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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 29 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 29 by desirenovel

A Stab Of Pain

Her eyelids fluttered shut and I felt a sliver of worry flicker through me. I had struggled to hold back from completely ravaging her… But I had never felt that sort of hunger before… Yes, I sometimes felt like killing and I did… But not when I was having sex… I slowly lowered her legs, grunting as I squeezed out of her, hissing slightly. Fuck, she was tight.

She had been perfect, beyond fucking perfect… After a taste of her, I felt like I had been missing out all my life… Even the way she tasted… It had driven me fucking nuts and I hadn’t been able to hold back.

I lifted her still body, bridal style. Trying t o ignore the foreign feeling that now settled within my chest, burying it away. I picked up my pants, cradling her in one arm as I pulled them on. The room smelt o f sex, sweat and the delicious scent of her arousal. I could get used to this heaven on

earth… I frowned deeply, picking up my torn shirt and draped it over her body before I exited the office. I wasn’t sure if anyone had heard her screams because she had been fucking loud. I smirked at the thought. I liked it, shows she enjoyed it. That was another fucking issue, I don’t give a fuck about a woman’s needs. I took what I wanted and that was it, but I had actually wanted to pleasure her… I walked down the hall to her room only to come face to face with not one fucking pup, but three…

Well, fuck.

Rayhan seemed to click instantly. His face drained of colour and the confusion settled in, something that changed to anger instantly.

“What the hell.” He said as Raven and Raihana exchanged looks. Raihana seemed to have gone an interesting shade of red.

“Watch it!” I growled dangerously at Rayhan, before I opened the door to her bedroom and carried her inside.

“How could you? When Alpha Elijah trusted you-“

“I didn’t fucking rape her.” I growled venomously, pulling the bedding back and placing her in it.

Pulling the sheet up to her neck, I looked a ther for a moment. Her lips were bruised and her cheeks were flushed but she was fucking glowing… I turned and looked at Rayhan. His eyes blazed with pure fury, only resulting in mine flashing in return.

“Rayhan… He’s right…” Raven said,

quietly. “Let’s wait to hear from Kiara…”

“For once, listen to the brat.” I said, making my way to the door.

Rayhan blocked me, and I won’t lie, it

caught me off guard. I raised an eyebrow.

“Even so… She’s only eighteen… Didn’t you even consider that?” He asked quietly.

“She’s legal, not that rules have ever bothered me.” I remarked coldly with a dangerous smirk.

“Yeah, we all know you fuck anyone… But you could have at least left her.”

My eyes flashed red and I slammed him into the wall, my anger burning within me like an endless fire of rage.

“Don’t, and I mean don’t, ever tell me what the fuck to do… What’s wrong, Rayhan? Did you want her?”

His eyes flashed a deep emerald green, clenching his jaw as he shoved me off him. I let go of him of my own accord, smirking. Yeah, I hit the fucking nail on the head…

“You’re sick, get the hell out.”

Wrong fucking statement.

I smashed his head into the wall behind. Raihana screamed but I didn’t get care.

“I won’t tear your head off your fucking shoulders because you’re Rafael’s pup, but disrespect me one more fucking time and I swear I won’t hesitate to tear you to shreds. Now get the fuck out.”

He was about to reply when Raven hurried over.

“Ok, I’m sorry on his behalf. We’ll go…” She said, glancing at Kiara who was fast asleep, not even realising what was happening.

She wasn’t a fucking angel and I didn’t force her. But yeah, guess I’m the fucking monster in every fucking situation. I didn’t wait for them to leave and left the room in anger.

I needed to clear my fucking head and I knew a run would work… I entered my room, opening the window, I shifted and jumped out…


I awoke to a strong ache between my legs. My entire body felt as if I had been hit by a train. I groaned as I turned in bed. It was getting light outside…. Where was I?

The bed felt different and the room was darker than mine. My eyes widened when I remembered what happened between Alejandro and me, and the fact that I was not at my pack but at his. My stomach did a nervous flip as I remembered what happened. My heart raced and I placed a hand on my chest.

I had sex with Alejandro Rossi, the Lycan king… Goddess… What have I done…? My

cheeks burned at the memory and my core throbbed, I licked my lips and sat up wincing. Oh goddess, he was a beast… I had never seen a dick that big… and I have seen a lot. Being a werewolf, nudity wasn’t abnormal. Raven and I used to play a game and give guys a secret D- rating, depending on the size of their dick. The only exception was Liam who I did not want to see. Ever.

Yes we were little perverts, but hey, it’s all good. The boys did the same with our boobs and asses, so why not?

I pushed the blanket off me, my legs feeling like lead as I turned the touch lamp to a bright setting and looked around the room. Did Alejandro bring me here last night? I dragged my legs off the bed and stood up, only to stumble and almost fall on my face.

