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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 41 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 41 by desirenovel


I had just got back from my little escapade . Sometimes I enjoyed dealing with things alone , and as I had predicted , rogues were gathering in clusters . The only problem was they didn’t know who ‘ The King ‘ was , or they just couldn’t tell m e . The moment they even tried to say something , they ended up dying . 2 I had my men follow some leads .

I had left a few survivors , hoping for one of them to meet with someone or other . There were still no solid leads . I had just returned to m y pack grounds when I heard the distant scream of pain . Kiara . My stomach twisted as panic filled me , another emotion that I never experienced . The need to go to her overtook me and I rushed ahead , worry and fear fuelling me . ” Did you hear that scream ? ” I heard one o f the warriors on patrol say to her partner . ” I did , maybe someone training ? Oh , Alpha- ” I didn’t stop as I rushed past them in a blur , trying to sniff her out . What had happened to her ? I tried to push aside the emotions that were eating me up inside .

Whoever hurt her , I’ll fucking tear them t o shreds . I growled lowly when I finally caught sight of her , her delicious scent of chocolate mixed with something I never wanted to smell on her , her blood . I felt the burning fire of anger blaze within me , taking in her back that was slashed and how she was holding on to the wall in order to walk , her other hand holding her phone with the torch on . ” … ” She seemed to have sensed me . I knew if anything it was my fucking anger that she could feel .

I closed the gap between us in a flash , cupping her face . ” Kiara . Who the fuck did this to you ? ” I growled menacingly . She froze , her heart hammering and I realised the last time she saw me was when we kissed … ” What happened , Kiara ? ” ) I repeated . I needed to know , the desperation to destroy whoever did this to her was threatening to snap all my self – control . She looked as gorgeous as ever , but the clear pain on her face was driving me crazy . She looked up but she wasn’t looking directly into my eyes . I hated the fact that she was out here in the fucking dark when she couldn’t see . Where were her guards ? Why the fuck was she out here alone ? It was then that I caught another scent on her , a scent I recognised extremely well …

My eyes flashed red and her gorgeous ones finally found mine . ” Nothing happened , I was sparring . ” She said . My eyes narrowed . ” Your entire back is slashed open . Care to explain what kind of sparring that is ? ” I growled dangerously . I hated being lied to . ” It was just sparring … ” She muttered , pulled out of my hold . ” Now get out of my way . ” I grabbed her arm and spun her around , making her flinch from the tug at her wounds . I felt guilty , fuck – couldn’t I even do anything carefully ?

” Let go of me ! ” She growled , her eyes flashing . ” Don’t fucking irritate me . We both know that I know exactly how to shut you the fuck up . ” I said dangerously . She tensed and I didn’t miss the scorn on her face . VIVAS ” That won’t work anymore . ” She said quietly . I felt my stomach twist as if she had fucking punched me in the gut . I didn’t miss how she stayed stiff in my arms rather than lean into me … It sure messed with me . ” Oh yeah , why not ? ” I asked coldly as I carried her back towards my mansion .

I wasn’t going to bother with the front door . I had enough of getting confronted b y fucking pups . ” You’re engaged . Unlike you , I’m not a whore . ” She said icily . I smirked , I’m sure if I wanted … I could fuck with her head … But wasn’t this what I wanted ? ” One woman is never enough for me . ” ” I pity Jasmin . ” She replied carelessly . I stayed silent when we reached the mansion and stopped at the bottom of my window , I jumped up onto the ledge outside my bedroom , making her gasp . Her nails were digging into my neck as I slid the window open , cradling her with ease in one arm .

I felt the tingle from her touch rush through me at her contact with me . DOWN If I hadn’t done this for years , I may have fucking fallen . I was tempted to give her a scare , just to have her cling to me for a little longer . The moment we stepped inside , she jumped out of my arm as if I burned her . She stumbled as her feet hit the ground , leaning on her left ankle . She reached out t o guide herself as she hobbled towards what she thought was my door . Poor girl … I smirked … Carry on that way and you’re going to hit the fucking bed soon enough . ” Let me check your wounds . ” I said . ” No thanks . ” She replied bitterly . ” Then let me fucking rephrase that … Sit the fuck down and let me check or I’ll force you . ” I growled . She scoffed in contempt .

