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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 39 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 39 by desirenovel


The next day , I awoke with a spring in my step . The only downside was that I had a dream that Alejandro had kissed me . The thing was , it had made my entire body ignite with a need that I was so desperately trying to ignore . It wasn’t like he would have come to visit me ; he was engaged to Jasmin . In my half asleep state , I had even imagined his scent . I really needed to sort myself out and I had a plan ! This hospital would be m y escape .

I borrowed a phone before texting Raven t o have some clothes and my phone dropped off to me . I was then relieved when a nurse came in with some food , I was ravenous . After missing dinner last night , I didn’t even realise how hungry I really was . Raven came soon enough and dumped my bag on the bed . ” Ok , I’m off to shower ! ” I said , sliding off the bed . ” Ok whoa ! No ! I need to talk to you . We need to talk . ” She grumbled . ” Can I go shower first ? Then we can talk . Promise . ” She sighed and nodded in defeat .

I took a quick shower and pulled on the black lingerie , black leggings and a fitted long sleeved black top that she had brought for me . One thing about Raven is , if you ask her to get you clothes – she will choose black ! Followed by purple or red … Once I had slipped my flats on I returned to the room , towel drying my hair . ” Alright shoot , what is it ? ” I asked as I sat on the bed and put some moisturiser on my hands and face whilst looking across at her . ” Kia . Tell me , are you ok ?

” She asked with concern in her different coloured eyes . ” Yes , perfectly . I was upset because if I knew he was engaged , I wouldn’t have gotten with him . I’m not that kind of girl Raven . I would never steal someone’s man , not unless he was my mate . ” I joked . She didn’t smile , as she picked up my Fenty lip gloss and put some on herself . ” I don’t know , you hide how you feel often please don’t . ” She said quietly . *** I sighed and looked towards the door . Raven was the closest to me , like she knew literally almost everything about me apart from that one major secret about Damon and me that I had kept . I didn’t keep on hiding stuff from her . want ” Fine , I am attracted to him , but I’ll get over it .

I am not going to let him mess with me when he’s going to get married and mated soon enough , I’m guessing . ” I said , applying my gel liner to my eyes and trying not to imagine Alejandro with Jasmin . ” Hmm ok . Thanks for sharing , but if things get hard , remember we’re all here for you . ” She said . ” I’m planning to avoid him as much as possible . Besides … the blood moon is so close . I think I’ll find my mate . ” ” She smiled at me and nodded . ” I’m sure you will . ” ” Who’s finding who’s mate ? ” Rayhan said walking into the room . I frowned at him . ” Ever heard of knocking Rossi ? ” I asked . 15 ” No , I kind of lost my manners as I got older . ” He said , before holding out a bag . Darien went into town earlier and got fresh doughnuts .

I thought ‘ I’d share … But if you girls don’t want any- ” Doughnuts . Hot , fresh doughnuts . My mouth watered just at the very thought , I rushed across the room and grabbed the bag . ” Thank you , of course we’d like to share . ” I said , opening the brown wrapper and pulled out a sugar – coated doughnut before taking a bite . ” Goddess , this is amazing . 11 He chuckled as Raven took one too before I handed the bag back to him . ” Not sure if I should have shared with ” He Raven , after those deathly cakes . ” said , making her glower at him . ” If you hadn’t nearly died , I wouldn’t let you off with that . ” She said . ” How do you feel now ? ” I asked him . He was dressed and I couldn’t really see the bandages underneath .

He tossed the doughnut bag on the bed and lifted his shirt off over his head , making Raven whistle . I had to admit , the man sure was fine … Yes , maybe not as ripped and dominating looking like Alejandro was – his skin looked more tanned and defined … But he was still very sexy … I stopped admiring his perfect six – pack and looked at the wounds . It was almost as if he hadn’t even gotten injured the day before . I walked closer to him . How was that even possible … ? 11 ” Wow … ” I’d like to pretend you’re saying wow at my body , but it’s the wounds , right ? ” He said , with a small smirk . ” Yes , the body is great too , but I do mean the wounds . ” I said , amused as I traced m y finger over the almost fully healed cut and felt him tense . ” Sorry if I’m hurting you . ” I said , removing my hand and leaning closer as I examined it . ” You’re healing so well . ” ” Thanks to you . ” He said quietly . ” No , it’s my fault you ended up getting hurt .

I honestly can’t believe I did that . ” ” Well , it seems unknowingly you tapped into it . Remember Kiara , sometimes when one of the pups got ill , didn’t they enjoy your touch ? ” Raven asked suddenly . ” That’s because I was gentle and not whacking their heads to run away . ” I retorted , amused . ” Alright , alright ! I get it . But thinking of i t , didn’t those comments start more after you turned eighteen ? ” She asked . She wasn’t wrong … ” Ok guys , I need to go ! ” I said , grabbing the doughnut packet . I rushed from the room , stumbling a little as I hurried through the hallway heading for the second floor . If I had this ability , then I could help Valentin , right ? How did I tap into it ? Was it the urge to want to see them get better ? ” This is a hospital , Miss Kiara . ” Callum’s voice came as I almost knocked straight into him . ” Sorry ! ” I said embarrassedly .