Beast! What the hell?! It was already sunrise, which meant I should have felt better by now… Groaning, I staggered to the bedroom door, feeling for the light switch until I turned it on. The first thing I saw was the dent and blood on the wall. That had not been there yesterday…..

What had happened? My stomach sank as several assumptions flitted through me, but I couldn’t really go find out from

Raven until I had showered and dressed.

Entering the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. The most obvious noticeable change were the hickeys that littered my entire neck, shoulders, breasts and even a few on my hips… I was also glowing.


The way he said my name sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine as I closed my eyes, reminiscing about his touch. The way he tasted… The way his lips felt… His touch… I moved back from the sink and sat on the edge of the bathtub.

He was a dream come true when it came t o pleasuring a woman… Don’t get me wrong, Damon was great, but compared t o Alejandro… I closed my eyes. Now what? I couldn’t mix with him, that was setting myself up for trouble. Then again, I doubt he’d care anymore. He got what he wanted … I sighed, turning I put the plug in the bath. I needed a long bath. If I were to help at the hospital, I needed to have some energy.

Two hours later I looked flawless, thanks t o the foundation covering all my hickeys. I pulled my hair into a high pony and was already dressed in a soft mint halter neck top paired with white shorts and sandals.

I still felt achy down there and I had half a mind to go complain, but the way I was moaning last night he’d only just throw i t back in my face. I left my room and walked across to Raven’s. I knocked on it.

“Raven!” I hissed.

The door was pulled open and Raven dragged me out of her room. In surprise, I realised Raihana was sleeping in her bed before the door shut. I looked at her curiously as she looked me over. I was shocked she was even awake.

“Goddess Kia! What the hell happened last night?!” She hissed.

I blushed deeply and looked away.


“Because!” She hissed, dragging me back

into my room. “Because the Alpha king carried you to your room naked! Then Rayhan said a few words to him and he smashed his head into that wall! Raihana couldn’t stop crying!”

My heart plummeted as I looked at the wall. Oh Goddess, what have I done…

“I didn’t mean for that to happen or for m e to lose consciousness…” I said, placing my hand on my forehead. I hope Rayhan was ok.

“Well, things went bad. Rayhan said he should have at least spared you. Alpha Alejandro didn’t take well to that and threatened him.” Raven now frowned at m e. “Look, I love you Kia and that’s why I’m going to say this. What are you doing? Your actions will hurt others. Unless it’s something you really want, please think a little.”

Her words affected me and I felt a little upset, not with her but with the way she thought of it. I didn’t mean for my actions to bother anyone. I wanted a break from m y Dad and Liam for this very reason, but it seemed even here there was someone worried or concerned. I wish Rayhan hadn’t bothered… and I really hope he didn’t tell Liam.

I sighed.

“I get it, or maybe everyone just needs to give me some space. I’m tired of being known as the precious little Alpha’s daughter, I don’t need protecting. I just some space.” I said frustrated. Raven frowned, crossing her arms.

“You’re already keeping a lot of secrets from me Kia. First Damon and now this? Seriously, where did we go wrong?”

“I didn’t tell you about Damon because he made me promise not to!” I said in frustration. “It was nothing serious!”

“Fine! But let me tell you this… The Lycan king doesn’t have a mate for a reason, he’s heartless and just uses people for his own gain! He’s going to hurt you Kiara. He’s only enjoying you because of the chase you’re giving him. Once you fall for him, he will drop you like the rest. Remember that and the rest is up to you.” a

I didn’t reply. She gave me a small smile.

Her unique coloured eyes looked sympathetic before she turned and left, I wanted to cry. Her words had stung me and I just… I sighed, taking a deep shuddering breath. I’ll go for a walk and then head to the hospital. I wasn’t in the mood for breakfast and neither did I want to see anyone. Should I speak to Rayhan?

I couldn’t bring myself to, not right now, and so I just turned and left the mansion silently.

I walked slowly, the sun was up and I could finally see. I couldn’t for the life of me forget Raven’s words. I stopped suddenly when his scent filled my nose and I looked up to see him standing there i n a pair of baggy shorts. He was covered i n dirt and his hair fell in front of his face. He now smoothed it back, his pose as cold and arrogant as ever. His eyes were fixed on me.

I didn’t speak, hoping that maybe he would? Please say something… Something to prove Raven wrong… His face was emotionless as he cast me a once over before he looked away and walked right past me. I ciosed my eyes, feeling a strong surge of pain squeezed my chest.

‘He didn’t care…’ I told my wolf; I could feel her sadness too. Raven had been right, but what did I expect? That he’d even have some sort of feelings for me? Why should he? I was nothing but a young she-wolf who had been stupid enough to fall for the Lycan Kings’ charms…

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