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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 32 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 32 by desirenovel

Determined To Succeed

I looked down at the man before me . He was in his early twenties from what I could see . His face looked sickly and I could see some abnormalities in it . His skin looked sallow and there were grey veins around his eyes and up his neck , it was also covered in a layer of slime – like sweat . ” He was bitten by a Manangal two weeks ago . We have tried several treatment methods . You can see his wounds … infected . Any suggestions ? I have tried all the herbal remedies , including your suggested method yesterday . It hasn’t made much difference at all . His blood is completely poisoned . ” Doctor Callum said . I could tell he truly was a doctor who aimed to help his patients no matter how low the chances were that was clear from the fact he was asking me .

Looking for any input I stared at the man before m e , analysing him quietly . He suddenly turned and looked at me with his dilated pupils that were a pale yellow , most likely his wolf’s eyes … The urge to help him overcame me . I looked into his eyes which seemed to be trying to speak . ” It’s his mind . ” I said suddenly , blinking a t my own words . Doctor Callum and the two warriors looked at me sharply . ” Mind ? ” I shook my head ; I don’t even know what I meant … I stepped closer and one of the warriors placed an arm in front of me . ” It’s dangerous . ” He said , his bright , sharp blue eyes looked cold . ” I’ll be fine . ” I said confidently . I stepped closer , until I was right up against the bed .

The man growled , his eyes enlarging as he tried to reach for me a s if he wanted to attack me . The two men moved forward but I raised i my hand . ” Hold it . ” I said , before I placed my hand o n the man’s forehead , forcing it back against the table . He struggled as I gently stroked it , it was clear he was in pain . My heart was filled with sadness , wondering how much pain he was in . I understood the need to bind him , but it was clear the restriction was distressing him too . ” Do sedatives not work ? ” I asked , watching the man calm down under my touch . No reply . I looked up at Callum who was watching me with an unreadable expression on his face . ” Doctor ? ” ” How are you doing that ? ” He asked quietly . ” Doing what ? ” ” Calming him … ” He said . I looked back at the man who now had become still , his breathing more even .

My heart skipped a beat and I removed my hand . ” I didn’t do anything special . ” I said . Callum grunted . ” I would assume you’re a witch , but us wolves can smell witches . ” I smiled cheekily despite the grim situation . ” Maybe I’m just a natural . ” I teased , before looking back at the man . ” We need t o keep him calm . I’m sure if he wasn’t so distressed , he would heal better . ” Callum looked at the warriors before scratching his chin . ” I’m not sure what to say , this patients ‘ chance of survival and recovery is a less than five percent . I don’t think just his mind being at ease will help . ” 11 ” Is there anything you can do for him ? ” I asked , raising an eyebrow . ” Nothing more , we will of course keep trying but- ”

” Then that’s fine . From today , can I decide what to do with this patient and take care of him ? ” I asked . My gaze fell to his mark and another wave of sorrow washed over me . I wonder what his mate was going through … ” Very well … ” Callum said . ” I will make you a pass while you are here . This is against protocol , but the Alpha made it clear that you were to be treated with the highest regards . ”

Despite the situation , those words made m y heart skip a beat . Did Alejandro really say that ? My heart warmed and I knew my cheeks were heating up .. ” That would be great , Could I start with some blood samples ? ” I asked . ” Of course , I will give you access to the supplies room and lab . Warrior Julio and Bryan , if you can both make sure Miss Kiara is kept safe . ” Doctor Callum said , and the two men nodded . ” What’s his name ? ” I asked , looking at the man on the bed . ” Valentin . ” Callum replied . ” Maybe a visit from his mate , may ease him . ” ” That isn’t really an option .

It would only distress her , seeing his condition like this . H I didn’t question further and nodded before I moved to leave the room to get what I needed . Valentin suddenly grabbed my wrist , instantly the warriors were about to interfere . My eyes flashed and I glared at them .” Please , unless I tell you otherwise , don’t butt in . ” I said to them . Couldn’t they see his condition ? Why was it that wherever I went , people thought I couldn’t handle myself ? I slowly freed myself and looked at the man . ” I’ll be back . ” I said before I walked out , welcoming the fresh clear air .

My stomach was hurting thanks to the fact I had no breakfast . I still felt tired and achy , but I was more excited to focus on the patient . I knew I was half avoiding Alejandro , but I didn’t care . Not after how he ignored me this morning , Three hours later , I had several samples and assessments done . I was sitting in the lab looking at the results and comparing them to the ones that were taken this morning , two days ago and then a week ago . What caught my attention was the latest ones , which seemed to contain slightly less poison . Was it the fact he was in a calmer state of mind ? I tapped my pen on the table as I jotted down some notes .

My stomach rumbled loudly and I saw the other doctors who were working on stuff look at me . I blushed in embarrassment until one of the women came over . ” Miss , you’ve been here for hours . Why don’t you call it a day ? ” She suggested . ” I think I will , I wanted to prepare some medicine for him before I leave . ” I said .. ” Just don’t burn yourself out . ” She replied before walking off . I looked down at my notes , I needed to look through the journal copies I had made . Glad that I had brought them along . There might be something in there that could help .

