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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 33 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 33 by desirenovel

Bake Off

I knocked the door to Valentin’s apartment and it was opened quite soon b y a young woman , who was heavily pregnant . Instantly I realised why Callum had said it wouldn’t be ideal … ” Can I help you ? ” She asked . I could tell instantly she was stressed , tired and distraught . I could also see she had been mated into this pack because she lacked the muscles of the females of this pack . ” I’m just someone from the hospital , I just 11 ” No ! Selene no ! ” My eyes widened in surprise , realising what she was assuming . ” No no ! He’s fine ! I mean , he’s still healing but his bloods are looking better than yesterday . ” I said quickly , placing m y hands on her shoulders and gently giving them a squeeze . ” Oh … But there’s not much hope for him is there ? ” She whispered .. I gave her a small smile . ” There is always hope . I came here for something actually . ” I said gently . ” Sorry I didn’t get your name . ” She said . ” Oh sorry , I’m Kiara and yours ? ” ” Jean . ” She said . ” Jean .

Well , I was wondering if I could have some worn clothes , bedding , anything with your scent on it . I think it would help Valentin feel at peace …. I know you can’t be there but I think your scent would calm him . ” I asked gently . Not wanting to stress her out . She stopped and looked at me . ” Do you think it would help ? ” She asked . I saw the hope in her eyes and I swear I a m going to make sure he’s ok ! ” I think it will . ” I said with resilience . She smiled and nodded . ” Then I’ll go get you some items ! ” She waddled off and I wondered how far along she was . She looked to be near the end of her third trimester and I wished Valentin could be by her side when she gave birth . She was back soon enough and gave me a tight hug as a thank you .

With reinforced determination , I took the large bag of clothing and headed back to the hospital , lugging the heavy bag with me . I ignored the looks I got from some of the doctors and nurses as I had to ask someone to let me in , Doctor Callum didn’t have a pass ready for me yet . Once I was in the ward , I entered Valentin’s room with three items from the bag . I placed them under his head as I stroked his head gently . The room smelt slightly better with the windows now open , although they were just small vents right at the top , every little helped . ” Jean sends her regards ; she’s waiting for you . ” I said , hoping he could hear me and hopefully smell her scent . He seemed to calm down and the two guards exchanged looks .

I stayed there for a while , until Valentin had fallen asleep , before I left and headed back to Alejandro’s mansion … I wasn’t looking forward to this , but I knew I had to face him sooner or later . I stepped inside and his scent hit me strongly . My stomach did a flip and I hesitated in the hallway . I could tell from the scents that Raihana , Raven and Jasmin were also there . ” Please ? ” Raihana asked , her voice was a lot softer .. ” I don’t have time . ” Alejandro’s cold reply came . ” It’s just one movie . I’ll bake . ” Jasmin’s voice came . ” Oh , why don’t we do like a bake – off and uncle can guess who cooked what ? ” Raihana’s excited voice came . ” Bake – off for the king ? ” Raven’s voice came . She sounded quieter and I didn’t miss the hostility in her tone . ” Why not ? I think it’ll be nice … So he and Rayhan can be the judges … “

” What does the winner get ? ” Jasmin asked in a very flirtatious tone . ” A kiss from the King . ” Raven stated . I raised my eyebrows . What was going through that head of hers ? I didn’t go into the living room or bother to hear Alejandro’s reply . Instead , I made my way upstairs . He was the one to blank me this morning . If he wanted to acknowledge m e , he could do it on his own . I was not going to let him walk all over me . I took a quick shower , seeing that most of the hickeys had vanished apart from one o r two that left a slight bruising . By nightfall , I was sure they’d be gone too … I traced my finger over one . With its fading away , I felt like I would lose the memory o f last night too … I had just pulled on a deep purple crop top with black cropped high waisted pants , and was towel drying my hair when there was a knock at my door .

