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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 24 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 24 by desirenovel

The Night Walkers Pack

I could see the fear on Carmen’s face as Alejandro stood up , his hands braced on the table . His claws were out and I saw his canines begin to elongate . ” Watch your fucking mouth . ” He growled . ” I’m sorry . ” She said , glancing at me slightly confused . Girl , I’m just as confused . Was Alejandro defending me ? He’s mocked me a hundred times … But he never commented on my limp . I felt a warmth in my chest as I looked at him . ” It’s alright , shall we carry on eating ? ” I said , picking up my fork . He didn’t seem to hear me , his gaze fixed on the she – wolf . ” Alpha … ” I said . Reaching forward , I placed my hand on his hand . He turned towards me , his eyes returning t o normal . Our eyes met but I couldn’t read the emotions in his .

He suddenly seemed t o realise where we were and looked down at our hands , pulling away as if my touch burned before turning and leaving the room swiftly . Rayhan whistled whilst Darien exchanged looks with Serena . ” Well … that was interesting … ” He said , scratching his head . ” Excuse me . ” Carmen muttered before she too left , not even sparing me a second look . ” Wow , was it just me or did the Arrogant butt hurt Alpha just defend you ? ” Raven said , looking at me with a smirk . She knew I found Alejandro sexy ! I glared at her but she simply winked at me . ” That was indeed something else … ” Serena said trying to sound normal , but I knew it had thrown her off . Darien was watching me with keen interest now and I felt a little uncomfortable . ” Yeah , Uncle doesn’t defend anyone . ” Rayhan said with a small smile . ” Ig he’s taking the promise to your Dad seriously .

He must want the strongest guess Alpha around on his side . ” I didn’t say anything . Was that really the reason ? I wasn’t sure … Maybe we did need to talk , without arguing . These mixed signals were really confusing me . ” Once you young’uns have eaten , we can give you a tour . ” Serena said . Rayhan and Raven nodded whilst I stayed silent , unable to forget Alejandro’s reaction to Carmen . Was it wrong to feel all fluttery over it ? I didn’t need someone t o defend me but when he had … it made m y heart feel things it never had before … It was a while later and we were strolling through the pack grounds . The two warriors my Dad had sent , Harry and Greg , were following behind us silently . This pack was definitely different from the usual pack standards .

There was indeed a lack of children and the elderly . ” Those who come to a certain age or want to take a backseat from fighting join other packs . Only those who are willing to fight t o the death stay in this pack . ” Serena said seriously . ” So , this is basically like a military base ? ” Raven said . ” You could say that , it is our job to protect packs . We are often situated and stationed at other packs if they need help dealing with rogues or something . ” Darien added . I nodded , I knew that .. ” Uncle’s done amazing . ” Rayhan said , clearly impressed . ” I have only visited here a few times with Dad but I was a lot younger then . ” ” I haven’t been here before . ” Raihana chimed in . I looked at the packhouse , or should I say , apartments .

There were a few blocks all aligned neatly , made with the same sleek modern design as Alejandro’s mansion . The training grounds and halls were a lot bigger than back home , this was indeed a complete military boot – camp in a way . I was impressed at what he had accomplished . The man sure was an incredible leader . It took us a good while t o make it through the entire area . People were currently working out in the extensive training areas and I could tell millions were spent on it . ” Over there is our meeting and office building . We usually plan and hold meetings there . You will find Alejandro there often enough , the man works a lot . ” Darien said .

I didn’t miss how he called Alejandro by his name . They must be friends or something . Darien paused and I knew he was being mind linked . ” Well , I got to go , some business has come up … Have fun . ” He said , pulling Serena into his arms and kissing her before he rushed off . ” I had hoped Uncle would spend time with us . ” Raihana spoke quietly but we all heard . ” Dad told you not to expect too much . ” Rayhan said . ” Want to go to the pack hall ? ” Serena suggested , I could tell she wanted to cheer her up . ” What’s that ? ” Raven asked .

” Oh , somewhere the members who are off duty spend their time and chill . It’s like a five in one . Bar , arcade , cinema , diner and a lounge . M ” That’s interesting and different . ” I said a s she led the way past the apartment blocks and over to a huge building . The pack ground was huge , although it lacked that homely touch that we would see back home with young pups running around or the occasional garden outside certai houses , it was still an impressive pack . He even had a pack crest . Damn ….. I smiled as I looked at it ; two wolves , ready to attack , a moon with a crown between them and three claws running across the entire crest .

I ran my finger over it and smiled . I had seen this same crest somewhere else … but I couldn’t place where I had . It was beautiful … ” Alpha designed that . ” Serena added . I turned and looked at her , realising the other three had gone inside already . 11 ” It’s impressive . ” I said . I looked at her and she was watching me curiously . ” Anything on my face ? ” I gave her a smile .

