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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 37 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 37 by desirenovel

A Little History

Shouting . It’s all I could hear , then the clean smell of a hospital hit me … I frowned , Goddess why were they so loud ? ” I want to know what happened ?! ” Greg’s growl came . ” Calm down sir , you must understand , she only overexerted herself . ” Doctor Callum’s voice . ” I don’t care , I’m calling Alpha Elijah ! ” Greg snapped . ” Don’t ! Please … I think Kiara will wake up soon . ” Raven’s voice came . Thank the Goddess for her ! I mean , I didn’t want Dad to come ! I forced my eyes open and looked up at the ceiling . Yeah , I was right , this was a hospital room . ” Guys shut up . ” I groaned .

They fell silent and I realised there were more than just the three in the room , Serena and Raihana were also here . They all looked at me and I stared back . Was I naked ? I looked down . Nope , all covered .

” Something on my face ? ” I asked sitting u P. ” More like what’s in your hands . ” Raven said , smirking . I raised an eyebrow , looking at my hands . ” Oh , you’re so dumb at times . ” She said , making Raihana smile . ” You have a gift Kia . ” She said . OK , I’m dreaming . Right ? What were they talking about ? The door opened and my eyes widened in surprise when none other than Rayhan , stepped through the door . Although a little paler than usual and with some bandages covering his chest and shoulder , he actually looked fine . The state he had been in earlier , it wasn’t possible for him to be up already .

This was definitely a dream . Should I pinch myself ? ” I never realised you were that special . ” H e said with a wink , breaking the thick silence that had fallen over the group . ” Okay , either I’m dreaming or this is a weird prank … ” I grumbled . I didn’t feel tired anymore and it was dark outside , so it was still night , right ? ” Let me explain , Miss Kiara . ” Callum said , coming over . ” Remember how I said you may be a witch with the way your touch calmed the patient ? Well , there was more to it . It seems you’re blessed with some healing abilities . ” It took a moment for me to understand his words . Ok , this was ridiculous , I was definitely dreaming .

I raised my hand to m y mouth and bit down on it hard . Oh fuck ! That hurt ! ” Kiara ! ” Raven said alarmed . ” That makes no sense ! ” I complained , massaging my poor hand . Doctor Callum chuckled . ” I’ve heard of it . It’s rare , but there are at least 3 recorded cases of wolves with the ability to heal throughout our history . You are a healer wolf Kiara , your sight is clear proof of that . ” 2 I didn’t say anything , trying to comprehend what he was trying to say .

” My sight ? The part where I’m blind as a bat ? ” I asked , unhappy with this weird situation . ” I’m really curious to know what this means too . ” Selena asked with intrigue . ” The wolf who is blessed with the gift of healing often lacks something . The first one recorded in history was a mute , she was born without a tongue and therefore she couldn’t speak , but the gift of healing ran through her veins .

The second was blind and the third was paralysed from the waist down . Very little is known about healer wolves and some even think they are a myth , but for someone like myself who loves medicine and healing , I have done extensive research . I believed in it , but there is no clear proof . The healer wolves hold many abilities , although knowledge of what exactly those are has been lost . It also means you are without a doubt of Asheton heritage . The past healer wolves were all known to be from that lineage . ” Callum explained .

I was beyond stunned , unable to really believe his words . Rayhan standing before me perfectly well , looking at me smiling was proof enough , right ? It seemed Callum wasn’t done ” The Asheton blood is said to be from one of the very first werewolf families that came into existence . ” ” Wow … ” Raven murmured . ” It would also make sense for your mother’s special abilities . Giving birth to a healer wolf is very dangerous and not something an ordinary she – wolf would be able to do . Apparently , if we go by the myths and legends , Selene was gifting her children the ability to grant life something the other Gods disapproved of . So she made a deal that she would only grant this ability to a rare few , and in return , take something else from them to compensate . In your case , your night vision .

” He took a deep breath and continued . ” It is said that some of the Gods tried to cheat her , to kill the women who carried these healers , so Selene granted them the strength to protect their p pup . Your mother’s extreme self – healing must have played a part in her own and your survival . ” Doctor Callum looked grave now . Just the thought made my blood run cold . . If it hadn’t been for the mention of the name Asheton in my Great Uncle’s books , I wouldn’t have believed it so easily . ” So long story short , when you touched m y wound , you healed it somewhat .

By tomorrow or the day after , I’ll probably be as good as new . ” Rayhan said , now walking over to the bed and taking a seat . I could tell he was still in pain . I glared at him ; I was not going to let him off the hook ! ” Can you stop challenging him ?! ” I said annoyed . He raised an eyebrow . ” Well , he acts like he’s the damn … ” He trailed off , making a face and I knew what he was going to say – ‘ Like he’s the damn King or Alpha ‘ . unfortunately he was both . ” Exactly , so please , if you want to do something for me then please don’t piss him off . ” I stated . ” Are you alright ? ” He asked me , not even caring about what I just said . I felt a sting of pain at the memory but I was not going to let him get me down . I was Kiara Westwood , I was not a pushover . 2 ” Perfectly . Just annoyed that he didn’t mention his engagement . ” I said sighing . ” Well … Excuse me . ” Callum said leaving , knowing the conversation was getting serious . ” Care to share what happened ? ” Raihana asked . ” Never you mind , Uncle and I kind of fought . ” Rayhan said , it was clear she didn’t really know the full story . It was better this way . I knew she had been asleep when we kissed … and I didn’t really want to make stuff more awkward . ” Well , that house is a wreck … Do we go back there ? ” Raven asked . ” No , I can set you Serena said . all up elsewhere . 11 ” Raven , you can do as you wish but I’m going back there .

I’m not going to let him think he had an effect on me . ” I said firmly . My eyes flashed a brilliant purple . Rayhan sighed . ” You’re more stubborn than your mother 11 * ” And you’re nearly as hot – headed as your Uncle . ” I shot back . 2 Raven huffed , giving in . ” For you , I’ll go back there … ” She muttered . ” Me too … I mean , Uncle’s been ok with me 11 Raihana said , looking at her brother . Rayhan didn’t say anything , as if contemplating what he should say . ” Sure , whatever you prefer . ” ” Well then let’s head back . ” I said , climbing out of bed . ” Oh no , you two are staying at the hospital today . ” Serena said firmly , making me pout . ” Get some rest and just stay put . ‘ ” 1 ” Luckily , Uncle is leaving tomorrow evening , so maybe we can all just chill together ? ” Rayhan suggested . ” Sounds good . ” Raven nodded her agreement . ” As long as it’s in the evening . I have stuff to do all day … ‘ ” I said . And at night I thought , remembering the match with Carmen .

I was glad I was staying here tonight , but I didn’t want to tell them that . I did feel tired but the main reason was I didn’t really want to go back to the mansion … Not right now . I just needed a little time to pull my thoughts together before I faced him . Serena nodded and told us that she’d take Raven and Raihana to hers for today . Rayhan returned to his room and I lay down again . So much had happened , I wouldn’t be able to forget how he made m e feel . Or that night … Would I ever find anyone who awoke the animalistic side within me the way he did ? That deep desire that he ignited ? I closed my eyes , remembering the way he fucked me , the way he buried his nose into my neck and said my name .

I shivered as I felt my core throb . Don’t Kiara … Don’t think about it . Alejandro Rossi , the Lycan King , is bad news . I would never be a side piece for him , and never would I hit on a man who was tied to someone else . The mistake was made because I didn’t know … and for that , I’d apologise to Jasmin … But if she was willing to stay with a man like him , then that was on her … So consumed by m y thoughts , I didn’t even realise when sleep overcame me once again .

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