Apart from that , I wanted to visit his mate . I placed my notepad aside and labelled all my vials and research before storing them in a container and placing them in the fridges at the back . I then got to making the medicine . I finally left the hospital holding my notes late in the afternoon . I took my phone out , realising I had a few missed calls from Raven and two from a number I didn’t know . I frowned as I unlocked it . Ignoring Ravens ‘ countless messages , I sent her a quick message telling her I’ll be back a little later . The unnamed number had also left a message . ‘ Hey Kiara , It’s me , Rayhan . Could we talk when you’re free ? ” I let guilt wash over me and I took a deep breath . Yeah , maybe we did need to talk . ‘

Sure , I’m heading to the pack hall for some food . Meet me there ? By the way , I’ll be cheeky and ask you to bring some money – I forgot mine when I left this morning . I hit send and then decided to head to the pack hall’s diner . I was halfway there when none other than Carmen came in front of me , I saw the flicker of annoyance in her eyes . I didn’t need this right now . ” How are you finding your visit ? ” She asked .

I looked into her dark , piercing eyes . ” Great actually . ” I was about to walk past her when she stepped in my way . ” Can I help you with something ? ” I asked , my eyes flashing . ” Calm down , I’m just curious … I heard you’re an impressive fighter from your pack member , Greg , was it ? I was wondering if you ever wanted to match m e . I’m just curious how good you are . ” I knew what she wanted to do : beat the shit out of me , if given the chance .

I was strong but she was way more experienced . Her bulging muscles and battle scars spoke for themselves . Not to mention , she was at least ten years my senior and one o f the head warriors of this pack … But I was my mothers ‘ daughter . ” That would be fun . You’re said to be one o f the finest warriors of this pack . It’ll be nice to see how I fair against you . ” I said confidently . She seemed surprised when I agreed . Brushing her hair off her face , she smirked . ” How about tomorrow …. Night ? ” ” Night … ” I said , why did she choose night time ?

Her lip curled . ” My bad , I forgot you can’t really see at night . I wondered if that rumour was true 11 or not … ” No night is fine . ” I said quietly . ” Great . I’m not sure the Alpha will be ok with it . I mean , I don’t want him to get into an argument with your Dad . Maybe you should ask his permission first . ” I wasn’t blind to hear the mockery in her voice . I clenched my jaw , trying not to get pissed off . ” Don’t worry , I don’t need anyone’s opinion . I’ll see you at 10pm tomorrow by the training grounds ? Is the time suitable ? It will be completely dark by then ? ” Her smirk faltered ; I knew what she was doing . Stupid bitch . If she wanted to play like that , I was ready . 11 ” Sure . I didn’t bother replying or bidding her farewell and continued on my way .

Rayhan was already waiting outside , leaning against the wall with his arms crossed . Once again , I noticed the resemblance between Alejandro and him . His long hair was left open today though . He wore a white t – shirt and blue torn jeans . I stopped in front of him and I saw him looking me over in concern . ” Shall we ? ” He said . ” Sure . ” I said , as I fell in step with him and we went inside . We were seated after ordering some pizza and french fries . We didn’t have to pay , everyone knew who we were and the place belonged to the king , no payment was required . ” I’m not your Dad or your brother , so all I’m going to ask is , are you ok ? ” He asked .

I felt my cheeks burn under his piercing dark grey eyes . ” Perfectly . I’m sorry that he hurt you … But it was consensual . ” I said , avoiding his gaze . Goddess , this was mortifying ! I was discussing my sex life with someone I hadn’t talked to in ages ! ” You’re a woman . So that’s up to you ..

But don’t get so deep into it that you get hurt in the end . ” He said this quietly , picking up a pizza slice . ” Got it . ” Too late for that , he used me and didn’t seem to care … Or maybe he didn’t know what to say … What was I expecting anyway ? There was never a chance for more between us . I took one too and bit into it . ” How’s your head ? ” ” Almost healed . ” ” I guess that’s why your hair is not tied ? ” I asked , feeling guilty . ” It’s no big deal . ” He said grinning , running his fingers through his shoulder length curls . I frowned standing up and placed my pizza down . ” ” Let me see . ” ” It’ll heal , I’m an Alpha . ” He said , picking up another slice .

He sure ate fast . I ignored his remark and walked up to him , parting his hair until I saw the wound that was not fully healed . How hard did he slam his head … ? I sighed deeply . ” What are you doing ? ” He asked , tugging away . ” Just looking at your wound … It still has a way to go to heal . ” ” No big deal . ” He said , picking up some fries . ” I’m sorry .

It was my fault . ” ” Not at all , but I’m curious to know … you see in him ? ” what did I blushed at the blunt question . ” Can we not discuss my sex life . ” I said , glancing around . ” No names spoken . ” He said smirking . ” He’s handsome …. but I don’t know , we clash a lot . ” I shrugged . ” Now enough about me , what about you ? No lady on your arm or are you waiting for your mate ? ” ” Let’s just say I’m waiting for the right girl . ” He said , with a smirk . ” Are you looking forward to finding your mate ? ” ” I always have been … ” vanished .

I said , my smile The excitement I’d felt my entire life about finding my soulmate seemed to have faded … All thanks to one person . Alejandro . ” Not so much anymore . ” Rayhan stated , picking up his can of fizzy . ” Let’s just say it’s kind of complicated . ” I said quietly . ” He’s already affecting you . Don’t let him hurt you , Kiara . That’s all I’m saying . ” 11 I didn’t reply , the dull ache I felt this morning when he ignored me settling into my chest once more . ” I just think people don’t see that he’s human too … ” I said after a moment . I didn’t know why , but I felt the way he was viewed was because people feared him for what he was … Forgetting that beyond that he was just a human , with feelings .

” He’s ruthless and cares for no one , Kiara . Everyone knows that . ” He said quietly , glancing around . I didn’t reply . I didn’t agree . ” Maybe . ” I said , simply falling silent as I continued eating . Once I was done I felt a lot more energised , not to mention the ache had gotten a lot less . I decided to ask someone about Valentin’s mate and pay them a visit.

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