I walked over and opened it to see Raven standing there . She didn’t say a word and hugged me tightly . Ok , now I’m worried . ” I’m sorry . I know I was a bit harsh earlier ” I’m sorry for hiding stuff too . ” I said , sighing as I hugged her back . Glad that things were ok between us . ” Good , now how about you get that sexy ass of yours downstairs and let’s bake . Raihana somehow got him to agree to a 11 movie . ” I’m surprised . It doesn’t seem like it’s something he’d do . ” I said , as we left the bedroom , my hair was still wet and my face was make – up free . ” Yeah , well , he said he will be the one to choose the movie . ” ” Oh . See , I knew there’d be a catch . ” I’m a little tired- ” ” ” You are not giving me that ! Who told you to get busy last night … Soo tell me how was he ? ” Raven asked , wiggling her brows . I blushed deeply . ” Incredible . ” I said blushing .

She smirked , pushing me towards the kitchen . We entered and I looked around the gorgeous kitchen which was all black gloss doors and black granite worktops . A huge double door black fridge stood to one side and there was a large island in the middle . The walls were tiled and the floor was white tiles . ” Come on , we are baking ! ” Raihana said from where she stood , her hair up in a bun and an apron on . ” Uncle and Rayhan will be here for the movie in under an hours time . ” ” Yeah , I’m making brownies , so no one else make brownies . ” Jasmin said with a toss of her gorgeous hair . I didn’t bother replying and instead began doing a loose plait in my hair just to keep i t out of my way . I didn’t have a band to tie it back so left it , as long as it got me through my baking . ” Well , I’m making fairy cakes . ” Raven said confidently . ” Girl , can you bake ? ” I asked her sceptically . ” 4 ” Of course , I can . ” Well , I have to admit , I love her confidence .

I decided on making some blondies . We had to wait ten minutes before the Omegas got us all the ingredients . I was surprised to see the two women who worked here , they were barely seen around . Even at dinner last night , I hadn’t seen who served . I learned that they were twin sisters who both lost their mates to a rogue attack . Carla and Claire . They were i n their mid – thirties and originated from Alejandro’s brother’s pack . Jasmin kept making a mess and taking up more than half of the huge kitchen . I worked slowly , too lost in thought as I tossed my mixture together . Only stopping to answer a video call from Mom and Dad . ” Angel ! ” Dad said the moment he saw me . I saw him look me over . ” Hey Dad , Mom . ” I replied , waving as I poured the mixture into a tray . ” What are you doing ? ” ” Baking . ” I said . H ” Hey aunty Red , uncle El , looking good . ” Raven added , popping her head in front of the screen .

” Dressed like that … ” Dad said , frowning a t my top . ” What’s the big deal ? ” Mom asked him . ” Rayhan’s there . ” I rolled my eyes . Dad , you’re way off the mark . It’s not Rayhan that you should be worried about … I saw Raihana watching me , I gave her a small smile and motioned her over . ” Dad , Mom , we’re not alone . Raihana’s here and the daughter of the Alpha of the Quick Fang pack . ” 11 ” 1 ” Jasmin Bloom . ” Dad said in understanding , then turned to Mom . Maybe he’s agreed . ” ” Agreed to what ? ” I was confused . ” Oh shoot , my cuppy cakes ! ” Raven exclaimed , rushing to the oven .

I turned , looking at the smoke that was coming from the oven . ” Dad , we got to go . My day’s been great and I was at the hospital for most of it . I’m enjoying myself . Love you both and give Liam my love too ! I’ll speak to you guys later . ” ” Take care of yourself . ” Mom said with a small smile . Dad didn’t look too pleased that I rushed the call but told me he loved me and to take care of myself before ending it . I shook my head at Ravens slightly burnt cupcakes … Ok , I’m being nice ; those things were as black as charcoal . I knew this would happen . If anyone could burn cupcakes , it was Raven … ” Gosh , someone open a window ! ” Jasmin said , wrinkling her nose . Raihana rushed to open one and I looked a t Jasmin .

She hadn’t thrown any digs at m e all day today . Although , after Alejandro’s comment about talking to me yesterday , she had thrown daggers at me all throughout dinner . But today she was i n an exceptionally good mood . I didn’t think too much into it as I placed my blondies into the oven . I knew Alejandro liked my brownies . I wondered if he’d like these too …

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