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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 44 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 44 by desirenovel


The moment Jasmin launched herself at m e I caught her by her waist, but my gaze flittered to the beautiful honey-haired princess who stood watching us. The flicker of hurt I saw in those blue rimmed green eyes of hers tugged at my * fucking heart. I hated hurting her but I kept doing it. It fucking killed me even more when she gave a gentle smile and walked off inside.

I didn’t bother kissing Jasmin back, her lavender and cinnamon scent didn’t appeal to me and neither did her lips. After kissing Kiara, this felt like a cheap knock off. I wondered what sex would feel like with someone else after I’ve now had a taste of her. Another piece of evidence that the chance of her being my fucking mate was strong.

This was all a fucked-up mess. I mean, I didn’t even stop anywhere on my way back for fun like I usually would have. 1 would never admit it, but I had just wanted to see her… I couldn’t even forget how gorgeous she looked last night. I stepped back from Jasmin, why the fuck was the woman even wearing heels? She was tall enough without them, but with those things on she towered over 6 feet. “Don’t ever kiss me again. Get too fucking clingy and I’ll end this.” I said dangerously. “Come on baby, we’re going to officially become one.

You’ve never said no to sex before.” She said, watching me sharply. It’s her, isn’t it?” I looked her dangerously and she went quiet. She wasn’t dumb, it was one of the reasons I tolerated her, I hated dumb women. She looked down and I knew she knew that I’d follow up on my fucking threat. If she thought me agreeing meant my feelings for her had changed, then she was in for a fucking surprise. “Kiara has nothing to do with this and even if she did, I don’t answer to anyone.

I said coldly. I had heard Kiara apologise. That in itself pissed me off. I didn’t belong to anyone, I hated that she felt she needed to fucking bow down to Jasmins shit. I now looked a t her coldly, my eyes burning red as I scowled down at her, letting my Alpha aura roll off me in waves. I could feel the effect it had on her as she stepped back, fear clear in her eyes. “You’ve agreed to marry a fucking monster. Remember that. Touch me without my permission one more fucking time and I swear I’ll kill you.” I said dangerously. I meant it and I could tell from the fear in her eyes she knew I did. She-nodded, trying not to tremble in fear as I turned and walked off.

There was another bitch I needed to take care of. 2 A ade my way through the pack grounds, stopping when I saw two pups arguing. They were barely 8 if anything. “What’s the fucking problem?” I asked. They both looked up at me, falling silent. These pups were Omega children and what irked me was that I could see whose son the one on the left was… As werewolves, we couldn’t get a woman pregnant unless we marked her. That was the case for all wolves but Omega women, who could get pregnant regardles… In the past Omegas were literally sex slaves and a means to grow the werewolf race. After all, we were killed pretty often. Although this was not the case now, it had been happening in Zidane’s pack, Kiara’s fucking grandfather’s. In mine and all other packs nowadays, unless a woman gave permission, she was not to be fucked. And I had already told my fucking men, if they were going to fuck someone other than their mate at least put a sock o n it.

I wasn’t sure what rules applied to me. Being a Lycan, I wasn’t sure if I needed to mark someone to have a pup, so I always used condoms. A rush of icy realisation hit me. Fuck… I didn’t use protection when I fucked Kiara… I had never ever gotten so caught up. My stomach twisted and I shook my head. No fucking way.

The chances of me being different from standard Alphas were slim .. And she wasn’t an Omega – not that I ever fucked Omegas, they were weaker and I needed a strong woman to keep up with me. I squashed the thought about Kiara and turned my attention back to the pups. These pups would grow up without a father figure in their lives and if they were discovered, their siblings from their father and his mate might treat them like trash. I knew some of the men who had fathered these pups were mated before they even got an Omega pregnant.

I usually put these pups through training a s warriors, regardless of their rank as Omega. With warrior men as their fathers, many were rather strong. “A-Alpha he wasn’t sharing the ball.” One of them stated. I raised an eyebrow. “Don’t be a wuss, if he wasn’t sharing beat the shit out of him and get the ball.”I said bluntly. “Momma said I shouldn’t do that-” “Doesn’t matter what the fuck she said. If you want something in life, fight the fucking world for it.” I said, frowning at them.

Trying to hold back my aura as much as possible. The other boy quickly held the ball out. “We-we’ll share. Thank you, Alpha.” He muttered, looking near tears. I sure scared everyone… I continued on m y way, before they did break into tears like little fucking girls. It was a short while later and I had reached the training ground. “Alpha, I wasn’t expecting you.” Carmen said with a smile, wiping away the sweat from her forehead as I walked over to her. She had just finished training a group of warriors.

Most were cleared out, although a few remained. “Yeah?” I said, pulling my shirt off and cricking my neck. “Yeah, when did you get back? I thought you were going to get back later today?” I didn’t miss her checking me out. “I got back last night. Right about the time your match ended.” I said coldly, watching the colour fade from her face. “I-I can explain. Whatever she said-” “Who Kiara? She said nothing, fucking nothing. But I’m not fucking stupid. So, since you enjoy sparring, let’s fucking spar.

” My eyes flashed and I was in front of her in a flash, grabbing her neck. I smashed her into the ground, hearing the sickening crunch of her skull. “Alpha!” Someone shouted. “Stay the fuck away.” I growled and they all stopped. I saw a few hesitate but my Alpha command was enough to stop them. “If anyone dares to contact Darien, I will have their heads ripped from their fucking shoulders.” They nodded, stinking of fear and sweat a s they slowly began backing away.

They were unsure of what to do as they looked a t Carmen, who was clutching her bloody head. “Get the fuck up.’ “I hissed, now ignoring 11 them. She tried getting to her feet but I didn’t have the fucking patience. I grabbed her by her neck, lifting her off the ground and dropping her to her feet roughly. “Come a t me.” I commanded. Even if she wanted, she couldn’t refuse me. She raised her arms in defence before she ran at me, aiming a kick. I knocked it aside and punched her straight across the jaw. Kiara’s injuries flashed through my mind, remembering how she had made her way home…

The way she had said to not do anything about it. Why the fuck was she so fucking kind to shit like this? I clenched my jaw, trying not to finish her in one fucking go. If anyone tried to fucking hurt Kiara, they were not going to get away with it. “Alpha, she’ll die!” Someone dared protest, an Alpha blooded warrior who had joined my ranks. My eyes blazed and I glanced at the man who had spoken. He was next. I didn’t stop as I continued to fight Carmen, my anger was out of my control.

All I could see was the claw marks on Kiara’s back and the swelling bruise that had been on her ankle, one I had noticed only when I had gone to her room after talking to Indigo. My anger only grew, as I smashed Carmen into the ground once again. I grabbed her neck, ready to put an end to it.

I looked into her unrecognisable face. Was this all my warriors could do? Not even able to last against me? Useless trash. I didn’t care that she had been one of my first warriors or pack members. I didn’t care that she had been ready to follow me when I first set up my rule. All I cared about was what she had done to Kiara. It had taken my all not to find her last night.

I looked into her bloody face, her eyes barely open. Blood seeping out of her nose and mouth. “I would say, next time watch who you mess with… but there won’t be a next time. Don’t forget to say hi to Selene form e.” I mocked, ready to snap her neck when I felt a cool aura wrap around me, accompanied by the one voice that broke me out of my blinding fit of rage. “Stop!”

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