He gave a small smile . ” Heading to Valentin’s room ? ” ” Yeah … ” ” Here’s your card and I think I’ll come with you . If you’re planning to use your ability , I want to monitor it . We don’t want you to overexert yourself . ” He said firmly . ” I … ” I trailed off . He had a point . I was really excited as I impatiently waited for him to lead the way . When I was finally able to reach Valentin , I noticed the smell in the room had eased up a little since the day before and he looked visibly calmer , holding on t o the item of clothing that I had left under his head . ” Do you think we could get the blood pressure machine in here ? ” Doctor Callum said quietly to one of the nurses who stood by the door . She nodded before walking off .

The two guards stood close behind as I placed my hand on his forehead . Ok , here I go … I thought , taking a deep breath . ” Do you have any idea how you will do this ? ” Callum asked me . ” I don’t really know . Whenever someone’s ill , I just have this urge to want them to be alright again . ” I said . ” So I think I got this . ” I took a deep breath , watching as the nurse pushed the stand with the machine on into the room , leaving it with Doctor Callum . ” We haven’t been able to check his heart rate or anything due to his behaviour , but he’s calm right now , so let’s see … ‘

I slowly peeled the bandages of the herbal paste I had applied off and wiped them clean . Trying not to flinch at how deep and garish his wounds were . I had seen they had tried to stitch him up too , but it didn’t work , not with the infection eating up at the flesh . I waited until the machine was hooked up and then closed my eyes , placing my hand firmly on his forehead . I wanted him to get better , to be there for Jean and his unborn child . My heart raced at the sadness that I had felt for her , the fear that she may lose her mate filled my heart with fierce determination .

No matter what , I was not going to stop trying until h e was better . I heard a murmur . ” By Selene … ” . ” Callum whispered in awe . I opened my eyes , seeing the faintest of light around my hand . It instantly vanished when I realised , and I blinked . ” His heart rate calmed and his wounds ! ” Callum said , rushing forward . ” You are a miracle . ” He added , now looking at me . I looked down at Valentin to see that indeed the wounds didn’t look as infected as before and were visibly smaller . My heart leapt in happiness . He was going to get better ! ” What was that … ” Julio asked with clear curiosity in his voice . ” Something you are not to mention to anyone . ” Callum said firmly , his face becoming serious , as if he had just realised something . ” By order of the King . 11 I mean it .

This stays in this room . ” ” Alright , Doctor . ” Bryan said quietly . I closed my eyes once again . ” Miss , you need to make sure you don’t overwork yourself . ” Callum said . ” I feel fine . ” I said . With that same emotion and mind – set I opened my eyes , focusing on healing him with whatever ability I possessed . I watched with awe as the wounds began to clear up . He gasped for air , his eyes flying open – now a startling blue as they were no longer stuck in the colour of his wolf’s eyes . ” Where the hell am I ? ” He asked hoarsely , looking around before looking at me .

It was the last thing I heard before I felt myself toppling backwards , someone catching me and then , everything went black . Two hours later , I had woken up and heard a twenty – five – minute lecture from Doctor Callum in which he told me to use my common sense and not overwork myself . I didn’t even know I was , I wasn’t able to sense it … He then refused to let me near any more patients today and I was kicked out of the hospital in a rather unceremonious way . ( 10 MINUTES AGO ) ” Take her out of here ! ” Doctor Callum ordered Bryan and Julio . ” I don’t want to see you until tomorrow ! ” ” But doctor ! I did good ! ” I protested . om ” You don’t even know your limits . If you collapse or end up exhausted , it will be my head the King and your father will want to have ! ” He muttered . ” If either of you dares touch me , I will kick your asses ! ” I threatened as the bulky duo towered over me .

This couldn’t be happening ! How could they throw me out after I healed Valentin ?! I wanted to help ! ” Sorry princess but he’s right , I still need t o live a while longer . ” Bryan remarked in his deep voice , before grabbing my tiny arm in his huge hand . ” Ow ow ow ! That hurts ! ” I lied . He raised an eyebrow , not falling for it , before grabbing my other arm and lifting me clean off the ground . ” Oi ! Don’t you dare do this ! ” ” This is a hospital , Miss ! Lower your voice . ” Callum said , as he stood with his arms crossed . ” But I didn’t do anything bad ! ” I shouted a s Bryan tossed me over his shoulder . ” Go do something kids your age do ! You can’t spend the entire day in here ! ” Callum said . ” I am going to tell the King about this ! ” I growled at the two warriors , ignoring the grumpy Doc . ” We will see . ” Julio said , walking alongside Bryan lazily . I was then placed outside the hospital doors and the annoying men just stood there guarding the entrance . ” Off you go , princess . ” Julio said . ” Shoo . ” Bryan added with a wink .

I glared at him , my eyes blazing purple . ” Oh , I will get my revenge . ” ” Of course . ” Bryan said . I turned and stormed off . Now here I was storming back to the mansion , cursing Callum , Julio and Bryan . May they get bitten by mosquitos and stung by bees ! May they bald early and lose their teeth … May they never be able t o perform sexually ever again ! I cackled at the last one then covered my mouth , giggling .

Now I need to think of a plan for revenge … My smile faded as I paused when I saw the training grounds . Tonight , was the match with Carmen … I should have kept up with training whilst I was here too … Maybe from tomorrow . Now in a serious mood , I decided to hatch an excuse to fool Raven and Rayhan before I snuck out at 10 pm . I had heard at the hospital Alejandro was out of town and I was glad . I didn’t need him to be another one to face today … Well Carmen , you wanted a match , I’ll give you a match . You may be one of the head warriors here, but i’am the daughter of a Queen game on, bitch.

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