” That’s all you can do , right ? Force people , threaten people , use people , cheat people . Should I go on Alpha or do you get the hint ? ” I switched the light on and she stopped in her tracks , a foot away from my bed . Turning and glaring at me . ” Seems like you were heading in the wrong direction . Or was the bed your aim … ? ” I said mockingly . She scowled at me , about to walk towards the door when I cut her off , appearing in front of her in a flash . Her heart raced before she turned that venomous , rather sexy glare at me . ” Move . ” She said quietly and for a moment I saw the hurt in them . Hurt that fucking clawed at my own chest .

” Just … let me check the wounds . ” I said quietly . ” You’re here under my watch …. ” ” Like you care . If I say no , will you let me go ? ” She asked . Was she fucking questioning my fucking integrity ? Obviously , I wasn’t going to listen . ” What the fuck do you think ? ” I asked , trying not to let my gaze go below her lips . ” I want to believe that you are decent enough to let me leave . ” She said , trying t o sidestep me . I smirked mockingly . ” Then you’re in for a fucking disappointment . ” With those words , I spun her around , pushing her stomach down on the bed . ” What are you doing ?! ” She shouted , her heart thudding .

I placed my knee over her thighs , keeping her on the bed and bent down , letting my lips graze her ear . Satisfied when her breath hitched . ” As much as fucking you sounds tempting … I’m only going to check your wounds … ” I whispered , inhaling her intoxicating scent . I know I’m meant to fucking stay away from her … But she was hurt … I tore her shredded top off and looked at the deep wounds . My anger was only growing and the temptation to rip Carmen to pieces grew with it . ” I’m going to fucking kill her . ” I hissed . The urge to leave right now was pushing a t me , but I also knew I couldn’t fucking leave Kiara like this . ” We sparred , leave it .

It’s between me and her . I can fight my own battles . ” She said quietly . ” This is my pack , if anyone dares- ” ” You hurt me a lot more than she did , so just stop this ! ” She snapped , turning her head to look at me . I swallowed , glaring down at her but said nothing . She tensed as I brushed my finger along the wounds – three large claw marks , plus the mess that was made of the back of her neck … I clenched my jaw , unable to think straight . I didn’t care if they fucking sparred , this was not a normal match .

She hurt her , so she’d be fucking punished for this . I will deal with Carmen , and I’ll do it myself . I looked down at her wounds , running my hand down her waist absent mindedly , not realising what I was doing until she spoke . ” Don’t do that … ” She warned quietly . I stopped , trying to fight the urge to kiss her shoulder . Leaning down , I slowly ran my tongue over the first of her wounds . The saliva of an Alpha helped heal faster and this was probably the first time I was doing this . I wasn’t sure if it was the same for a Lycan , but there was no fucking harm in trying . The taste of her blood was something else , sweet and deeply rich .

I resisted the urge to kiss her in the process , feeling her body tremble slightly under me . I was glad she couldn’t see me because this was fucking making me throb . ” You don’t need to do that . ” She said curtly . ” What’s wrong ? Getting turned on ? ” I remarked tauntingly , now placing one hand on her head to keep her down as she struggled against me .

I smirked as I smelt the very faint scent of her intoxicating arousal hit me . seemed like she was fighting herself . Fucking stubborn wasn’t she . ” Not at all . ” She hissed . ” Your body is saying something else . ” I murmured . ” It isn’t . ” She said coldly . ” Go fuck your fiancé . ” Whether Jasmin and I get married or not , it doesn’t mean I’ll be tied to her . She knows that I can fuck who I want . ” I said icily . ” I’m not a homewrecker who would ever fuck a taken man . ” She said quietly , now forcing her head to turn and look at me , her eyes blazing a brilliant violet .

I didn’t reply . What did I want anyway ? To keep her in the shadows as my fucking mistress ? She was worth way more than that . I was a fucking mess . She gave me a hateful glare . Well , if she wanted to play fucking high and mighty , I’ll show her how it was done . and mighty , I’ll show her how it was done . I finished tracing her injuries with my tongue , wishing I could go fucking lower and taste something else too .

I appreciated her ass for a second before I moved off of her completely . She pulled away roughly and gave me a dirty look , her arms over her breasts holding the remnants of her top to her . ” Nothing I’ve not seen more . ” I said mockingly . 2 ” From today on … Just don’t show me your face . I don’t need you to ruin my reputation . ” She said icily . Seems like attraction changed to fucking hate quickly . Not that I should care , everyone hates me and I don’t give a shit . ” Well , you have nothing to fucking worry about then , cause you don’t really have anything I would want to come back for . I’m done with you anyway . ” I said harshly , smirking in victory at the way she froze at my words … You wanna play . Then let’s fucking play.

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