” Sorry , it’s just … Darien and I were , let’s just say , we were shocked when he said he was having guests …. Then he stated to have the room next to his ready … ” ” She laughed lightly and I felt my stomach flip . Was she implying he was treating me good , differently ? ” Oh , don’t think much of it , he’s a meanie . ” I said making a face . She smiled . ” Meanie is not a word anyone would use t o describe him …. He’s ruthless , cold hearted and brutal , but a good king . ” She whispered , her smile was now gone . She shook her head , looking guilty as if she had said too much . ” For him to even get angry over Carmen’s comment says a lot …… H ” Really ? ” I asked . My heart was buzzing but I tried not to let it get to me . ” Mmm . ” She nodded fervently ” Carmen i s one of his closest comrades and if he got offended with her words …. That speaks volumes . ” Our eyes met and I simply gave a small shrug ” I don’t know what you’re assuming …

But ” 1 there’s nothing between us . I blushed , thinking it wasn’t a lie . ” Oh , I know . ” She said , looking sheepish . 11 ” I just … It’s strange … ” We didn’t say more on the topic but I wasn’t able to brush her words off completely . The pack hall was everything one could want . There were wolves of all ages there , all bulging with muscles and littered with scars . I had to admit they were all pretty sexy , but none matched up to Alejandro . I could see the ones who were marked and the ones who weren’t . Females with strong muscles also mixed in with the males … some even put my toned body to shame . I could tell which ones had trained from a young age here and which ones were mated to a wolf of the pack just by their builds . ” Rayhan look ! ” Raihana said as she tossed three darts at the board , hitting the bull’s – eye . Someone cheered for her and she did a mock bow .

” The Alpha wanted me to show you to the hospital . I almost forgot , that was meant t o be our last spot ! ” Serena said suddenly . I looked around at the others enjoying themselves . ‘ Greg , Harry , stay here . I’m just going to visit the hospital . You both have got to admit – I’m safe here . ‘ I said through the pack link . They exchanged looks before Greg gave me a curt nod . ” Take care of yourself and if anything happens , link us . ‘ I nodded and sent Raven a text message , waving at her to capture her attention and motioned at her to check her texts .

She gave me the thumbs up after reading it and only then did I follow Serena out of the hall . ” The hospital is actually quite big . ” She said . ” We do get a lot injured . ” I never thought of that … ” Really ? So , you probably have a lot of doctors ? ” ” Yeah , the hospital has the capacity to hold 700 if need be , ” ” Wow . ” ” Of course we have a lot more warriors than that , but luckily we have never needed even half of that . ” She said shuddering . ” You weren’t from this pack right ? ” I said .

She smiled . ” Nope , I come from a pack near London . ” ” 1 ” Ah , I did think that from the accent . ” I answered . ” Really ? I’ve been here for nearly fourteen years ! ” She said , blushing lightly . We carried on walking until we got closer to the hospital . ” You can still tell . ” I replied as I now looked at the large white and grey hospital . The crest was proudly presented on it . I wondered what humans would think if they saw this pack ? I knew that miles around were barred off as private land but it still made me curious . ” Have humans ever come here ? ” ” ” Luckily no , but if they do we’d say the land belongs to a rich dude . ” She said . And it isn’t a lie , Alpha Alejandro is very wealthy . ”

She paused at the hospital and looked at m e . ” Are you ok with blood ? ” ” Of course . I’ve grown up helping out at the hospital . ” I replied . She nodded as we both stepped inside . Dad didn’t like me fighting and the most I was allowed to do was help at the hospital but I had actually begun to enjoy it too . I was not prepared for the strong : smell of blood that hit me , mixed in with the sterile smell of disinfectant . She walked through and everyone seemed to know who she was , politely bowing their heads . I followed , keeping up , despite the pain in my ankle growing thanks to all the walking . ” The operating rooms are on the first floor .

We have wards and scan rooms on the top floor as well as some consultation rooms … The canteens ahead . I will also introduce you to Doctor Callum , who will b e the one to take care of you whilst you are here . He is the head doctor in this hospital . ” 1 ” Oh , I feel honoured . ” ” Alpha said to make sure you’re passed to the best , but don’t let it deceive you . Doctor Callum will have you working hard . ” She said , stopping outside one of the wards . I looked inside and wished I hadn’t . There were three men , all covered i n lots of bandages . I could smell that there was something putrid mixed in the air . Some of their wounds were probably infected … ” A wendigo attack , they managed to kill it … but it cost them a lot . ” I felt my blood run cold ; how did a Wendigo manage to hurt three bulky warriors ? Did I just get lucky when I faced one ? A shiver ran down my spine at the thought of what could have happened to me .

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