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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 27 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 27 by desirenovel

Losing Self Control

From the fucking moment she walked into the room , I lost it . The sway of her hips and the slight bounce to her breasts destroyed me . Fuck rules and consequences , I wanted her . I watched as she had taken a seat , ignoring me . I don’t know what the fuck my problem was but when she had walked off after Jasmin had rushed over , I had been tempted to talk to her , about what ? No fucking idea . But why do I care right ? We were not meant to fucking be anyway . Yeah , I could keep telling myself that . We all know I don’t fucking care about what’s meant or not . There have been a couple of women at a few mating balls that I’ve taken an interest in .

They found their mate but when I showed some interest , they were willing to throw away a future for a one night stand . Not sure what the fuck they thought , that I’d claim and mark them ? The point is , if I wanted something , I took it . That was the fucking problem , I never cared about the aftermath … but did I or did I not give a fuck now ? I watched as Rayhan complimented her . The dickhead … He was my fucking nephew but I was getting fed up with male teens who were acting like wannabe men . Irritation consumed me thanks to a certain nympho . As dinner had progressed I hadn’t been able to focus on much , trying not to undress her with my eyes . Then I went and told her to meet me in my office . What exactly was I going to discuss ? Yeah , I had no fucking clue .

I now paced my office , taking out a cigarette and lighting it just as there was a knock on the door . Her delicious smell of hazelnut chocolate mixed with something else filled my senses , and I tilted my head . ” Get in . ” I said coldly . The door opened and she stepped inside . ” Close the door . ” Her heartbeat quickened as she shut the door and looked at me . ” What did you want ? ” She asked , crossing her arms under her breasts .

” Definitely not you , in case that’s what you thought when I called you . ” I remarked . Yeah , I have a habit of wanting to piss the fuck out of her . She frowned at me ; ” Good , because I have better things to do than waste my time with you . Jasmin’s still waiting for you too . ” She said , now tapping her foot . ” So , hurry up . I walked over to her , satisfied when her heartbeat quickened . ” Is it just me or are you fucking dumb ? How many times do I have to tell you to show me respect ? ” I growled , backing her up against the door . I needed an excuse to get close to her , like always . I couldn’t keep away , even when I tried . ” I’m being well behaved , what do you want me to do ? Bow down to you ? Respect is earned , not demanded . ” ” Hmph , don’t get all wise and shit on me .

We both know you don’t even know the meaning of the word respect . ” ” Oh , I do . I just pick and choose who’s worthy of it . ” She said , now looking me over . My eyes flashed . Her uncaring attitude was irritating the fuck out of me . Wasn’t she the one who got turned on the other day by me just being close to her ? ” Watch that mouth of yours before I shut you up for fucking good . ” I growled , slamming my hand against the wall next t o her . She didn’t even flinch as she looked me square in the eyes . I held my cigarette i n the other hand , glaring at her as I blew out a string of smoke . She didn’t even cough , her defiant eyes burning into mine . She wasn’t making this easier on herself . ” I’d like to see you try . What are you going to do ? Drown me in smoke ? ” She snapped , now trying to push me away .

I didn’t even budge an inch as I looked down at her , from this angle I could see the tip of her smooth cleavage … ” I have my ways , you don’t want to know . ” I said quietly , slowly looking up into her eyes . I knew she caught me looking and I didn’t really give a shit . ” Maybe I do … ” She said , her eyes filled with the same emotions I saw that very first night … Our eyes locked , her gorgeous blue – green against my dark ones as I took another drag of my cigarette . We were mere inches apart ; my leg touched her thigh slightly and I was too fucking aware of it . ” You’re a stubborn little thing , aren’t you ? I asked quietly . ” A fucking sexy one . ” I like to think of it as a perk . ” She said softly .

Her voice was breathless and I knew she knew there was no real reason I called her here … I blew out the smoke slowly but this time she parted her lips , taking it in . Fuck em all , I didn’t care about the consequences . My hand left the wall as I tangled it in the back of her lush locks and crashed my lips against hers . Delicious fucking tingles rushed through me as I relished in the sweetness of her mouth . This was a fucking taste of heaven , the only kind I wanted .

Her breath hitched in a gasp that had no room to leave her mouth as I wrapped my free arm around her waist . Still holding m y cigarette , I placed my hand on her ass and pulled her roughly against my body . Moulding her against me , her stomach pressed against my manhood which throbbed at the pleasure that rushed through me . I deepened the kiss , as if this were to be my only fucking chance . I wanted more , way fucking more . I backed her into the door , groaning lowly as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me completely . Her fingers ran through my hair and brushed my neck sensually .

Her body meshed against mines perfectly . Fuck , she was smoking hot . Her lips moved in sync with mine as I kissed her hungrily ; the frustration , confusion and desire that had consumed me only adding to the kiss . She moaned sensually and I internally swore . The intoxicating scent of her arousal filled the room like a fucking drug . I squeezed her ass , making her whimper . I slipped my tongue into her mouth , exploring every corner and she gasped when I sucked on her tongue hard . Fuck consequences , I was not going to stop now . I pulled her dress up , letting the cool air hit her ass as I ran my hand over it . Fuck … A salacious moan dropped from her lips as she broke away from my lips breathless . I didn’t stop , I couldn’t .

I kissed and sucked down her smooth neck , leaving a trail of marks in my wake . She moaned in what was probably pain and pleasure but I didn’t care . The hunger for more had completely consumed me . ” Alejandro … ” She moaned , her fingernails digging into my skin . I didn’t allow any random woman to call me by m y name … But hell , from her lips … Could she sound any sexier ? I lifted her by her ass , growling in approval when she wrapped her legs around my waist and carried her over to m y desk . Pushing the pile of paperwork onto the ground , as I placed her down and bent over her . Tossing my cigarette on the ground , I snuffed it out with my foot whilst claiming her lips in a hungry kiss once again .

I wanted to hear my name on her lips once . more , I wanted to hear her scream it out , t o make her moan fucking louder than that fucker back at her pack was able to make her . I moved back , looking into her eyes . They were darkened with desire and lust a s she looked back at me , her hand now running down my chest , lingering on my nipple piercing . I hated looking women in the eyes when I fucked them but there was something about hers that drew me in .

Her breasts were rising and falling erratically . She wanted me and I wanted – and that was all I fucking cared her about . Who cared if she was half my fucking age , or the damage this might do t o her mentally ? I would fuck her senseless and leave her dripping at the very thought of this night . ” It’s way too late to back out . ” I whispered huskily , kissing her lips a lot slower this time . Relishing the taste and feel of her lips , I was rewarded with another moan . ” Who said I want out ? ” She murmured , nibbling on my lips as she kissed me back I smirked arrogantly .

Now that was what I wanted to hear … Without further delay I tore her dress right down the centre , making her gasp , her eyes widening in shock but I was too busy looking at the fucking siren before me to care . Remnants of her dress clung to her arms . Her firm , large breasts begged to be touched , her dusky pink nipples were hard and the sexy tattoo under her breasts only added t o her beauty . My gaze went lower , my dick now fucking painful in my pants . She had her thighs pressed together , my eyes lingering on the band tattoo around one o f her thighs before my eyes stopped at her tiny navy thong . She slowly parted her legs sexily , making my eyes darken with a n insatiable hunger as they landed on her dripping wet core … Moonlight Muse Thanks for reading.

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