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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 21 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 21 by desirenovel

Consuming My Mind

I left the office trying to control my emotions . Every time I saw that fucker’s face , I wanted to fucking tear him to pieces . She didn’t come home the other night and I knew exactly where she had been . I smelled him on her the following day , even if it had been very faint . Nothing much went past my nose . Which was one of the fucking reasons I’m so pissed that I can’t find a clue to track the Wendigos . It was like there was no scent , no clue . I had a feeling witches were working from the shadows too but I could think of no fucking reason for them to b e … What was the goal ? a I headed down to the cells .

We had managed to capture a rogue and I was going to get some answers . For the last two days , Elijah had taken the reigns but got nothing out of him . I now stepped into the room as the two guards shut the door behind me . The silver bars wouldn’t be able to contain me but for werewolves , it was fucking torture to touch or to be cut with . I looked at the wolf who was bound by chains . The room smelt of sweat and stale blood , laced with wolfsbane . Hmm , seems like Elijah knew a thing or two about torture from the state of the rogue before me . I grabbed him by his hair and dragged his head back . Looking into his gaunt face , it was clear he didn’t eat enough . ” I don’t have fucking time . So , let’s get to i t . ” I said dangerously .

My eyes glowed red as I looked into his . ” Who sent you ? ” The command in my voice was strong and I saw fear in his eyes as he became compelled to tell me . I was the King of all wolves , rogues included , and all had the urge to obey me . ” I – I ca – can’t say .. ” He stuttered , I saw his internal struggle . ” W – we came as 11 He was fighting himself . ” Answer me . ” I growled , smashing his head into the ground before I dragged him back up once again , blood dripping from his fresh wounds . ” I won’t keep repeating myself . I will kill you . ” 11 ” W – we need mates ! ”

” Lies . Fucker . ” I grabbed his arm , twisting it back until I heard the sickening crunch . He grunted in pain and I held his hand back , not letting it reposition to heal . ” Let’s try again . ” I said dangerously . I felt the anger growing within me and the need to tear him to shreds consumed me . My anger from earlier was simmering already and this was just sprinkling oil on a fire that was already lit. ” Who sent you ? ” He struggled , pain and anguish on his face . How was he struggling and refusing me ? ” The- The King . ” He said . His eyes widened and his itis’s dulled , choking suddenly . I moved back just as white froth came out of his throat . He coughed and choked , writhing in pain until he suddenly stilled . I heard his heart stop beating and I turned away .

The King . Who the fuck was The King ? Another question , but no fucking answers Night had fallen and I was at a fucking party held by the dickhead in my honour . The lights dazzled brightly , illuminating the area . One of the wolves was playing DJ and there was plenty of food being served too . Everyone seemed to be having a good time , many casting nervous or scared glances at me . Like always , no one would approach me . The fear they felt when they saw me or felt my presence was enough to make them stay away but I was used to it . Being alone for most of my life worked out .

I saw my men mixing with the pack , laughing and talking . Well , maybe I should find a she – wolf for some fun … At least they were ready to spread their legs . I was getting fucking angry with all the questions that had no answers … and Kiara . Even her name seemed to linger on my fucking lips . I watched her now , dressed i n a short fitted blue dress with silver chain straps . Her breasts were temptingly on show and the back of the dress was pretty low , showing off her smooth skin . Her tiny waist and ample ass drew my attention , I would be fucking lying if I said I didn’t want to go over and fuck her right there . Her hair was curled with a dusting o f glitter sprinkled in it , a reminder that she was just eighteen … Her midget of a friend stood by her side in a matching dress of dark purple .

The fuck were these girls ? Plain childish . Liam and that fucker Dickman or whatever the hell his name was , were next to them , cheering over something . I didn’t miss the way Damon’s eyes lingered on her . I buried the thought away , trying to remain calm . I turned my attention to the older she wolves . There were a few single ones and I could see the looks they gave me . Each of them wouldn’t mind spending the night with me if I fucking wanted . I spotted a certain brunette , her hair similar to Kiara’s . It was shorter but it was an ok match …. I let my eyes trail over her . Nothing compared to Kiara , but she’d do … As if sensing me watching her , she turned .

