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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 45 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 45 by desirenovel

Suppressing Me

I had heard a few warriors panicking that the Alpha had snapped in the training grounds and I was curious what had happened. I hurried over to see what they meant. After all, Raven’s description of his anger and seeing Rayhan’s state worried me. As I got closer, a feeling of foreboding filled me and my wolf was screaming at me to run. “Calm down girl’ I said in my head as I broke into a run, trying my best not to let the pain in my ankle get to me. I reached the training grounds, I saw the blood that covered Alejandro’s hands. It wasn’t his. It took me a split second to realise the situation –

Alejandro was ready to kill Carmen… Because of me. “…Don’t forget to say hi to Selene for me. Alejandro’s words and the darkness that loomed around him sent me into a state of panic. He couldn’t do this. “Stop!” I shouted, rushing over towards them. I stumbled slightly before I lunged myself at the dangerous Alpha, knocking him away from Carmen. I heard some gasps but I didn’t care. His back hit the ground with a thud and his hands went to my thighs as he caught me before I went tumbling to the ground.

My heart skipped a beat at his move because I was about to kiss the floor if he hadn’t. I looked at him, feeling his anger calming slightly. His eyes returned to their usually dark ones and I let out a soft sigh. He glared at me but I could sense his anger dissipating. I was about to say something when his eyes darkened and I realised with a rush of heat filling me that I was straddling him, sitting right on a certain something.

I quickly jumped off him, reality hitting m e as I turned to Carmen’s bloody body. Her life was depleting too fast. I didn’t know where to start. “Don’t.” Alejandro said coldly, breaking m e out of my worry filled mind. “I’m not going to leave her like this.” I whispered. “Everyone leave.” He hissed and the few %3D warriors who had remained quickly left. ” You need to keep your ability a secret. %D “What? And not help anyone?” I asked as I losed my eyes, trying to heal her. She couldn’t die, not like this! I heard a small moan and opened my eyes to see her eyes flutter. Just then, Alejandro grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up.

Those dreaded tingles, rushing through me once more. “You’ve done enough. Stop.” He said coldly. “Don’t touch me!” I shouted. I’d had enough. I had told him it was between Carmen and me! I now glared at him. “I hate how you think you can tell me what to do! I told you it was between us!” “She broke the rules of a fair match. I’m not fucking stupid.” He growled. %D “I know she did! But I can handle my own fucking battles! I don’t need you to fight for me! Did I ask you for justice? No! I didn’t!” I shouted, my voice breaking from how loud I was screaming. “Using a silver weapon! Using claws and hitting your fucking foot whilst you’re on my grounds will not be tolerated!” He growled “Like you care.” I spat resentfully, turning away only for him to grab my arm and swing me back towards him. I gasped as I stumbled, hitting his bare chest. My lips brushed his chest, and I felt his heart race. The move made my own stomach go all crazy.

I looked up at him curiously as I tried to move back. He confused me… His actions and his physical reaction towards me conflicted with one another. I frowned, pushing the thoughts away, I didn’t want to hear anything from him. (2 “Let go of me.” I said dangerously. “Listen to me.” He replied quietly. A frown on his face. “You need to stop using your ability so-” “I said let go!” I screamed, my eyes flashing. My wolf was getting upset with this stupid argument. ‘One, two, three!’ I raised my free hand and slapped him across the face. Hard. His eyes widened in surprise and so did mine as I stared at him in shock.

I just slapped the king. Oh, Goddess. His hold had slackened and I pulled free. I turned to Carmen. She was stable, I could tell from her steady breathing.. Thank you, Selene… I didn’t look back at Alejandro, turning and hurrying away. My heart was pounding but I was more shocked that he didn’t snap my neck right there. I looked down at myself, everywhere he had touched me, he had covered me in blood. a I sighed, well I guess I’ll put on a doctor’s coat once I get to the hospital. I had just about wiped myself clean, although my jeans still had a few marks, and had put on my coat when a nurse popped her head in. “Miss, Doctor Callum wants you in his office. On the ground floor, take the lift. It is at the bottom left. Ask someone if you need to. “Ok… Thank you.” I said, sighing as I made my way out after tucking my phone into my pocket and putting my key card around my neck. I smiled slightly as I walked down the halls. There was a sese of calmness here. I reached the office and after knocking, was told to enter. Instantly, the deep, seductive scent of Alejandro reached my nose.

