, I had a good fucking excuse to see her. She fucking slapped me. Yeah, I’ll use that shit for this, but really? The fact she slapped me was still a lot to get my head around. No one has ever slapped me.

The weirdest thing was it was over Carmen, a woman who had hurt her, yet she still healed her and stood up against me for her. This fuck was fucking irritating as hell, I didn’t get this shit. a I let her scent lead me until I found myself on the second floor. This was where the worst of the patients were kept. I frowned as I looked through the glass at my men. They were my men, who had fought and risked their own lives for the rest. I wondered how they did it, knowing they had loved ones? Was it a strength or weakness to love at the same time their lives were constantly being put at risk? Something Darien said years ago returned to me.

I live every day as if it’s my damn last, love my mate and cherish my family each second of every day, and I’ll continue to d O so until the day I die. So, when that time comes, I have no regrets.’ I didn’t get it at the time, but now… My eyes spotted Kiara in one of the rooms. I leaned against the wall, looking through the glass as Julio and Bryan hovered over her, in case the patient got out of hand.

I smirked slightly when she waved them back, giving them that glare I was so used to seeing, before placing some herbal balm over the large gashes of my warrior. I saw the slight aurå of her power and frowned. She couldn’t heal herself… Imagine if she were by my side.. if I ever accidentally hurt her… There wouldn’t be any miraculous healing. I sighed deeply. Why was I even picturing her by my side? Jasmin was a strong woman, end of story. I didn’t need a woman to come into my personal space 24/7. If say Kiara and I happened,

I wouldn’t want to leave her or do anything else day in and day out. I stepped back, realising whether I liked it or not, I was falling for her deep… or I fucking already had… I ran my fingers her deep… or I through my hair, trying to calm my racing heart as I watched her through the glass. I saw the glimmer of sadness in her eyes despite the smile on her lips as she subtly healed the warrior whilst she applied the bandages. She looked back at him before she disposed of the gloves she had worn and came towards the door. She stopped when she saw me, as the two men lowered their heads respectfully. “Alpha.” Julio said quietly. “May I help you Alpha?” She asked quietly. “Yeah, we need to talk.” I said, frowning. “About?” She asked, walking off. I was the fucking King, not her.

I narrowed my eyes and grabbed her wrist, turning and dragging her down the hall. a “Let go of me! Or do you want a repeat of earlier?” She hissed, trying to keep her voice down. I opened the small storeroom door and pushed her inside, before I stepped inside myself and closed it behind me. Switching the light on, it was fucking tight in here. The room barely had space for one person, let alone two. I felt her heart race at the close proximity. She stepped back, leaving a small gap between us. Not that this tight place allowed much space. “What do you want to talk about?” She said coldly, crossing her arms which only resulted in pushing up those lush breasts o fhers. “That slap.

” I said. Her heart thudded and I smirked dangerously. “What did you think? That you can slap a fucking king and get away with it?” I asked, enjoying this. Yeah, maybe this was nowhere near comforting her the right way but I didn’t d o shit like that, and this was actually quite fun… “You were in the wrong.” She stated, now glaring up at me with those tantalising eyes of hers. “Oh yeah? Who the fuck do you think you are to fucking tell me if I’m right or wrong?! I wasn’t wrong. She disrespected you, by cheating, and that called for a fucking punishment.” I growled. % “Why do you care?” She asked softly.

Our eyes met and I had no fucking answer “Like I said, I won’t tolerate anything out of line from warriors.” I said coldly. Her closeness was fucking with me and that look of pure curiosity was tempting m e to push her up against the wall right here. “I… Still, it was between us.” Her voice was breathless and I knew it was affecting her too. “So how will you make it up to me?” I asked huskily. I stepped closer, backing her against the shelves, I kept breaking every fucking rule or decision I was making.

She fucked with my head and dick way more than I could ever put into words. “Alpha-” “Alejandro.” I said, now looking down at her as she placed her hands on my chest t o stop me from advancing. Her eyes widened in shock and I saw with pure satisfaction the deep blush that now coated her cheeks. Fuck, she was perfect. “I need to get out there…” She said, tearing her gaze from me. “What’s wrong? Getting too much in here? I asked, now letting my hands skim over her hips before I gripped them firmly. I %3D really wanted to tear that stupid coat off her.

I pulled her against me, hearing her whimper and releasing the sweet smell of her arousal along with it. My eyes darkened and the desire to consume her grew. I leant down as her chest rose and fell heavily. Our noses brushed, our breathing mingled and I heard her breath hitch. The need and longing for her was consuming me, but before I could connect our lips she moved back slightly, staring up at me pleadingly, her eyes now holding raw hurt. “Please don’t.” She whispered in a voice that sounded so vulnerable it fucking tore me up inside.

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