Her light blue eyes opened wide as she blushed . I took a gulp of my alcohol , m y eyes not leaving hers . Putting down the empty glass I walked off into the trees , I knew she’d follow . We walked in silence until we were a good way away and I stopped . ” Alpha . ” Her voice came . It was soft , nothing like Kiara’s husky one that I found kinda hot . All this Kiara , Kiara , in my head was irritating me too . Fucking hell , was I going to compare everything to her ? I turned , not speaking as I walked over to her . Her heart was beating and I could already smell her arousal . ” Seems like you’re already turned on . ” I said huskily . Pushing her up against the tree I pulled her dress up , running my fingers between her legs as I kissed her roughly .

I needed some sort of release for all the pent up anger I was feeling . She moaned , closing her eyes as she worked on unzipping my pants , pulling my dick out as she kissed m e back . I stepped back and turned her around , pressing her up against the tree . I tapped her ass , rubbing myself against her before I tore her thong off roughly and entered her . She moaned loudly and I fucked her hard and fast , not bothered about how loud she was or who heard . It wasn’t long until I found my release , knowing she had orgasmed at least three times . I moved back and she turned , her legs trembling as she dropped to her knees , wrapping her hands around my dick and took my tip in her mouth . I raised my eyebrow . Seems like someone wasn’t fucking done … Another 20 minutes later , I returned to the party . The woman was definitely not going to get back here . I felt a bit better after releasing my pent – up anger but it wasn’t enough . I found my eyes on Kiara once again .

She was now gorging on doughnuts . She sure ate a lot … ” Oh wait , I can fit a whole doughnut in m y mouth . ” She said , picking up a large one . ” I’m sure I can too . ” The tiny brat replied . They both took a fresh doughnut and I found myself watching Kiara . I hadn’t told Elijah about my assumptions about her powers , it was the only reason I agreed to let her come to my pack . If the attacks changed direction , it meant there was something special about her . Aside from being a fucking temptation . I watched as she shoved the entire doughnut into her mouth .

Well , that’s good to know … A dirty thought flitted through my mind and I smirked . The brat seemed to be struggling a little but both managed , Kiara motioned something at her brother , pointing at her mouth . ” She said you need to swallow it too . ” Liam chuckled , drinking his wine . ” Remind you of Rayhan and Raihana ? ” Scarlett said , now propping herself up on the stool next to me . Breaking my attention . No fucking way . Kiara was nothing like them . I decided not to answer . ” I just want to say thanks for all the input around here . Although you have to admit , we did a good enough job . ” I glanced at her , remembering the first time I saw her . I had sensed her ability but I had felt a strange interest towards her – and it was not fucking attraction . I won’t deny it , she was sexy , but it had been something different . I hadn’t been able to explain it and now I don’t know … I didn’t feel it , but that interest in Kiara was strong .

The assumption I had that day came back to me and I quickly pushed it away , a ” Good security or not . They managed to get in . ” I replied , frowning . ” I’ve spent years , fucking years and no answers . ” 1 ” I’m sure you’ll get them . ” She said confidently . I glanced at her , she was one o f the rare ones who had never been scared of me . I heard a low , possessive growl and Elijah walked over , pulling Scarlett into his arms . The dickhead was fucking blind if h e thought I’m into Scarlett . Although she was only three years older than me , it was his daughter who had caught my attention . One he was sending right into m y pack . I smirked as he kissed her , glaring at me . ” Keep her , not my fucking type . ” I said , glancing out at the crowd again . ” We need to talk . ” He said curtly . ” Just stay calm . ” Scarlett said , kissing his lips sensually before Elijah motioned for me to follow . I hated people .

I preferred being alone … Neither of us spoke . Even when the lights of the party faded away and the music grew fainter , he kept going . Until even I couldn’t hear the party anymore . ” Any reason you’ve come so fucking far out ? ” I said , lighting a cigarette . ” I wanted to speak to you alone . ” He said curtly . ” Fucking speak . ” I said . ” You hurt Kiara in anger the other day , and now I’m entrusting you to take care of ” F her . ” Your fucking choice . ” I said , our eyes stared the other down . ” A choice for a reason , you wouldn’t have agreed if you didn’t think the same thing . ” He said coldly . Oh ? Did the fucker know something ? ” Do share . ” I said mockingly , blowing out smoke slowly . ” Kiara has always been the centre of several attacks .

Back from when she was two and the rogue attack happened . I never told anyone this , not even Scarlett … but the rogue wasn’t trying to kill her . ” 11 Moonlight Muse Author Thank you for reading , please do leave me a review and a gem , it would really support the story and would mean the world to me !

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