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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 31 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 31 by desirenovel

A Decision ALEJANDRO I had spent the night running , hunting and even working out . I don’t know why but I couldn’t face coming back . I had never been so thrown off after sex , all I could think about was how I felt when I fucked her . I wanted to taste her again , to feel her against me once more . To taste those lips of hers and to actually eat her out … Yeah , that was something I never did … I’d take the favour willingly but I wasn’t one to return it . Not until it came to her . Kiara Westwood . Just her name was fucking making me throb . Fuck it . I finally headed back home when the sun had risen .

I stopped in my tracks when I saw her standing there dressed in tiny white shorts that showed off her thigh tattoo and her sexy legs , with a green top that only made her eyes look greener . She looked directly at me . Her heart was racing and I had no fucking idea what she was expecting from me . I didn’t know what I wanted either so I just walked past her , feeling something tighten in my chest . It was fucking strange , I never cared about anything but she was doing something to me , and it was getting fucking hard to resist . It took my all not to turn , slam her against the wall and fuck her all over again .

I closed my eyes . What did I want ? my Instead , I headed inside , using all willpower not to go back and call out to her . I needed to avoid her if I could . I guess I should focus on that fucker Bill so he can leave the fucking pack . Not to mention there was the council meeting in a few days . I showered , before mind – linking Darien t o send Bill to my work office . I glanced towards my home office , last night vividly coming back to me . Foreign feelings consumed me and I frowned , turning away . She was messing with me and she wasn’t even around … ” Alpha . ” Bill said politely , entering my office and taking a seat opposite me .

” So , have you come to a decision about the land ? ” I said , skipping formalities . He shuffled in his seat , his face changing t o an interesting shade of plum . He was nervous , I could smell it from here . The dude needed a shower too … I resisted wrinkling my nose . Disgusting piece of shit . ” I have … and well … I uh …. I have a pre proposition for you ! ” He spluttered , his face going darker . I raised my eyebrow . What the fuck was this proposition .

That he couldn’t even speak ? Fucking loser . ” Keep talking , I don’t have all fucking day 11 ” I will give you the land , free – to keep forever ! As a gift , I mean – as a wedding gift . Take my daughter as your Luna and after I die , even my pack will become yours ! ” He shouted . The fuck ? I wasn’t deaf , why did he feel he had to bark like a fucking dog ?! ” Chill the fuck out . ” I growled , resisting the urge to massage my temples . The Quick Fang pack was a decent size but I wasn’t looking to expand my pack . I only needed warrior wolves . As for the land , I’d take it one way or another … Usually , I would have declined the offer straight – up … I knew the council wanted me to take a mate … but … Kiara . I looked out the window at the shining sun .

What did I do ? Kiara was young … Yeah , I didn’t seem to care when I fucked her . She deserved someone who could love her … Not someone who would destroy her . Even if my assumption was correct and maybe just maybe she was my mate , I wouldn’t be able to treat her the way she deserved to be … Jasmin was twenty – five , smart and knew when to shut her fucking mouth . She was the type who wouldn’t even dare to speak up against me if I fucked another woman . The type who would just be happy with the title of queen . Yet she had the experience to run a pack , as the default heir to her father’s pack after her brother’s death , she knew how stuff worked .

The council wanted me to choose a bride o f Alpha heritage . Jasmin had never found her mate , possibly dead . I guess that was another reason to choose her when our situations were so similar … Kiara was eighteen , feisty and strong willed . The type to challenge and question my every decision … The type to keep me fucking grounded , or try to . She was compassionate , strong and entertaining . The type of woman that if you had her , you wouldn’t even consider looking at another woman . I stood up and walked over to the window , looking out at my pack . She would be the type of queen who didn’t care about the title and care for this pack as her own .

If she didn’t turn out to be my mate , then she would find hers sooner or later . And if she was destined for me … Then one day , she would tire of waiting and take a mate o f her own choice . Who wouldn’t want her ? I remembered a few council meetings ago when someone mentioned her eyesight . They had said to Elijah , that they wondered why the Goddess had blessed them with a faulty pup . He had flipped and said that any man would be lucky to have her but none would ever be fucking worthy of her . Back then , I had rolled my eyes as I told him to let go of the other Alpha . But now … I had to admit he was right . The thought o f her with another man , made my chest squeeze fucking painfully .

The very feeling sent bolts of shock through me , carrying the weight of realisation with it . I cared for her . I fucking cared for her . Did I even have the capacity to care ? I don’t know . Recently I was feeling stuff , stuff I’ve not felt in a long time … My mind went back to many years ago when Kiara had given me a flower for saving her . I had crushed that flower under my foot , and with it , I had probably crushed her little heart … That was what I was good at , hurting people . I didn’t have the mental state to love , nor did I want to … My purpose was to govern the werewolf race and that’s it … @ ” ” A – Alpha … ” Bill brought me back to the present and I schooled my face back into its usual ‘ I don’t give a fuck ‘ look before I turned to him . ” First of all , who the fuck do you think you are trying to bargain with me ? ” I said coldly , walking over to him .

He cowered i n fear . ” N – no , no , my king . Even if you refuse , you m – may take over the lands and do what you need to … ” He spluttered , spit flying from his mouth . I looked at him in disgust . How the fuck was he Jasmin’s father ? They were fucking opposites . I mean , with Kiara you could tell she was Elijah’s- Oh hell no . I was never going to admit that . No. Fuck that . I glared at the pathetic Alpha before me , crossing my arms as I turned away . I had made my decision . ” I’ll marry Jasmin . ” Moonlight Muse Author Thank you for reading.

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