My heart was going crazy. I had slapped him. Oh goddess, I’m surprised he didn’t kill me on the spot, but why had he followed me here? 2 I glanced at him to see he had a shirt on again and the smell of blood was gone. From his wet hair and the scent of body wash, it was clear he had just showered. H e stood there looking drop-dead gorgeous, leaning against the wall, a cigarette in his hand and his phone in his other. Now I feel annoyed. He got me all dirty and then cleaned himself up. Our eyes met and I quickly looked away. What was he doing smoking in here? It was a hospital! “You called for me.” I said, turning my attention to Callum.

“We did, close the door.” Callum said. ” It’s regarding your healing.” Worry filled me. Was he going to stop me from healing now?! Oh no! Was this how h e was going to get revenge? Alejandro didn’t bother saying anything, his eyes on the doctor’s face. “I understand you are really excited to help and of course I would love to have you use your abilities, but the king is right. You need to keep it hidden.” “Who cares?! I don’t need protection but those patients need to live! And I have the means to help.” I protested angrily. How could they do this?! “Kiara.

” I froze at that voice; Alejandro turned his phone around to reveal Dad’s frowning face. My stomach dropped. Fuck, he even had Dad on his side too! “Dad. listen to me-” “No Kiara. You listen. First of all, the fact you didn’t bother to tell us? Seriously, we had to hear it from Alejandro?” Dad said looking dangerous. I stayed quiet, clenching my jaw. Trying t o calm myself down before speaking “Dad, you sent me here to allow me to help heal.” “And that needs to be taken down a few notches. Angel, you can’t display your – powers openly. You’re the target and have been for years. You need to be careful, if not for yourself, then for me and your mother.” “So even here you’fe shackling me down? “I asked.

I knew Alejandro was watching me, the burning intensity of his gaze locked on m “I’m not. I’m just saying, don’t use your abilities.” “But there are people dying!” I snapped. “And I don’t want you dead!” Dad growled. “What the hell.” I gritted my teeth, I wasn’t going to win. “Then at least let me heal those injured really badly, bit by bit, s o everyone thinks it’s the herbs that are working. You have got to let me do this. These powers aren’t for me to just sit idle. Besides, someone’s been after me for ages, right?” Dad frowned. “Couldn’t you have kept your mouth shut Alejandro?

” He asked Alejandro. “I don’t really come with a fucking filter, and I don’t sugar coat shit.” He said, taking a long drag on his cigarette. I gave him a dirty look, one Dad saw. “Kiara. I hope you’re behaving.” He growled. “I am.” I said icily, clenching my fist. “I pray to Selena I find my mate this Blood Moon, so I can finally leave with him and not feel so suffocated!” “The chances are he would be from a neighbouring pack, so you wont go that far. He would also want to keep you as safe as I do, if not more. Kiara, I love you and that’s why I’m saying this.” Dad said, just as I saw Mom’s creamy coloured arms wrap around his neck whilst she kissed his ear.

“Kiara’s idea sounds fair though. As long a s she keeps her powers on the low, I don’t see the harm in just healing them a little here and there.” Mom said. See, told you mom is the coolest’ I told m y wolf. “So, how’s your stay been so far?” Mom asked. “Good.” I said. “Have you got a hang of your abilities?” Mom asked with a small smile. “I think so, I mean, I healed three people somewhat.” I said. “Have you tried to heal…” Dad trailed off and I felt a small ache in my chest.

I knew what he meant and I knew if I was able to, he’d feel better about my ankle. Since he lived with the guilt of what happened. “Yeah, I did, it doesn’t work on me.” I said, smiling cheerfully despite the sadness that I felt. The room fell silent and I dared not look away from the screen, not wanting to see what expression was on Alejandro’s and Doctor Callum’s faces.

Mom smiled gently but she wasn’t able to hide the sadness in her eyes. Dad hid his emotions better but I knew they both had their hopes up and that hurt. Really really hurt… Did they really see me as something that needed fixing? Even though deep down, I knew that wasn’t the case, my emotions had taken control. “Well, if that’s all, I’ll go. I won’t use my abilities openly.” I said, turning and leaving the office. For the first time in my life, I felt like a huge disappointment to my parents.

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